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How to create Cottage interior design style?

Cozy and comfortable; a cottage interior design style gives you a fairy tale theme. Its warm, and charming look gives you a unique personal touch. You don’t have to live in the mountains or by the shoreline to create these comfortable and relaxing interiors in your home. If you are a fan of rustic and humble interiors that can be seen in fairy tale books then cottage design will give you the vibes you long for. 

It is often confused with eclectic interior design style   but it is a very budget-friendly and easiest and inexpensive way to give your home a cozy and inviting charm. The main goal to create a cottage style home décor is for a light, airy, serene, charming, and laid-back space. 

Lefreddo- interior designers in Salem, have perfect styling ideas on cottage designs for maximum space if you live in a tiny house, or just add simple touches to make you feel more like home. For more inspiration here are few tips to transform your space into a calming oasis.

Highlights of Cottage interior design style

  1. The color palette often reflects natural elements such as sea or mountain depending on your location.
  2. When designing a space with cottage styles natural materials such as stone, wood, wrought iron, or pottery are used.
  3. When designing a space with beach cottage style accessories such as ships, shells, anchors and sea creatures are used. 
  4. In a cottage style, home decor simple and over-sized furniture is used.
  5. For window treatments, simple lightweight fabrics are used to allow plenty of light into your space.
  6. Light fixtures with painted glass shades are used, lanterns and candles are great options.

Choose a Neutral palette

Cottage interior design style includes warm wood tones to light to dark colors as well. Colors used are a mix of gray, soft, yellow, cream, brown, green, white, blue mint, lavender, soft, and taupe. 

For beach style cottage design use light blue, white, and turquoise. 

For mountain style, cottage design honey color tones and light-coloured tones are a perfect combination. 

For a traditional cottage design style, wooden floors are a lovely contrast. 

Even if you settle on neutral hues, our interior designers in Salem advice on choosing complementary dark and light tones to create a complete cottage look

Pick eclectic furnishings

Cottage style décor adds sophistication to the relaxed style, as it uses antique items from different design periods. Interior designers often use furnishings such as lots of painted wood, iron, wicker, overstuffed sofas, and floral pattern chairs to create a perfect cottage décor. Pair those hard surfaces with plenty of throw pillows for relaxation. To create a complete cottage look select used furniture that has been antiqued to show a slight weathering of their surfaces. A mixture of new and old items give the perfect style you were looking for. All you need is a few coats of paint and fabric slipcovered furniture.

Fabrics and Upholstery

Experiment with patterns, a mix of the pattern is always welcome in a cottage interior design style. So by mixing floral, strip and neutral you can achieve a perfect cottage home. To make your cottage interior more warm and inviting use a variety of throw rugs, seat cushions, blankets, and pillows. As a finishing touch add trims and fringes to curtains and pillows.

Window Treatment and Light fixtures

In a cottage home, window treatments are kept simple to allow plenty and light. To achieve this place few sheer panels around the window. This will make way for a refreshing breeze through the window at any moment.

Porcelain pendants and chandeliers add beauty to a cottage interior design, even modern lighting fixtures can make a cottage home livelier. Just mix and match fixtures from different eras and styles to get the look you want.

Add accessories

Antique items and collectables are quintessential of a cottage interior design. There’s nothing like using handmade pottery, wicker baskets, carved wood, old paintings, old quilts, and braided rugs in a cottage home. Don’t forget to include a lot of fresh flowers, plants, and vases to create a complete cottage style. Choose flowers that grow in cottage landscape such as roses, lilacs, lavender, and daisies. For a traditional cottage, interior design style opts for shelving made of oak or natural pine.

Possibilities are limitless with a little imagination and persistence our interior designers in Salem– LeFreddo creates a comfy and family-oriented living at the heart of a cottage style

Cottage Interior design style ideas

  1. Pop up come colors yes, if you feel like your space is monotonously surrounded by neutrals then add some punch to your interior by including things such as coral accent chair or lamp.
  2. Use neutral elements to warm up hard surfaces. A jute rug, wooden flooring, slipcovers give it a simple and down to earth look. 
  3. Coziness is the main factor of a cottage home. The furniture and accessories you use should look like an effortless addition and exude comfort and livability. To be cozy your interior doesn’t have to be messy hence edit your interior design in such a way it is easy to maintain.
  4. Just mix styles to maintain balance. For instance, a dining table with a traditional turned leg and a formal piece of wicker charger can complement each other.

If you wish to have a cottage in the mountains or by the beach or just that you want to create cottage interior design style in your home, by incorporating these elements you can achieve the cottage-style look you want. It is perfect to create a haven to keep you away from the stress of everyday life. 

If you need any advice or help on creating a cottage style home