Modular kitchen in Salem

Top 8 color combinations for a two-tone modular kitchen

Though all-white kitchens are the most popular in Indian homes, two-tone kitchens add more elegance and beauty to your cooking space. When renovating or designing a modular kitchen we put a lot of effort in choosing the right countertop, cabinet, lighting, faucet and fixtures, and flooring. Color of the cabinets are always overlooked or neglected by many.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and it is also where you need to be the most productive. We spend the majority of our time there cooking, baking, eating, reading books or newspapers, and assisting children with their homework. A kitchen is a place where we do more than just cook. As a result, you must design your kitchen with upbeat colors that boost output and inspire creativity. So, instead of the dated white-and-wood concept, let’s use color to brighten up your kitchen.

When choosing the right color scheme for your two-tone kitchen can be overwhelming with so many color options available in the market. To make things easier for you, LeFreddo designer of modular kitchen in Salem has compiled a list of the 10 most popular color schemes for giving your kitchen a colorful makeover.

Reason for installing two-tone cabinets

  • No matter you follow a traditional or modern theme a two tone kitchen cabinet can give your kitchen more character and personality.
  • A two- tone cabinet can make a small kitchen look larger than it really is.
  •  Light colored kitchen cabinets make a kitchen look spacious and airy.

White and Blue kitchens

Blue is a perfect accent color that will spice up your kitchen design without going too far outside your comfort zone. It’s a great moody color to use in any room of your home, including the kitchen. The splash of blue adds the perfect amount of visual interest to any kitchen. A great way to make the most of a small kitchen is to brighten it up with blue and white statement cabinetry. Painting cabinets blue may appear intimidating, but the small kitchen is actually the ideal space to test out a color like this for size.

Green and grey kitchens

Green is a timeless shade when combined with white can make a kitchen look elegant. It breathes new life into any room, this includes kitchen also. Green and grey both together revive the appearance of your kitchen. If you are looking for a way to make your kitchen appear larger and airy green and grey is the best combination to try. Green is the color of nature that evokes the image of a lush green forest can make a kitchen look absolutely mesmerizing.

Black and white kitchens

A black and white scheme is always a sophisticated choice for a kitchen scheme, whether traditional or modern, because monochrome is a palette that works for all spaces. Having a beautiful black and white kitchen is not as difficult as you think. With black laminated cabinets on the top and bottom, you can create an elegant look in your kitchen. Adding white paint to the wall will do the trick. To blend the line between the wall and the cabinets, you can also add black wallpaper to the wall.

Red and white kitchens

If you want to add a cherry accent, you should use red and white colors. It will undoubtedly look stunning. Red undertones bring a sense of richness to your kitchen. You can add red and white cabinets to your kitchen to make it more visually appealing. Choosing a white and red kitchen design can make your kitchen look stunning and appealing. After all, red is a vibrant color that instantly adds a boost of energy. White, on the other hand, is elegant and will help to balance out the red tones.

Orange and grey kitchens

Designer Matthew Quinn incorporated pops of Hermes orange, including a custom gas range in the coveted tastemaker hue, for a bespoke kitchen that oozes sophistication. This neutral is interesting enough to stand on its own. But it comes to life when paired with the fiery orange. Painting the backs of the open shelves a lighter shade of grey adds depth and highlights the bright accessories.

Brown and white kitchens

Use white as the base color because it will be seen on the floors, walls, and ceiling. This will create a bright foundation for a clean and spacious ambiance. Meanwhile, the brown cabinetry adds an earthy tone to the room, making it feel much calmer and more sophisticated. Arteries has wooden bar stools that will add a dramatic vintage look to your space. The comfortable wooden seat swivels on an iron base and will look fantastic in a kitchen.

Orange and black kitchens

If you like bright colors, consider orange kitchen cabinets – either juicy orange for a modern look or burnt orange for a retro or vintage-inspired space. Orange is a difficult color to combine, so pair it with bold and dark hues. The color orange is associated with optimism and a positive outlook. Given that most of us spend some time in the kitchen each morning, beginning each day with a positive attitude is ideal.

Black and Red kitchens

Did you know that the color red is said to stimulate your appetite? That’s just one of the reasons why red is a great color to use in your kitchen remodel. It doesn’t get much more classic than red and black when it comes to color combinations. Red and black kitchen cabinets make a perfect statement providing a striking and super-modern look.

As a result, the combination of red and black in the kitchen is a popular choice, especially in modern kitchens or masculine-looking spaces. Large doses of bright light or splashes of white paint can help soften the combination and make a space feel more cheerful.