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10 Amazing tips for extra bedroom storage

Bedrooms come in various sizes, big, medium, and small. Whatever may be the size of the bedroom, the biggest concern is about the storage. For a well-organized clutter-free bedroom there should be space for everything and everything in its place to make it look elegant. So to make the most of your bedroom we need to get creative with the storage ideas. 

There are so many ideas, and DIY’s available on the internet but we don’t know what suits them best. Don’t worry! LeFreddo the designer of the best interiors in salem has come up with 10 smart space-savvy solutions to boost your storage, without compromising on floor space and style. We bet, these storage ideas will help you make the most out of your space. 

Start from the Bed:

1 Under the bed storage 

The bed is undoubtedly one of the biggest pieces of furniture in any bedroom. Your bed can serve as an ultimate storage solution. This is especially true for small bedrooms because you will be adding storage to the whole area of your sleep space. In case, you don’t have any storage then add built-in drawers beneath the bed, or raise the bed to add some storage containers. If you are in search of buying a new bed then invest in a hydraulic bed or a simple bed that comes with a built-in drawer. This can be a great way to hide away all your belongings.

2 Over the bed storage

Make a design feature with overbed shelving where you can place your books and other elements that you wish to exhibit. You can even make storage shelves on your bed headboard for scone lights, wall-mounted lights, or your bedtime routine essentials. 

Make the most of your wardrobe space

A wardrobe is as important as a bed in a bedroom. It stores all of your essentials away from the floor. But we are all not blessed with the luxury to have a huge wardrobe and in small bedrooms, we won’t have much space for a big wardrobe. Here are few ways to make the most of your wardrobe space and put everything away from sight. 

  1. Give away all the clothes that are out of style or that are too tight. Many people think hanging tighter clothes in the closet will motivate them to lose weight. Nobody can lose weight overnight so keep them away and use them after you have reached the goal.
  2. Remove all the clutter that means anything from your footwear, jewelry, accessories that occupy too much space but are not useful. 
  3. If you have been hanging all your clothes in the wardrobe then what about the floor space. This floor space can provide enough space to keep your belongings. Keep all the shorter hanging clothes on one side and longer hanging clothes on the other side. Now keep the other clothes below the shorter hanging clothes. This way you can have space for more clothing.
  4. A wardrobe full of things can feel cramped. Installing a light task will provide easy access to every object.
  5. Make use of the upper shelf. Divide the space with small baskets and bags so that it is easy to store clothes and accessories and also easy to grab.

A Multi-functional dressing unit

No woman hats having a dressing unit in her bedroom. Well, how can we dress up without a dressing unit? It is what helps us prepare for the day mentally and physically. Most of the bedrooms don’t have enough space for a dressing unit. But a dressing unit with hidden storage space is a great choice. It is a piece of multi-functional furniture that can store all your cosmetics and the necessary elements that are needed to get ready for a day. A simple desk with a mirror and a lift-up storage rack can be placed anywhere as it needs only a little space to occupy. 

Use the blank wall for storage

There are so many ways to style a blank wall in a room. But when it comes to storage install floating shelves that can hold your belongings and necessary elements or a bookshelf. You can even exhibit the valuable elements that you feel proud to show off. A floating shelf and a bookshelf can be bought in a store or can be built-in with the help of a carpenter. 

Make use of the vertical space

The most underused space in a room is the vertical space. Installing a shelf near the ceiling can be used to store things that are not used too often. You can even install a shelf with cabinet doors to avoid dust and dirt from settling on the things or leave it open. 

Behind the doors

The nest unused space in a room is the doors. It can be any door the bedroom door or the wardrobe door. Just fix some basic hooks and hangers behind the doors and Voila! You can hand anything from scarves, bags, belts, caps, and footwear behind the doors. This gives easy access to items that are often used. You can even hang the outfits and accessories needed for the next day behind the doors.

Invest on a floor to ceiling furniture

To make the most of the space invest in furniture that uses the walls, height, and floor space for storage. A well-designed stylish wardrobe that fits an entire wall can be a massive storage area for your bedroom. Fitted with mirrors and some drawers can make it ideal as a built-in dressing unit also. This will keep all your bedrooms clutter-free and have more space to move.

A multi-functional bedside table

A bedside table is a must to hold all your bedtime routine essentials. How about a bedside table that comes with a drawer, shelf, and a place for a lamp. This table is ideal to keep books that you read before going to bed, and all the other essentials you need before going to bed, and the things that you need as soon as you wake up. Make sure to invest in a bedside table that matches the overall interior design of your bedroom. 

Invest in a cloth rail

If you are a minimalist and don’t like to install huge furniture then a cloth rail is a great choice for your bedroom. Moreover, a wardrobe can take too much space but a cloth rail does not. A cloth rail can provide enough space for all your clothing. If not try this- hang only the seasonal dresses, keep the other dresses away in a bag or underneath your bed. Cloth rails don’t take too much space as a wardrobe and do not make your room feel cramped and heavy.

As an interior designer, we would suggest planning your room by considering the storage. To design or renovate your home into a sanctuary schedule a consultation with our interior designer in Salem today.