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3 zones of Modular kitchen storage

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most used space in a house. When planning or designing a kitchen we always think about floors, lighting, backsplash, countertop, etc. But we forget about the storage ideas. Storage is as equally important as kitchen countertop, floors, etc. In case you have many storage options and yet don’t feel your kitchen is as functional as it should be. Then you might have not used the 3 zone storage idea. 

Three zones are the same spots that we refer to in the Modular kitchen golden work triangle – The hob, the sink, the refrigerator. These three zones are the most commonly used spots in a kitchen hence, having storage within these three zones makes a kitchen truly organized. Practically the areas that we use the most are the same place where you need easy access to your kitchen items. 

For a multi-functional kitchen have these three zones close to each other and storage that gives easy access to these spots. If you want your kitchen to work functionally LeFreddo designer of the best modular kitchen in Salem can help design one for your floor plan

Zone: 1 The refrigerator

A refrigerator is unarguably the most important appliance in a home. Did you know an average person opens the refrigerator 22 times a day? Each time the person cannot keep running for space to either put things into it or take things out of it. So to make it functional you need to consider storage spaces near the refrigerator. A refrigerator has got three main purposes- grab a quick snack, hold things required to prepare meals, store the leftovers.

In an ideal home, a refrigerator is placed close to the door. If not the refrigerator kitchen pantry takes up that spot. This way it is easy for you to unpack all your groceries into your pantry or refrigerator after shopping. You can also add a benchtop near the refrigerator to place your grocery bag. On this bench space, you can store everything needed to prepare meals. So that your spoons, knives, cookware bakeware will be in the closest reach while cooking. 

Things to consider in Zone: 1

  1. A bench space, worktop, or an island that is easily reachable from the refrigerator. 
  2. A tall cabinet or a kitchen pantry to store spices, condiments, or any dry goods. This will give easy access to almost all grocery items.
  3. Store all dry items such as plates, napkins, paper towels, etc. in these cabinets.
  4. A space to store large countertop appliances such as food mixer, coffee maker, grinder, toaster, etc. You will have easy access to all ingredients that are used in these appliances. This will avoid walking from one corner to another to fetch items. 
  5. Keep containers needed to store leftovers or containers that are to be taken for school, work, etc. 

Zone: 2- The sink

The sink is the most used and traffic zone in a kitchen. It is used for both preparation of the meal and cleaning up. It is really hard to keep the area around the sink from getting uncluttered. You might be surprised if you come to know how the space under your sink can be utilized potentially.

A dishwasher, bin, or cabinet that can hold all your cookware, bakeware, and cups

can be designed underneath the sink. But in case you have placed a coffee maker next to your refrigerator then it is ideal to place it near the coffee maker for easy access. A drawer to hold your cookware and bakeware underneath the sink is a great idea. Because you will not have to work hard to transfer all those stuff from your dishwasher to the cupboard. 

Things to consider in Zone: 2

  1. Trash and bins can be placed with ease inside a cabinet below the sink
  2. Drawers and cabinets that can hold bakeware, cookware, mugs, and other accessories make it easier to access between the sink, dishwasher, and cupboard.
  3. A space to place cutting boards and knives between the refrigerator and sink.
  4. A space to hang towels, to keep liquid dishwasher, sponge, and other cleaning necessities required to clean the countertop of dishes. 

Zone: 3- The hob

The hob is the place where the most important job of the kitchen is done. It also completes the golden work triangle of a kitchen. You can also call it a hot zone where most of the warm appliances used for cooking are placed. If you like baking often then you can place the oven below the countertop. 

Make sure to have a space for oven mitts here to easily lift hot objects and place them on the countertop. Also, have enough space to transfer hot items from the stove or oven to the countertop.

Things to consider in Zone: 3

  1. Have countertops near the hop to place hot items from the stove or oven. 
  2. This zone is where most of the warm appliances are kept so use heat-resistant countertop surfaces.
  3. Make some space for platters and bowls to make it easy to get food from the oven range or hob.
  4. Make storage space for warm appliances such as grills, toasters, and other hot cooking appliances.

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