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How to create Bohemian Interior design style?

The word Bohemian means “Socially unconventional” or someone who leadsan unconventional life like travelers, actors etc. Bohemian style decorating is for people who want to add a personal touch and exotic style to their space. This interior design style is similar to an eclectic interior design style as no two rooms are designed in a same manner. Generally the interior design process bohemian interior design style uses color, texture and pattern in a way that offers a relaxed and unique aesthetics.

Bohemian design style is an ideal choice for people who want their home to exhibit the unique personality they possess. According to interior designers in Salem Bohemian styleis the ideal option to make you home look livelier and interesting

Highlights of Bohemian interior design style

  1. Bohemian design uses a lot of texture like baskets, rugs made of natural fiber, throw pillows, upholstery etc.
  2. Bohemian design uses low-level seating where your guests can sit down and stay a while chilling and relaxing at your place
  3. Bohemian design never uses black. If you are so obsessed with black then try using only one or two black elements.
  4. Bohemian design uses lot of greens giving you a good natural vibe effortlessly
  5. Bohemian design uses different sources of lights such as chandeliers, wall scones, lanterns, candles and many more.
  6. Bohemian design uses a lot of pattern just like textures.

Bohemian color palette

The entrancing thing about bohemian style is that there’s no need of adhering to a specific rule while embracing the style for designing your home.  There are unquestionably some basic hues such as warm natural hues and earthy colors that are common also, think profound tans, greens, and grays for base hues, and afterward decorate with purple, fiery orange, and electric blue.For a bold statement pick a striking shading, for example, pure pink, amethyst purple, clementine orange, avocado green, or sky blue for the walls, include more hues through your stylistic interior choices.Combining and layering hues is the thing that makes this style one of a kind. The key to an ideal bohemian interior lies in consolidating different warm hues in the correct extents. When creating a bohemian-style interior, there’s no space for white and most other cool hues

Bohemian texture and patterns

Bohemian design style embraces minimalism and is just opposite to interior design services  followed in Minimal, modern and Industrial design. This design style require an interior designer to blend and match patterns. Don’t hesitate to blend pattern and texture, and don’t be reluctant to utilize styles that would not really go together in a traditional manner. Always remember that saturated color is the vital part in creating perfect boho-style. White can have a spot as a scenery for more extravagant tones

If you feel that a specific home furnishing or texture would conflict with another, simply use that. Bohemian style empowers ease in the style which doesn’t follow the most common way to go. Use white to deliberately carry a little visual space into the perfect condition.

Materials for Bohemian style

You should work with materials that sport somewhat worn appearance. Try not to use damaged materials; simply ensure that the materials are brand new. Every top interior designers go eco-friendly when it comes to designing a bohemian space. They choose naturally sustainable elements like burlap and sisal joined with silk and chenille. The materials must not have the glossy, sparkle of present day style structure. The materials ought to have a worn out damaged look, yet not sparkling and new either. Fringe, crochet and cushions, draperies, and carpets join to make a comfortable and livelier space.

Bohemian Furniture style

Best interior designers know that a bohemian room should be filled with any number of furniture. So invest on vintage or second hand items to create perfect boho-style. Pick furniture that reflect your personality and lifestyle. The accentuation is on comfort and not style. Every furniture that you picked is ought to have an explanation in particular, and that is all about the passionate feelings you experienced for them.

In contrast to most different styles of interior design styles, the sizes and shapes of the furniture are not significant when you are attempting to enrich your rooms in boho style. Floor seating is a much-adored pattern, with a lot of throw rugs and bright cushions. Since the designers goal is to create a “sit and stay awhile feel” the interior designer you chose will most probably opt for chaises lounge, daybeds, and butterfly chairs.

Bohemian lighting and Accessories

Picking the perfect accessories is one of the most significant strides during the time spent decorating a room regardless of the style you wanted. If you don’t know how to decorate your interiors then there are many inexpensive decorating ideas to get inspired on Instagram and Pinterest

The significance of decorating turns out to be more important when doing up rooms in boho-style. Think about using dream catchers, pixie lights and your own craftwork. Likewise, make certain to use on a lot of cushions and strikingly designed rugs, and decorate with items that create an upbeat vibe. You should get knickknacks from each spot you visit and showcase your assortment in your home. Let your home recount to the tales of your lust for something new for you.

Hope this tips help you create a Bohemian space that reflects your individuality by adding colorful and joyous quotient. So to create a chic and glamorous bohemian style home contact our interior designers in salem today