Comparison between Modular Kitchen and Carpenter-made-kitchen?

It’s really a battle for new homeowners to comprehend the contrast between a Modular kitchen and carpenter made kitchen. As the core of your home, your kitchen is the most significant space with regards to getting the interior right! Would it be a good idea for you to take the conventional course and get a carpenter to assemble you a kitchen or get an expert to completely design you a modular kitchen? On the off chance that you are confused about which one to choose, we’re here to help! Let’s take a look at the differences in this post.

Let’s see, What is a Modular kitchen?

A modular kitchen has premade cupboards and accessories that are fit together to suit the elements of your kitchen. The cupboards come in precise measures and are available in various styles. The woodwork is factory made and finished, brought to the site and assembled.

Why should one use Modular kitchen?

Modular kitchen is no more a luxury however it’s a necessity in the present time. It is an easy and trendy way to maximize storage for your floor plan. The reason behind it is modular kitchens are more organized as well as they have pre-manufactured cupboards, drawers and cabinets which are functional and simple to use than a traditional kitchen. It is very user-friendly wherein even your shabby looking kitchen can appear sleek and stylish.

Pros of using Modular kitchen

  • They are functional and stylish making you cooking fun and at the same time look bold and beautiful
  • They come in a wide range of hues, design and finishes.
  • They are made by interior experts, so you can be certain that the work triangle of fridge-sink and hob is positioned flawlessly and the accessories are at perfect size
  • With efficient planning this kitchen provides smooth workflow and more storage options. Modular kitchen comes with in-built cabinets where all your essentials are placed inside.
  • They are cut to precise sizes and finished to perfection as everything is done by machines giving a glossy look to your cook space
  • They are hassle-free and all materials are checked against resistance to boiling water and termite durability. In some cases cabinets are given aluminum lining especially in water prone areas near the sink.
  • The modules are fitted together quickly and easily with perfectly positioned hinges and screws. Added benefit is that easy to dismantle so can be reinstalled when shifting
  • The greater part of the work is done off-site, the work is exceptionally Speedy you can have your interior in as meager as 45 days!
  • They are water-resistant and make cleaning easy. Wipe your cabinets and counters with mild detergent periodically to get rid of grime and dirt!

Cons of using Modular kitchen

  • While some cupboards utilize modest MDF and molecule boards rather than plywood, reputed modular kitchen manufacturers take extra consideration to guarantee that the kitchen is easy to maintain.
  • High-end finishes can dip too deep into your pockets. Even cost-effective options are also easily available
  • Modular kitchens look extraordinary, but on the other hand are high to keep up! You should wipe down your cupboards occasionally to keep them looking like new. This is particularly the situation in the event that you pick glossy completions, which will in general show up sprinkles and oil rapidly. On the other hand, any kitchen should be kept clean, so this isn’t generally a disadvantage!

What is a Carpenter made kitchen?

A carpenter made kitchen is one that is worked by hand by local carpenters who follow their deep rooted conventional techniques for carpentry. These carpenters cut, plane and finish the accessories by hand and frequently work at the site itself.

Pros of using a carpenter made kitchen

  • It is a traditional way of building a kitchen also carpenters are easily available near you.
  • Woodwork is customized to fit perfectly into your space, you don’t have to choose the design over a catalogue.
  • The quality of the materials can be controlled especially if the owner does the purchasing.
  • They are cost effective and are affordable than Modular kitchens
  • Since the greater part of the work will be done before you, there is a degree for customization choices or modifications in configuration of designs as desired.

Cons of using carpenter made kitchen

  • The final quality and the glossy finish purely depends on the carpenters skills.
  • Cost can go way higher as there will be hidden factors which are not mentioned by the carpenter in the beginning or he might not tell you the exact cost initially.
  • They cannot make it in time. So the homeowner needs more patience
  • As all the work is done on your place a lot of noise and dust generated can be inconvenient for the house owner.
  • The cabinets are fixed permanently. So the cabinets cannot be dismantled when shifting
  • The carpenters are not aware of the latest trends so he follows a traditional design which never gives a unique look that you expect.

The financial plan is of essential significance when carpenters made kitchen and modular kitchen structures as the last one is increasingly costly. Other than this, different factors, for example, the size of the place, the sort of utilization, the time taken one can trust that the task will be completed in time. For example, on the off chance that one is in a rush to move into another loft and doesn’t have the opportunity to hang tight for a considerable length of time until the carpentry work of the kitchen cabinets is finished, at that point a modular kitchen is the best choice

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