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How to create a Contemporary Interior design style?

If you love smooth and sleek interiors, and can’t avoid the most recent innovation, at that point contemporary interior design is ideal for you! Advancement in innovation is surprisingly one of the largest influences on the function and look of contemporary design. Contemporary design is portrayed by clean lines, smooth curves without intricate details. It doesn’t mean that your home will look distinct or cold, in the light of the fact that boxy furnishings and eccentric decorating are long gone. The present updated contemporary design is all about the blend of comfortable, livable elements that create a sophisticated fresh look and feel.
Our interior designer’s in Salem will define the contemporary style in every nook and corner of your space by highlighting every detail from colour to texture to window treatments and contemporary home decor.

Highlights of contemporary design

  1.  Living room- Keep flooring simple with a classic wooden floor, simple rugs, and carpets that highlight a low pile with geometric shapes 
  2. Source lightning should be simple yet, compelling in displaying contemporary home design and architectural highlights.
  3. A combination of metal, stone, opaque or clear glass.
  4. Use auxiliary components like molding and exposed brick walls and pipes for added features.

Color is the key to create a contemporary style

Neutral shades are the fundamentals of contemporary design style. Grey, black and white is used to define and ground the room. When it comes to painting your walls choose brown, taupe or cream. Bright and bold colors can be used occasionally, even if used they take the role of an accent shade and used sparingly. 

Spice up your room by painting the walls neutral, and adding bold accessories for a wonderful backdrop. Also, choose small yet, vivid accessories to highlight the features of contemporary design. However, the key to a perfect contemporary design style is simplicity, so don’t clutter your space with too many accessories.

Contemporary style home furnishing

The interior objects and present-day furniture are bound to be innovative and creative. Minimalism is a corner store in a contemporary home, however, space has become more decorative in itself. Which means less decorative pieces in the homes of the future as furniture’s are becoming more sculptural.  

Select furnishings that are statement-making, make sure it is smooth, clean, and geometric shaped. For upholstered pieces in a contemporary living room use black, white and other neutral tones. Use natural fabrications such as wool, linen, cotton, silk, and jute that are neutral in color. Also, opt for geometrically shaped pillows to bring in pops of colors.

Choosing contemporary style textiles

In contemporary interior design style strong visible lines are evident, no matter the space is straight, horizontal or curved. Therefore textile is an easy way that helps avoid cold contemporary look, by bringing in combinations of texture, tonal pattern, and colour combinations. In the contemporary interior, less is more! Hence bare space on the wall appears as important as the areas filled with objects.  

To complement a well-designed contemporary design style use neutral, stripes, geometric prints in small amounts.

Choosing accessories in a contemporary style

It’s time to get creative when picking the right accessories for a contemporary interior design style. Art is considered all-important in a contemporary home as they are considered intrinsic to a contemporary home as the roof and the floor.

From lamps to vases, décor objects to artwork, sometimes the best design approaches rely on the extras you bring into a room after sourcing furnishings that you’re committed to. 

Opt for small elements that will add up to the style-statement at the same time adding depth and personality to an otherwise minimal room.

Window treatments for a contemporary home

The final key to creating a perfect contemporary home is paying attention to natural light. Make sure to let in lots of natural light, hence choose minimal and easily retractable window treatments to maintain a clean and flawless look.  

Let’s look into a few layered options: 

Ambient: General lighting that fills the majority of your room and allows you to move around safely 

Accent: Used to highlight a particular focal point such as wall art, pictures etc. 

Task: Used to assist you in completing a particular function.  

When it comes to contemporary design style your imagination and budgets are the only limitations. A contemporary home is full of innovations and technology. Which means designs of today are in sync with whichever digital devices are in that specific room.  

Now that you know the key elements of what makes a contemporary design style magnificently beautiful. Our interior designer’s at LeFreddo can bring the simplicity of a stunningly designed contemporary home with ease.