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Innovative ideas to design a blank wall

Let’s face it, blank walls are boring! Well, we had been living all these years by staring at those blank walls in our home. Just imagine how you feel when looking at a wall full of artwork, photos, or books? Isn’t it amazing? No matter if you are living in a studio apartment or a countryside villa you can spruce that wall and make it look beautiful and add a little oomph to your interior. 

To make your room look dreamy and amazing we the Interior designer in Salem have got some ideas to share with you on designing a blank wall into perfect detail. 

Artwork to create an accent wall:

Artwork can easily brighten up a blank wall and is a great way to add color and personality to your room. Add a large piece of artwork to create an accent wall and set the tone in a small space. Make sure the wall behind is colored bold and is a total contrast to the colors used in the artwork. Larger the artwork then more texture, color, visual appeal to a room. The artwork can be of any style or you can exhibit your own art on the wall but make sure it complements the overall look of the room.

Create a Gallery wall

If a large piece of art seems boring then create a gallery wall that can add personality and color to your room. It is a great way to show off what you are proud of to people who visit your house. In a gallery wall, you can display your photos, pictures of the places you visited, small and simple artwork to turn the blank wall into a fun-filled space. You can even use frames that differ in size to create a contrast in scale. To make a small space seem larger extend the gallery wall up to the ceiling. 

Incorporate Wall-paper

Wallpaper is an affordable way to add some personality and drama to a room. But wallpaper on four sides of the wall can be too much so we advise using wallpaper on one wall. This will act as a focal point or an accent wall. The wallpaper you use can be of any style but make sure it matches with the overall interior design theme. In case you are unsure about using wallpaper then you can use temporary wallpapers that can be removed easily. It can be used to zone a space and add a statement to the room as well. 

Create a statement with Mirror:

Mirrors are a great idea to add some oomph factor to a boring blank wall. As an Interior designer, we would advise you to choose mirrors that are weird in shape and feel like a wall sculpture. Because those mirrors will make the interior look luxurious, elegant and add a statement to the room. Moreover, it is really essential to add a mirror or two in a small room to make it feel larger. Whereas in larger rooms a mirror will is a great way to make it look grandeur with ease. 

Get creative with color

A simple way to brighten up the blank of wall your room is to add some color to that wall. But before doing so, research what color will look the best with the overall color of your interior. A fresh coat of paint is an affordable way to make your room look lively. If you are wanting to create a focal point then, use a softer hue whereas for accent walls use bolder hues. 

Invest in a bookshelf

Don’t hide your ever-growing collection of books under the bed, shelf, or in a bag. Now showcase your favorite volume of books in that boring blank wall. You can maximize space by installing a bookshelf on a blank wall and showcase all your collections with pride. You can either make a DIY floating shelf or a readymade shelf that complements the overall interior of your room. 

Go Green on that wall

Who doesn’t like to bring the outside in the interiors? Generally, plants are placed on the windowsill or next to the sofa in a room. But how about filling up a blank wall with greens? Isn’t it a good idea to bring some warmth, texture, and a touch of nature into your room? Try installing wall-mounted plants or hangers to bring some greenery to the boring wall. Plants not only make your room look livelier or brighter but also purify the air around you. 

Paint a colorful Mural

Adding some interesting murals is a great solution to add some color and creativity to your room. From digitally printed visuals to a picturesque landscape they all add some punch and decorative touch to a room. Murals are typically unique, eye-catching, and dramatic making them a unique alternative to standard wallpaper or wall art. They become part of the room itself, instead of hanging things, they can show the architectural features of the room and the personality of the owner. 

Still, feeling overwhelmed with designing the blank wall into a perfect accent wall? At LeFreddo our interior designers will guide you through so many options in making your interior as beautiful as you want it to be.