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How to choose your ideal Interior design style?

Choosing an Interior design style can be a daunting task for homeowners who are looking to create the home of their dreams. It is much more intimidating when you already have lots of thoughts about styling your house, and by seeing a lot of beautiful rooms popping up every day on the Internet and on televisions. Decorating your home with your ideal interior design style allows it to match your personality and gives you confidence about your interior.

There are almost 14 interior design styles ranging from modern to traditional and minimalism to eclectic. But interior design styles keep changing and evolving so here we give you a few tips to help you choose your ideal interior design style.

Get inspired by magazines and social media

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and magazines provide new avenues for communication as well as inspiration. Current trends can be identified with a few mouse clicks. What is now popular? Which craze has already passed? The solutions are only a click and a few seconds away. The fast-paced world of today affects many aspects of life, including interior design.

Planning your décor was a time-consuming chore before the arrival of social media. Today, we have Pinterest, Instagram, and a plethora of other social media platforms to help us live our lives – and choose a new design. A couch that would look great in the living room, the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted, or that new bed – whatever we’re looking for, the furniture showroom is no longer our first stop; instead, we turn to our smartphones. Anyone can decorate a complete home with a few mouse clicks. It’s no surprise, then, that social shopping is becoming increasingly popular. Shopping on Instagram and Pinterest is a completely personalized experience, with personalized offers and discounted rates.

Research and understand the different interior design styles

Knowing what design style you prefer will save you time, frustration, and money. If you don’t identify with any of these styles, it’s possible that you’re a hybrid of two or more! Many competent interior designers mix styles, which is the finest approach to arranging a room.

Mid-century: combines organic and geometric designs, with clean lines and gentle curves. It’s not necessarily the most comfortable, but that relies on a variety of things, such as whether your piece is vintage or created with modern materials.

Industrial: The industrial interior design style is derived from renovating an old warehouse or industrial facility into a trendy loft or living area. If you like exposed brick, exposed beam, exposed structures and inner workings of a building, concrete floors, cement blocks, wood, leather, plus and dark furniture, very large windows, visible pipes, and Edison bulbs then it is an Industrial design style that you are looking to create.

Contemporary: Simply said, contemporary interior design style is what is popular today. If you like curved lines, state-of-the-art and/or eco-friendly materials, a restrained palette, a strong sense of minimalism, concrete, steel, glass, elements of mid-century modern and art deco then this style is your ideal interior design style.

Traditional: Traditional interior design style draws on classic, timeless shapes from the past, primarily from the 18th and 19th centuries. Antiques or imitation pieces made to seem antique are frequently used in traditional design. Furniture will be extravagant, yet rooms will be symmetrical to convey a sense of serenity and order. Classical artwork, dark woods, and jewel tones will be used extensively. Fabrics will be weighty and opulent.

Transitional: Because you can mix pieces from different eras, the transitional interior design gives you greater options when decorating your area. So, if you’re drawn to traditional design aspects but want to mix it up with something more contemporary so it doesn’t feel stuffy, the transitional interior design style can be ideal for you!

Scandinavian: Scandinavian interior design style is influenced by its Nordic surroundings and is a distant relative of mid-century modern. With long, gloomy winters and sub-zero temperatures, the residence is built to be the most comfortable environment possible. To reflect as much light as possible, the walls are kept dazzling white. The furnishings are simple, yet they should be really comfy. Woods, pieces of cotton, linens, wools, and plants are used to bring nature into the home. The Scandinavian color palettes are typically composed of neutrals such as white, ivory, greige, pastel pink, and soft sage green. The odd pop of color is also not uncommon.

Bohemian: The Bohemian interior design style is an eclectic mix of mismatched pieces that create a warm and welcoming environment. The idea behind boho decor is that your home’s decor will become a collection of your international trips and experiences throughout time.

If you like Boho interior design, you might like the following elements bright, cheerful cool colors, a variety of designs, low-level furnishings, rattan furniture old objects that are a little worn or weathered a lot of plants, Turkish and Persian rugs, weaved wall décor, textures from nature.

Minimalism: Minimalist interior design style is really tough to achieve: you can’t just pick a few pieces of furniture, throw them in a white room, and call it a day. Nothing can be disguised or covered up because everything has been reduced to its core. As a result, each shape, form, and material must be carefully considered. The minimalist interior design keeps things simple and ensures that everything in the room has a place and serves a purpose. Open floor plans are desired, as are walls and ceilings without moldings.

For colors, use wardrobe as inspiration

Take a look at your favorite clothes and notice what colors, fabrics, and patterns you prefer. Think about the following: “What are the pieces that appear to be repeated? What are your favorite or specialty outfits for special occasions?

There is no right or wrong answer, but considering your natural fashion tendencies will help you establish your interior design style. This desire can then be reflected in your home through draperies and pillows.

Find similarities in your preferred interior design style

Using design components from many eras and styles allows you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone as your style matures. The more you experiment with various types, the more you’ll discover that one sort of decor can complement another. That is how many interior designers approach generating personalized looks.

Ask for experts’ assistance

The Interior design expert to whom you commit the planning and design process for furnishing a house or apartment is known as an interior designer. The first and most important duty is to find the right expert. One way is to approach a home interior design business with a solid reputation in domestic interiors and ask them to assign the best designs.

You’re ready to start working on your ideal home with your interior design experts now that you know how to choose an ideal interior design style! Interior designers are available at the click of a button!  LeFreddo- The Best Interior designers in Salem are offering an interior design consultation today!