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How to create a Scandinavian interior design style?

Do you want to design your home like the happiest people on Earth? Yes, people in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are the world’s happiest country. The whole world is obsessed with Scandinavian design now. You might have also seen a Scandinavian style houses on home Magazines, or most probably at your friends home. But do you know what Scandinavian design means, or how to create it?

Let’s look into the best tips and tricks from interior designers in Salem to create a Scandinavian design for your space.

What is a Scandinavian design?

According to interior design principle the key to creating a Scandinavian interior design style is to incorporate warmth, simplicity, and some inspiration from nature.

The interior designers in Salem says that just by blending textures, soft hues to make sleek, modern décor feel inviting, minimalism Scandinavian design style relies on clean lines, utility, and simple furnishing that are functional, beautiful, and cozy.

Highlights of Scandinavian interior design style

  1. Scandinavian interior design style does not use wall-to-wall carpets instead it uses wood-flooring.
  2. The world’s happiest place enjoys the longest winters. Hence to keep the interiors bright Scandinavian homes are typically painted with white.
  3. Scandinavian design style incorporates a lot of wood. You can use wood everywhere from the floors to the walls and cupboards to toys. But make sure it is light-colored like beech, pine, or ash.
  4. Modern, clean-lined. Solid pieces define the features of a Scandinavian design style. Don’t use a lot of accessories or detailing.
  5. The important aspect to keep in mind when creating a Scandinavian design is to keep a space free of clutter and mess.

Use neutral color palette

To design an outstanding Scandinavian home choose a color palette that imitates nature like earth, stone, and wood. But make sure most extensive surfaces are in neutral hues. Use soft hues in things like walls, flooring, rugs, furniture, window treatments, lighting, etc. A neutral color makes your space look simple and sophisticated whereas the soft hues add a calming feeling. Add a pop of color to your interior through things like soft textiles, decorative elements, and art work to bring life to your space.

Scandinavian style furnishings

As said earlier clean lines and modern shapes define the features of a Scandinavian home. When it comes to choosing home furnishings it is so true you should invest on high quality, multi-purpose furnishings. The top interior designers prefer to use light or pale color woods as this will make your space brighter and airier. Make sure you don’t use many overwhelming colors. When it comes to metals use black as copper as this will blend well in a Scandinavian style home.

Scandinavian style textiles and patterns

Many people misinterpret that Scandinavian designs are cold, no it’s definitely not. Scandinavian countries are naturally cold and so they incorporate stylistic warm home furnishing like sheepskin, wool or mohair throws to keep the atmosphere warm. These warm textile add more layer of texture to your Scandinavian home.

A feeling of warmth and comfort is critical to the style. Other characteristic surfaces, for example, material like jute can be an approach to include visual enthusiasm without making the space feel cluttered also without losing the minimalism of Scandinavian plan.

Scandinavian style home accessories

To achieve a proper Scandinavian design you need to follow minimalism” Because less is more here. Walls are usually left empty and spaces are left moderately scanty to underscore this guideline. Indeed, even toys are designed as simple as possible, wooden items, and tents produced using dowels and textures are every now and again found in Scandinavian style home. Despite the fact that they veer more on the modern side, Scandinavian interiors regularly include a blend of periods and styles to cause a space to feel layered and comfortable. Eco-friendliness is a major concentration in the designing of a Scandinavian home. Houses are planned cautiously and assembled effectively, using natural methods and materials.” Scandinavian interior plan focuses around manageability, moderation, and ecological impacts.

Tips to achieve Scandinavian design room-by-room.

Living Room

  1. To create a perfect Scandinavian living room design invest on a slim sofa yet very comfortable with contemporary elements such as angled wooden legs.
  1. To bring balance into the living room use faux fur or shag rug
  2. For seating opt for light colored chairs with curved backs and tapered legs.
  3. To make it look more modern and functional incorporate more clean lines and minimal modern furniture to create cozy atmosphere.
  4. To make it look more modern and functional incorporate more clean lines and minimal modern furniture to create cozy atmosphere.


  1. Scandinavian bedroom décor uses modern furniture that incorporate modern details like arc floor, lamps, and natural wood nightstand.
  2. Use a monochromatic art-work that is understated.
  3. Use neutral tones such as grey or white to create a soothing, relaxing environment.
  4. Layer your bed with a fur throw blanket to create a cozy bedding.


  1. To create a Scandinavian look inside your kitchen is to keep your kitchen clean whilst only topping with subtle objects like a wood bowl or vase. This can be done by choosing the best modular kitchen for your space.
  2. Use wood as an accent in your kitchen like invest on wooden bar stools, kitchen utensils, and many other Scandinavian objects that are available.
  3. To add texture to your Scandinavian kitchen get creative while choosing a flooring or backsplash design or any other minimalistic decorative elements.

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Dining Room

  1. To create a perfect Scandinavian dining room invest on a pendent lighting, hang it right above your dining table to give a modern yet simply adorable touch to your dining space.
  2. Picking the right dining table will amp the look of your space, so choose light colored or white dining table.
  3. Contrast works best here. So place a black center-piece at the top of your dining table.

Extra tip:

  1. In Scandinavia they get sunlight only for few hours in the winter. So to maximize the amount of sunlight they receive they add large windows to each and every room.
  2. Bring your greens inside. Always add plants and fresh flowers in your home décor. This is the most ideal way to create Scandinavian home.
  3. Eliminate any saturated hues. You can keep a couple of splashes, however start by eliminating them all and once again introduce them individually. Exercise self-control with coloring!
  4. Utilize your own photographs to make your own exceptional highly contrasting gallery wall
  5. Check whether there are any spots where you can layer in an additional toss cover, cushions or fur pelts
  6. Evaluate your draperies, do they need to be improved?
  7. Evaluate your lighting, is it comfortable? Try using candles!

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