How does the interior design process work?

Your space is what we need. But professional interior designers won’t begin with space/area at
all but starts with the people who will utilize, enjoy, and experience it. People in most cases
think that we just clean the places to look good. Still, that’s a big part of what we do, we are
experts at the design analytics, foundations, schematics, and building partnerships like from
carriage houses to custom homes, and commercial spaces we work with you to make your
dreams and designs through to concept and completion.

At Lefreddo- interior designers in Salem take a different approach so we can create a unique
space that results in the perfect intersection between your personal needs, the best design
concepts, and the environment. We do custom residential design because we know an excellent
design that honors your per needs which has a significant impact on your life. Working with
different people and areas, we use an efficient and effective design flow.

Working with a Top interior designer the flow will be customized to your needs depending on the project, you will need more or less support based on needs.

These processes are:

1. Strategic Planning Phase

2. Conceptual Development Phase

3. Design Development Phase

4. Construction Documentation Phase

5. Construction Maintenance & Administration Phase


Strategic Planning Phase

Our first step is to do a walk through. Unlike construction, an interior project is to inspect the job site and design very personal things.

Our experts learn about your family, pets, the surroundings of your house, and the way you want the things in your house. To create a personal design for your family, we will try to learn as much as we can about you to design and plan interior for your house. We care so much to design you a beautiful living area. This is the effort of the Strategic Planning Phase. Mutually deciding on ideas that bring your vision along with our suggestions together to life. The budget and goals are the key features in deciding the design to finalize. We aspire to give you the design as per your taste without burning a hole in your pocket.

Conceptual Development Phase

In conceptual development, we will be adding functionality to your provided area. The era of the ’90s and 80’s property is no more and most properties built during those periods have either been renovated or removed.

Most modern clients wish to have open spaces. Because there will be several awkward open areas left for drafting experts to resolve. During this phase, the area is made functional so that they merge well with the overall style. To facilitate this, new art is created which transforms the area planning. This art is drawn to scale and will be sent to you for approval. Once you approve the spacing, most of the heavy works are all done!

Design Development Phase

After approving the design, we are all set to let our creativity flow. The design development phase will add details to your design. The idea will be creating a fusion of your approved design with your architectural style. If your house is a contemporary Model style, the kind of style detail to explain the furnishing? The way to hide the H VAC better. There are multiple things to do which need a lot of thought and our designers are experts in it. The same idea will be followed for Traditional Styles , Cottage design Styles ,Eclectic style or Modern structures

Everything that we select, right from furnishes to flooring, tile, wooden pieces must sync with the design theme you approved. And these are illustrated through new proposed floor plans, detailed drawings, wall elevations, and other visual platforms. Apart from this, room layouts, fabrics, wall coverings, color selection, mill work and cabinetry, textiles, and lighting are also considered.

Construction Documentation Phase

Once you approve the design, the work begins on construction drawings. These documents are essential for other contractors who follow our lead, including but not limited to carpenters, plumbers, tile setters, electricians, etc. Interior construction documentation will give them whatever they need to execute the design flawlessly.

Maintaining construction documents also very useful while obtaining construction permits from the city municipality. Depending on the size of the project, you might need to submit site plans which show elevations and material schedules. Our construction designs and drawings services are the best in the industry.

Construction Maintenance & Administration Phase

Choosing a best interior designer will make sure to have stringent procedures in place that the actual construction has specifications of the set. Lefreddo’s interior experts moderate the execution to ensure its compliance with the design intent. We put passion in everything that we perform. Our team is led by industry experience, skills, and technical expertise. With more skilled designers, drafters, and architects at our disposal, we are here to help you bring your next project to life.

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