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How to achieve Biophilic Office interior design

Numerous studies that link exposure to nature to better health highlight the significance of this. However, as we spend most of our time each day trapped inside the walls of an office, access to nature is becoming less available to office workers. It’s practically hard to spend as much time in nature as we should with the way of life we lead nowadays. But we can bring the outside inside. The goal of biophilia is to encourage the presence of nature in our workplaces.

People are connected to nature indoors through biophilic design. It can be applied in a variety of ways using either direct or indirect nature. In other words, it involves planning office space so that outside features will benefit the inhabitants’ health and wellness, which will ultimately increase productivity.

Key factors in biophilic design

The biophilic design philosophy aims to bring as many natural elements indoors as is practical. The following are the key components of biophilic design:

  • Light
  • Air
  • Plants:
  • Animals
  • Natural texture

The beauty of the biophilic design is that it may also be accomplished through indirect nature. Incorporating the appropriate colors, images, and natural feel into an office’s environment is definitely possible. Natural elements and textures, like wood and marble, for example, can help create an inviting indoor environment for the occupants while also bringing in outdoor vibes.

Achieve Budget-Friendly Biophilic Design in your office with Simple Additions

Biophilic design is simple to implement, despite its scary initial sound. Consider the Seattle office of Amazon as an example of a large tech company. All of these offices were meticulously planned and budgeted initiatives in order to attain biophilia. This is not to say that you can’t create a biophilic design without investing a lot of money. Knowing the components and thoughtfully handling them at your convenience is key. You don’t even have to complete it all at once or completely redesign your office.

Introduce live plants

Even if every square inch of your workplace space is being used to cram people in, adding a modest amount of plant life shouldn’t be an issue. The presence of plants elevates oxygen levels, reduces mental and physical exhaustion, and boosts mood and productivity. Numerous indoor plants that fit in the desks and gorgeously flourish on the walls can be found. Indoor plants can be placed in every nook and cranny of your workspace. Incorporate plants into any area of your office. Use your ceilings or walls if you don’t have room on the ground.

Make natural light accessible

Giving your team more access to natural light and vistas of the outside world could completely revolutionize the workplace. One of the underlying reasons affecting office workers’ productivity and, more crucially, their mental health is the lack of adequate access to natural light. Employee energy and productivity are significantly impacted by natural light and views of the outside. You may take a step closer to attaining biophilic design in your office space by making creative design adjustments and using the perfect elements, such as mirrors and skylights.

Utilize outdoor space

Your employees may find a natural haven on the roofs, balconies, and terraces of your office building. You might start by enhancing your environment and encouraging personnel to conduct business outside whenever possible. Additionally, it will enable your staff to live a creative, healthy, and effective existence while taking advantage of natural light and fresh air.

Embrace color

People can be affected by color in a variety of ways, both favorably and unfavorably. For instance, to assist calm individuals down, American police stations have chambers with pink walls. People’s behavior and attitude can be greatly affected by the color of the natural world. According to studies, colors have an impact on a person’s physical and emotional health. As a result, choosing the proper color for your interior design is crucial.

Invest in natural elements

Anything that gives the inhabitants a sense of nature might be considered a natural feature. It could be a wall covered in natural images or an aquarium stocked with colorful creatures. A sense of being outdoors may also be provided by certain elements. Natural textures, like wood, can help people feel the vibes of the outdoors and have a pleasant impact on their minds. Utilize natural elements in the walls or in places that are open to the public and useful to all.

Numerous studies have shown a correlation between exposure to nature and improved health. Numerous studies on the advantages of being in nature have focused on the psychological and physical health advantages. The results show that exposure to nature promotes favorable changes in heart rate variability and lowers oxyhemoglobin concentrations in the right prefrontal cortex. With research showing the value of nature in our lives, choosing a biophilic design can help offices maintain a staff that is both physically and emotionally well. A happy team that performs well is a team that is both physically and mentally healthy.

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