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10 Unique ideas to design pooja rooms

In Hindu homes in India, pooja rooms are a requirement, and with the big selection of materials within the market, it’s possible to form a surprising one while not disbursing an excessive amount. For people who check up on the pooja area Vastu Shastra, the realm for prayer ought to ideally be planned within the northeast direction of the house. In some homes, a separate area is made for pooja, whereas in others a little corner or niche in an exceeding area is used to put in a little pooja mandir or cupboard.

For absolutely designed pooja rooms it’s essential that everyone’s weather is organized properly, whether or not it’s the mandir, the idols, the accessories, or the article of furniture. In addition, the colors of the walls and also the materials used ought to mix absolutely to bring a tranquil ambiance that’s ideal for meditation. Whereas householders can consult our interior designer in Salem for recommendations on fashionable pooja area designs in Salem, it’s possible to induce ideas for decorating the pooja area by watching pictures.

Today, we tend to give some tips and tricks to produce inspiration for planning lovely Indian pooja room interior design in Indian homes according to an interior designer in Salem.

1. Don’t muddle pooja rooms

A pooja area ought to have a serene ambiance. Therefore, one must refrain from cluttering it with too many pictures or idols as this can produce a visible distraction and interfere with the calmness within the space. In addition, pooja rooms should be used just for storing pooja-connected things.

2. Adorn pooja rooms with metal

Since a pooja area typically has metal accessories like bells, plates, and brass lamps, decorating the area with gold colors will enhance the design. However, one should beware to not go overboard with the metal because it can overpower the area with its shine. Use refined components like ornamental metal motifs on the door or gold paint on simply a little section of the wall to balance the energy within the space.

3. Marble perpetually appears sensible in pooja rooms

Among the assorted kinds of natural stones, marble is the most elegant and splendid. Besides the richness that it brings to the interior decoration, white marble conjointly adds a soothing bit to any house, creating it ideal for a pooja area. In fact, marble is additionally a perfect material for people who are searching for little pooja area styles because it is crafted into a stunning floor-standing mandir.

4. Pooja area styles in wood

Wood could be a versatile material for home interior decoration, and it adds warmth and wonder to any space. in an exceeding pooja area, incised wood structures are such as the exquisite hand-carved motifs and sculptures that one sees in recent temples. In an exceedingly small home, one can check up on little pooja cupboard styles. In larger homes, the downside of utilizing wood is that it’s an upscale material. However, rather than making a brand new wood mandir style for the house, one can save cash by searching for recent wood articles of furniture in second user stores or epizoon markets and refinishing them.

5. Fashionable pooja rooms with glass

Since the pooja area is commonly enclosed within the corner of a front room or a hall, it’s essential that the fashion matches the general fashionable theme within the space. As a result, nowadays, it’s quite common to search out pooja area styles in a glass. It is used on the door of the pooja area or perhaps for the shelves on which the idols are organized. While utilizing glass for the background panel within the area, one can even select a colored glass to boost the fashion of the realm.

6. Pooja area wall decoration with backlit panels

Interior designers use Corian backlit panels as another to feature walls to embellish living rooms and bedrooms. The thought also can work in the pooja area because the panel is custom-built with styles like sacred symbols, holy verses, or etchings of Gods and Goddesses to bring a novel part to pooja area styles for homes and that they don’t value abundantly.

7. Ornamental screens for pooja rooms

Every pooja area desires privacy, particularly one that connects to a different social or room. In little homes, putting in a solid partition will exclude the sunshine within the space besides creating it look incommodious. An answer is ornamental screens or jaalis as they visually divide the realm while not eliminating the natural light-weight. Nowadays, these screens are laser-cut into nearly any form or pattern. The sunshine passing through them can cast shadows to boost the sophistication of the pooja area.

8. Lighting in pooja rooms

Like with different areas within the house, the lighting system within the pooja area dictates its magnificence. While one is searching for ideas for little pooja area styles, clever illumination is the answer that distracts from the restricted space obtainable for the pooja space. Since the pooja space ought to have a tranquil atmosphere, it’s best to remain removed from focus lights or spotlights and instead pick close lighting. The target of lighting within the pooja area must be to spotlight the focal points like the idols, while not resistless the area with brightness.

9. Interior decoration accessories for pooja rooms

While muddle ought to be avoided at the least prices, it’s alright to embellish the realm with a couple of happy accessories. Brass objects like lamps, bells, and pots are ideal since they’re usually found in temples. Following the less is additional philosophy for pooja area interior decoration. Make sure that the interior decoration accessories mix with the general kind of the remainder of the house. For instance, an ornately incised wood panel can look out of place in an exceedingly minimalist house.

10. Selecting idols for pooja rooms

The idols within the pooja area should be in proportion to the realm. An oversized idol is ok in an exceedingly huge pooja area however can look out of place in an exceedingly little one. It’s alright to possess idols of various Gods and Goddesses however avoid putting over one idol of a similar God as this is often a suggestion prescribed by Vastu Shastra. Make sure that the idols and pictures are in condition and free from cracks or blemishes. Avoid composition idols from recent temples within the pooja area reception.

At the end, similar to in the other area, the pooja space desires a surprising part that creates it distinctive. Explore the assorted potentialities, whether or not it’s a vibrant mural, a tile inlay, or pooja area door styles with bells. selecting with wisdom supported the part that’s best suited to the scale and also the kind of the house.

Since a pooja area could be a sacred house, it should be designed keeping in mind the convenience of cleansing and maintenance. The layout and also the materials used will create a distinction within the extent of maintenance needed to stay the realm spick-and-span. Whereas it’s simple to rearrange a little wood or marble mandir in an exceedingly home, for householders who value the time spent daily on the puja ritual, we tend to suggest consulting interior designers in Salem for recommendation on the simplest materials and style components to be incorporated into pooja rooms.