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A Complete Guide On L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

Kitchen layouts come in various shapes and sizes giving house owners plenty of options to choose from. One of the popular design layouts is an L-shaped kitchen. The kitchen design is joined by two adjoining perpendicular walls thus forming an L-shape. Hence the name formed. For a tiny kitchen, the formed layout is the best choice and there are more edges that this kitchen style offers.

Whether you recently bought a home or planning to buy one or even considering redesigning your kitchen completely,

This is an interior design principle typically employed by architects and designers, and is that  the path that is created between your sink, fridge and also the kitchen appliance space-thus once selecting the simplest layout for you, you must keep the triangle in mind. Your floor plan will be the ultimate thing that will help you create your working triangle.

Getting your kitchen layout right is the most vital consideration guaranteeing a useful and sensible kitchen space. Whether or not your kitchen is tiny and incommodious or giant and expansive, an ingenious layout can build all the distinction in serving you to urge the foremost out of the house. Particularly in an exceedingly large kitchen, there’s plenty of additional layout than simply inserting articles of furniture and cabinetry: technology features an immense role to play yet. Space after all can be an element once selecting the simplest layout for your kitchen, and also the placement of cupboards and drawers are determined by your storage wants.

In this article let us assist you to perceive the explanations why the L-shaped kitchen style layout has become widely effective and helpful for standard kitchen styles.


As the name suggests, an L-shaped kitchen uses its walls, cupboards and worktops to make the kitchen look like L. this type of kitchen generally opens to another space, creating it a perfect choice for those who often have guests and entertain.

If you imagine the x and y axis, this can be how an L-shaped kitchen works, two walls meeting at a corner point. This frees up lots of floor space and sink on one axis, the other provides a wide work-top space.

Wall lengths can vary in L-shaped kitchens and they need not necessarily match, thus even modest areas can be utilized in this layout. Thanks to its skillfulness, this kitchen layout lends itself to a range of styles, from trendy and minimalist to rustic stylish, thus you will be able to commemorate experimenting with what works for your home.

If you are working with a bigger house, you may think about  an island with this style of kitchen. Walkways ought to be a minimum of forty two inches wide, thus you would have to be compelled to make sure you may well accommodate the island before you begin building. 


Although the corner necessitates some clever carpentry solutions to form it sensible, the open arrangement style of the kitchen offers nice flexibility within the placement of appliances and work zones. Whereas you will be able to have the legs of the L as long as area permits, it’s best to keep it to less than 4.5m for easy use.

Where space permits, build the foremost of the corner by putting in a walk-in stowage cabinet. this manner you won’t lose the precious house that’s sometimes lost in an exceedingly corner, and you gain an enormous plus to your kitchen. With an L-shaped kitchen, you will even be ready to produce a little area within the opposite corner, increasing your family’s enjoyment of the space.


The L shaped standard kitchen styles may appear a bit more expensive than normal kitchens, however, the value is even in comparison with the convenience and classy look they provide to your kitchen. Moreover, standard kitchens take time of 2 to 6 weeks for installation, which suggests simply in a very few weeks the kitchen becomes able to use.

Designing a kitchen may be a one-time issue, and therefore the question of standard maintenance of the kitchen gets resolved thanks to top-grade materials utilized in L shaped standard kitchens styles.


The budget:

The first and necessary essential issue for L shaped standard kitchens, that eventually permits you to decide on between ranges of materials used for furnishings. This type of kitchen embodies an effortlessly clean aesthetics provided it is accompanied with simple colours and natural materials which will provide a superior look and a balanced traditional look. 

The L shaped kitchen layout:

The layout of the kitchen is incredibly necessary, you can opt for it as per your selection or take the professional recommendation. This layout is ergonomically efficient. If you have got an open kitchen layout, we suggest you retain it aesthetically lightweight whereas increasing storage. Partition walls can also be added to separate living and dining spaces.

The material:

The standard kitchen styles are made up of a good variety of fabric like wood, marble and granite, that you can opt for supported budget and convenience. MDF is another material used in this layout. MDF is medium density fibreboard, that is largely designed wood obtained by breaking down hardwood and softwood composites. Since it’s created of tiny wood fibers, there aren’t any visible wood grains or knots. The fibres area unit joined along, victimisation wax to supply panels by applying pressure or warm temperature.

Like MDF, plywood is additionally built wood, created by binding veneer wood sheets along into one solid piece. Plywood comes in several grades, thus you can select the proper one that suits your wants. Unlike MDF, plywood has visible wood grains, however is freed from different imperfections. Low grade plywoods may be employed in flooring at homes, whereas the upper grade version is ideal for cupboards and shelves.


  • The operating zones are unique and versatile in nature.
  • Smart corner organizers may be put in.
  • Best appropriate layout for a little size kitchen. It is conjointly appropriate for a medium-sized kitchen also.
  • Serves associate open architectural plan.
  • Gives a separate cookery zone and cleanup zone.
  • The length of either facet of the benchtops may be adjusted consistent with your needs.

Whether you recently bought a home or planning to buy one or even considering redesigning your kitchen completely, contact LeFreddo the best designers of Modular kitchen in Salem.