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Tips for a perfect Biophilic kitchen design

Many are not familiar with the word “Biophilia” which means “love of life”. This term was coined by an American biologist E.O Wilson, who postulated that human contact with nature is essential for our well-being.  If you are an environment enthusiast who loves the idea of bringing outsides in, then ‘Biophilic design is just for you. Fusing direct or indirect components of nature into the built environment have been exhibited to decrease stress, blood pressure levels, and heart rates, whilst increasing productivity, creativity, and self-reported rates of well-being.

If you are looking to create a new kitchen in your home, here are a few tips and tricks from the designers of modular kitchen in Salem in creating a perfect Biophilic kitchen design that not looks fabulous but also increases your mental health.

Use natural materials

In biophilic kitchen design in every surface, you use for your modular kitchen should have some connection with nature. When designing a modular kitchen you can incorporate natural materials everywhere. Your countertop, cabinets, backsplash, flooring, and other accessories all must be made of a material that we often see in nature.

For instance, you can design a countertop either made of wood, granite, wood, or marble. Though granite and marble are expensive, there are alternative countertops made of acrylic which gives the same feel and look but are more resistant to scratch. There are many backsplash tile ideas that are made of natural materials, and also for cabinets and flooring. Make sure to choose sustainable materials to avoid unnecessary impact on the environment.

Include textured backsplash and cabinets

Adding texture to your kitchen is essential when creating a multi-sensory environment. Back then people loved glossy and sleek kitchens, but now everybody wants to give their space a rustic touch. To incorporate texture in your biophilic kitchen design invest in textured backsplash and cabinets that have raw finishes. Interior designers at LeFreddo always choose cabinets with knurled doorknobs or tiles made of stones and with patterns that convey nature to create a biophilic kitchen design. You can also add pictures of flowers or plants that portrait nature.

If you are designing a new kitchen make sure to invest in accessories that have a textured finish because nowadays it’s easy to find textured appliances and accessories for a biophilic modular kitchen.

Choose biomorphic shapes and patterns

The word Biomorphic implies shapes that are inspired by nature and living beings. This is another incredible way to design a biophilic kitchen. So when making a biophilic kitchen design always opt for softer curved lines and choose patterns that we may see in nature.

Incorporate a Garden

Every top interior designers say that plants are the most effective way to create a Biophilic kitchen design. In any case, adding plants to your kitchen is an extraordinary way to bring the outdoors inside. Plants improve our psychological state and feeling of prosperity and given that the kitchen is the core of the home, it bodes well to bring plants into this space too.

This can be done by including potted plants near the kitchen window, on open-shelves, and also hanging pots from the ceiling. If you don’t have a built-in open shelf, just add a store-bought open-shelf and fill it with potted plants. If you don’t get enough sunlight, or you can’t deal with the mess of growing real plants creating a vertical garden wall décor is the best. In a vertical garden, you can grow herbs to keep your kitchen smelling fresh. Having plants, real or artificial is a great way to design a Biophilic modular kitchen.

Say yes to Sunshine

Experts say that adequate light affects our circadian rhythm. Change in natural light throughout the day affects our bodies’ reaction encouraging to release of different types of chemicals and hormones that are responsible for metabolism, stress, sleep, and many others. Therefore giving way for natural light into your indoors will boost your health and well-being. Due to many factors, we don’t get enough light into our interiors hence, using lights that mimic daylight is a great way to create a Biophilic kitchen design. Our interior designers in Salem have given many tips on how to lighten up your interior in a brighter way.

Use Earthy color palettes

Earthy color palettes are the new trend in an interior color scheme right now. This is because everybody wants to bring nature into their living space in some way. These neutral color palettes not only make you feel warm and cozy but also brings the outdoors inside. If you want your home to make you feel serene, and calm then earthy hues are a great addition to your home décor.  We’ve seen a major interest in blue and green kitchens in the course of recent years as we have sought nature for motivation. Yet, in the event that you’re not yet all set for something so intense, our interior designers in Salem suggest picking the new neutrals which offer a lot of milder shading range.

Focus on Air-quality

There is a misconception that air quality is not a major issue in the interior. But when creating s Biophilic kitchen design air quality plays a major role. To recreate the feeling of an outdoor environment, we truly need to make unpretentious changes in air temperature and surface temperatures. This way we can try to mimic the natural outdoor environment.

These few little changes that you make to your modular kitchen can improve your health, everyday mood, and well-being. If you are planning on designing a Biophilic modular kitchen then have a virtual consultation with one of our interior designers.

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