9 Amazingly beautiful Christmas décor ideas for 2020

It is almost time to ring in the Christmas season. The most precious time of the year to deck our halls with some bells of glory. Giving our home a special and charming makeover will bring in the vibe to invite the new born king with so much happiness, love and warmth in our hearts. Everybody would have packed their old stars, Christmas tree, crib decorations, and lighting stored safely in cupboards. It’s almost time to take them out and dust them to hang all over your house.

Here are a few tips and tricks from the Interior designers in Salem to deck your halls in no-time and to spread the cheer and happiness throughout this Christmas.

Shiny, Glittery stars all around!

Have you ever seen a Christmas decoration without stars? Wait a minute, have you ever decorated your home without stars for Christmas? Stars bring Christmas charm to your home, a Christmas decoration is incomplete without stars. You can decorate your outdoors to indoor, hall to dining room, dining room table, kitchen cabinets, and stairs with stars. Invest on different colors and sizes of stars or you can simply make them with paper. There are so many innovative DIY ideas available on Pinterest boards on making your own Christmas star.

Next on the list is, Crib

Crib is one of the essential part of Christmas decoration. Crib denotes the manger where Jesus Christ was born. Decorate the crib in such a way that many lights are hung, with small plants and sand, use some straw, play Christmas songs and hymns then place the new born king with utmost joy. The figures of Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, The three wise men/ kings, shepherd’s and cattle’s must be placed in order to depict the birth of Jesus. You can make a simple crib using cardboard, wood, or sticks or if you can even invest on a store bought crib set.

The lovely, evergreen Christmas tree

Christmas tree has been used traditionally to celebrate Christmas for a thousand years. It is fun to decorate a Christmas tree all together with family. Every Christmas you might be using the traditional red and green to spruce up your Christmas tree but, for this year try some rose Go;d, Gold, Purple, and yellow to give your tree a refreshing look. Also, make sure to decorate the tree bottom to top. Decorate and light up the tree using fairy lights, ribbons colorful ornaments, star and pine cones. If you wish to spread the Christmas cheer and warmth to everybody you can decorate one in your lawn or balcony also. You can even ask your kids to decorate a mini Christmas tree with some snowman and stars to give a snowy winter look.

Door Wreaths for a cheerful welcome

Christmas is the time celebrate and welcome the arrival of baby Jesus with our family and guests. Of course, you are going to cook a big feast, and decorate your home interiors with Christmas tree and crib but, how will you cheer them the moment they arrive at your door step? Door wreaths are the answer. Decorate your doors and windows with wreaths, flowers, stars, and lights in such a way that will impress your family, guests and neighbors. There are so many simple to creative ideas on internet which you can simply pull off to turn heads from the street. A simple, colorful, and playful entrance will just do the trick.

Refresh your home with paint

If Christmas is the time of the year you are waiting for to celebrate and spread some joy then there’s no other time beautiful like this to refresh your walls. Painting your walls with elevate the look of your decoration. The new and brightly colored walls make your decoration look more vivid and colorful.

Why not the furniture?

Your furniture might look shabby and old by now. So why not refresh them just like your walls. Buy some new linen or textiles for your furniture. Also, varnish the wooden areas to brighten them up. When doing so buy cushions of textiles that match your Christmas decoration theme. This will elevate the whole look of your home.

Decorate your dining table

Family and guests are ready for the visit, food menu is ready, and the best crockeries are out of the cupboard, and the whole house is decorated. What about the dining table? A beautifully decorated dining table is essential to not only to impress your guests but to show off your creative skills. Put on a dinning cloth that matches your Christmas theme most probably the red one can instantly bring the Christmas vibe. Arrange the place cards, festive crockeries, candles on metal stand, a small flower vase and last but on the least the food.

Never miss the stairs

Now that you have set the star, crib, Christmas tree and entrance the only spot you feel empty is the stairs of your house. Spruce up your stairs with a bunch of artificial garlands, ribbons, Christmas ornaments’, lights or even a DIY craft. You can simple place a candle on one corner of every step to elevate the look or hang some ball shapes Christmas tree ornaments.