How to create industrial interior design style?

When we say ‘Industrial’ people think their interior might look like an industry with bulky metal windows, exposed bricks, and raw unfinished wood. This is not really the case, you can pull this style with confidence in any urban environment. As the name suggests Industrial style gets its inspiration from lofty warehouses, factories and other industrial structures.

A top interior designer knows that industrial design is an opportunity to mix raw with the refined, the sleek with the vintage, and modern with the classic. In this way Industrial design style creates a prefect play of contrasts.

Highlights of Industrial interior design style

  1. Uses neutral hues and materials focusing on unique textures and design that can be easily pulled-off with lighting décor and furniture.
  2. Industrial design style is eco-friendly as it encourages the use of recycled and salvaged materials.
  3. Industrial design style feature exposed pipes and ducts. The presence of metal on walls is another key feature of this style.
  4. Interior design style seek out metallic feel through colors such as gray using weathered gray on the walls can enhance the steely look.
  5. Interior design style emphasis on the use of natural, bare finishes and materials.

Use neutral color palette

Industrial design style is not a fan of bold color pops. Your interior designer will stick to neutral palettes that comprises of gray, black, and white. It incorporates varieties of tans and browns to have more of warm and inviting feel to them. Bold hues are used to expose small details with the bulk spaces radiate neutral tones. To create a clean and harmonious look interior designers opt combinations of neutral colors and add white elements here and there.

A white wall acts as a perfect backdrop whereas black metal accents add character to the space this will help accentuate certain features of your home. Your interior designer will mix many natural colors for an industrial interior. With so many neutral shadesit is easy to achieve and maintain industrial design style all over the house.

Create an Open plan layout:

It is important to recreate the feeling of a lofty warehouse regardless of your surroundings. Open plan layout can emphasis the size of your home. This can create a look of a large warehouse. If you want to differentiate each space then incorporate furniture pieces or wardrobes to define your space. Your industrial style home will have plenty of negative spaces, resulting in an uncluttered space. Make sure you have lot of space to move around also when buying furniture opt for pieces that offer double duty in terms of usage and aesthetic value.

Blend modern with classic or metal with wood when buying furniture

As mentioned already the main feature of industrial style space is combining modern with classic or rustic elements. Also there is no definite proportion on of how high or low you can combine elements. It is up to you and your interior designer, so get creative and look for inspirations from top interior designers to create the style you want.

A mix of modern and classic is very essential for any industrial décor but the proportion depends on your taste. For example you can either leave the wall unpainted or paint it white or combine different types of wood and metal throughout your design. Every interior designers in Salem swear that this is one of the best contrast you can create in an industrial style design home. To create an industrial look seek out for furniture that look unfinished and historical. When it comes to buying metal choose opt for brushed or oiled finish.

Add industrial accessories

The designer you hire will focus on finding ways to make your interior feel like you are really inside a turn-of-the-century-factory. In every interior design process accessories are the best way to recreate the style you want. Accessories such as lighting, factory machines, distressed leather items etc. that look like antique pieces will do the job. Also incorporate then in your textiles, wall art, and décor items also.

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Industrial style lighting:

Industrial style has the ability to turn a simplest bulb into a statement piece. As this style is becoming popular now a days, you can fine different kinds and styles of lighting fixtures and bulbs in the market. No matter if you want thin, large, small or big there something for every taste!

Loft-type windows:

Big loft-type windows are a sign or rustic industrial décor. This will allow enormous light in and adds feature to your space.

Opt unfinished elements:

Unfinished elements such as exposed brick walls, raw wooden textures, plain concrete surfaces, all help create a perfect industrial style décor.

Use distressed wood:

Look for wooden pieces that have visible knots and slightly rough to touch. The pieces you choose doesn’t have to match perfectly. You can bring in a lot of colors to add relaxed feel to your space. There are many inexpensive interior decorating ideas  DIY projects are available on Pinterest that help repurpose used wood and metal into your décor.

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