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How to create a Modern Interior design style?

Modern design often is mistaken with contemporary design style, but they have distinct differences. Modern interior design style alludes from the right on time to mid-twentieth century, whereas contemporary design does not follow any specific era or time. With the roots of Scandinavian and German design, Modern interior design styles are fuss-free and unique. 

LeFreddo- Interior designers in Salem focus on using neutral materials and earthy monochromatic colors, and unpainted wood too, make your boring space Modern!

Highlights of Modern Interior design

  1. House owners are free to choose the hues that evoke their various moods
  2. Focus on organic elements that add warmth and a more grounded feeling to a room that is simple and functional.
  3. Modern design focuses more on clean lines and fewer curves
  4. Unobstructed access to natural light as there are lots of windows

Color palettes have earthier hues

interior designers in salem

Modern interior design style leans towards natural hues such as turquoise, brown, rust and greens. Our interior designer’s help you choose to form a wide range of monochromatic color palette- black and white are the typical colors. To spike up the natural hues yellow, red and blue are used as secondary colors.

Features wooden and natural materials

interior designers in salem

Modern interior design style uses a substantial mix of natural materials such as stone, wood, and leather – faux genuine. These natural materials are usually neutral and earthy. Imagine unpainted wood, leather, and wood. This helps maintain a streamlined look and feel to keep the space from feeling clinical.

Decorative pieces that boast a purpose
interior designers in salem

The decorative pieces or accessories used in modern interior style boast a purpose. For instance, house plants- tiny and natural filters that help improve the air quality in your home. Rugs- benefits your health and comfort, keeping your toes warm and toasty. At LeFreddo we help you choose decorative pieces from a wide range of options that also serve a purpose.

Clutter-free spaces

interior designers in salem

The modern interior style focuses on minimalism and does not require cold or stark hues. Our interior designers at LeFreddo emphasizes uncluttered spaces. This helps keep your stress level low, less is more anything that does not serve a purpose is not added in your space.

Open plan

In modern interior design style open is plan is considered necessary. An open plan helps to eliminate unnecessary structures within a home while encouraging free airflow.

Modern interior design style vs. Contemporary design style

  1.     Modern interior design style uses natural materials like wood, leather, faux-genuine, while contemporary interior design style also uses natural materials such as concrete, steel and other industrial-inspired materials.
  2.     Decorative accessories used in modern interior design always serve a purpose, but Contemporary design style focuses on form and aesthetic charm. 
  3.     Modern interior design style strictly follows minimalism, balance, and clear lines whereas the contemporary design style is constantly evolving.
  4.     Modern interior design furnishings favour straight and strong line, but contemporary interior design style is bound with comfort and sophistication.

Similarities between modern and contemporary interior design style

  1.     Both designs focus on minimalism, which showcases a sophisticated and timeless elegance.
  2.     Both designs focus on open floor concept creating a feeling of spaciousness.
  3.     Both designs focus on furnishings that feature exposed leg

There are more similarities and elements between contemporary and modern interior design style which could explain why these terms are misunderstood. 

Regardless of the design style, you select, our interior designers at LeFreddo can assist you in realizing a contemporary or modern look for your home interior with precision.