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How to create Urban-modern interior design style?

Are you a city dweller looking for a cosmopolitan living? Then interior designers in Salem  suggest urban-modern interior design style which is a right choice for you. It is a blend of contemporary interior design , modern interior design and industrial interior design with key details such as smooth clean lines and clean appearances that sets it apart. You can find this style in many commercial places like restaurant, shopping malls, cafes, and others.
Urban modern interior style is becoming popular for its cozy and warm atmosphere with a mix of contemporary and modern furnishings that can be found at a great variety and affordable prices.

Highlights of Urban-modern interior design style

  1. Urban modern style uses a specific color throughout the home to create a decorative connection.
  2. The interior design principle of urban- modern style is to use simple lines. So to pop up your boring space the interior designer you hire will suggest to use wall paper without adding many objects and textures that burden your space.
  3. To create depth urban modern style uses wood floor or laminates with light beige or gray color.
  4. Choose abstract elements in the key area of an urban-modern home.

Pick neutral shades

The color palette consist of neutral shades such as brown, black, white, or off-white and occasionally red. These neutral shades are produce suppressed backgrounds thereby acting as a perfect background for your furniture. So to highlighting your furniture, coverlets, curtains, or pillows will create a positive vibe. So make sure to choose your furniture and furnishings in muted tones such as brown, dark blue, graphite gray.

Furnishings to use

The key ingredients to create an urban-modern interior design style is to pair soft furnishings with lot of natural light. You can even pair rugged wood, mix of metals, steel and brick with softer elements to create warmth to space. Use rugs and cushions made of natural materials with warmer tones natural colored tones for an inviting space. If you want to create an eclectic look then use furnishings with earthier hues such as green, brown or yellow.

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Statement plays an important role

Every top interior designers say that to create a perfect urban-modern home it is really essential to have a statement piece in each room. No matter if it is a patterned rug, artwork, and beautifully patterned floor to ceiling curtains or a statement piece of furniture all can add interest to your urban-modern-home. Just make sure not to use too many statement pieces in one room because your favorite piece will lose its worth in the eyes of the visitor.

Use urban modern accessories

Go green to keep your urban modern home refreshing and to add charm to your space. When accessorizing being minimal is the key to create a perfect urban modern home. Every decorative object that you buy should be functional that boast a purpose. Make sure to avoid too much matching decoration accessories but try incorporating colors to make the space livelier.

Feature walls are important too!

It is definite to feature your wall when you consider urban modern interior design for your home. Make sure to use warmer tones to highlight your industrial tones and to bring comfort element back to your space. You can even use a large mural instead of painting a feature wall.

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Get creative with scales

According to interior design principle using minimal furnishing is a great way to play with scales. Scaling is fun! In interior design process you can add interesting elements by adding scales. Scaling is nothing but pairing oversized elements with the petite. For example, adding an oversized mural is great idea. Your urban modern home can be made beautiful just by adding oversized pieces and smaller items.

Urban-modern interior design style is a great way to add the traits of minimalist style, with edgy designs, and a bit of glamor. So to get this look into your home contact our interior designers in salem

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