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Interior designers share 7 fabulous ways to add plants in your home

An interior without plants is like night sky without stars. Nature means peace! Plants and trees are the most crucial part of the nature so why not bring the outdoors to our indoors with the process of interior designing Plants not only act as stress-busters but also purify our surrounding air. Just like adding material and finishes that best suit your space it is important to add greens to decorate your home in a more healthy way. Indoor plants are incredibly beneficial for our bodies and minds also, they add aesthetic values. Plant decorating can do a lot to enhance our interiors and health. Therefore Interior designers in Salem have shared some ideas on how to add plants in your home décor.

Utilize your windows

Many people avoid plants indoors as they not know how to keep them alive. And where to put them. Even indoor plants need lot of sunlight to survive so, why not use the space in your windows as you already know that they can survive there. To utilize the unused space near the windows install over-the-window-plant shelf to hang plants. You can have a group of herbs near your kitchen window for a pleasant smell. In your bedroom, instead of hanging curtains opt for a bunch of plants. You can even hang the plants at the top of the windows using tension rod.

Hang house plants from the ceiling

People who own a small space home usually avoid using plants in their décor. This is because the plants occupy more space and there won’t be enough space for the flow. But you can grow plants in your ceiling. Yes, ceilings have enough space for plants as only fans and lights take up a small amount of space.  Install a hanging pot in your ceilings empty space and grow your ideal plant. This will improve your well-being as well as make your space more inviting and luxurious.

For example: You can install a hanging pot above the kitchen island or bedroom corner or even a wall mounted plant display or a corner shelf just for plants.

Why not, use unused hooks

Not all plants need sunlight to survive. Succulent plants, foliage, and few kinds of ferns like Asparagus or Boston can survive indoors without light. These plants can be used in the space available in your bathroom. Most probably on the unused towel or coat hooks. This is a more hassle-free way and with this tip you now know that it is possible to add plants at every room including a bathroom. Having plants in bathroom gives you a soothing and cleansing feel. This is one of the best possible way to add plants and is super-saving for small space owners.

Have a Kitchen garden

Your kitchen window is the right place for some of the herbs like basil and mint. You can also grow succulent plants, chili peppers, and chives to form a small garden in your kitchen. These plants require more light, and need to be watered twice a day. If you want to add more plants in your kitchen garden then hang small planters above your kitchen cabinets It is not easy to have a kitchen garden as it needs more care and attention so buy garden variety plants that live longer rather than the ones sold in the supermarkets.

Add plants as Focal point.

If your space does not have a focal point you can do it just by adding plants. Plants have a natural way of making your space look more attractive and livelier. To do this invest on a wall hanging or an attractive shelf that can turn into a plant sanctuary. For wall art use airy plants as they are easy to take care of. Plant when kept nestled in a creatively designed shelf can elevate the look of your room.

Big plant next to Sofa

According to interior designer in Salem furniture or sofa should not be arranged closer to the wall no matter what kind of living room layout you have. There should be few inches left between the wall and the furniture to make your already small space seem larger. So this unused free space is perfect for a big plant like Norfolk pines. You might have seen many homes have a large potted plant near the couch. This is one of the lovely option to spice up your living room space.

Plants as Wall divider

Do you have a small living room with dining room but, without a divider? Looking for ways to separate the two rooms? Imagine adding plants in your divider or dividing the space using plants. Just imagining a divider with plants makes our space look livelier right? Here is how you do it. Install a long planter box, fill it with soil and plant tall plants to create height. You can even invest on a metal or wood trellis and grow indoor vines on it. This inexpensive interior decoration idea is going to make your space look luxurious.

To turn your boring space peppy, and livelier schedule consultation with out interior designers in Salem today. We are pleased to work with you, on making your dream home become a reality.