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Interior designer approved Christmas décor ideas for every rooms

The countdown for the most wonderful time of the year has begun. Christmas is that time of the year which brings joy, love, and cheer to many. But getting your home Christmas ready is a mixed feeling when you don’t know where to start. Most us just put-up the Christmas tree decorate it with baubles, and lights to bring the festive vibe. But did you know with little inspiration and ideas from interior designers you can create the Christmas magic in every rooms of your house?

Interior designers decorate homes and commercial spaces for a living. Getting an advice from them is surely a good idea to transform your home into a magical destination. To keep you excited and to bring the Christmas cheer in every nook of your home we have listed a few amazingly beautiful Christmas decor ideas from the top interior designer in Salem.

Front door decoration ideas for Christmas

The greatest place to begin is at your front entrance. This festive front door decor will not only greet you when you arrive home, but it will also offer some shine to the entire block. For those who wish to get into the holiday mood at home first start decking up your front door.

On the front door, twinkling garlands, beautifully crafted wreaths, both natural and DIY, can be hung. Do you want to repaint your front door? Consider the color red. It has the ability to instantly add seasonal cheer to a home. On both sides of the front door, place a potted Christmas tree with lights. Add fairy lights to your garden’s trees and plants. This will undoubtedly cause passers-by to take a closer look at your home.

Living room decoration ideas for Christmas

The tree, of course, is the ultimate Christmas show stopper! Lights and Christmas trees! What a stunning sight! Yes, the joyous Christmas season has returned, complete with all of its lights, glitter, and amazing magic. Christmas living room decor ideas are crucial for not only making the most important room in the house feel festive, but also inviting and cozy for visitors looking to unwind at the end of the year.

A towering Christmas tree is sure-to-go décor ideas for a large living room. Lights are the most integral part of Christmas. Lighting up the huge tree will make the living room inviting and brings the Christmas cheer instantly. If you have a small living room then decorate a small Christmas tree on your table top with a small native Christmas crib.

To bring the festive vibe to all the corners of your living room hang hearth, large bows and pines on all your furnishings. Throw some plush pillows on the sofa to add pop of colors. Use red, green, and white colored accessories to bring the festive vibe. Use an area rug that matches with the overall Christmas theme. It is one of the simple and easiest way to transform your home.

Dining room decoration ideas for Christmas

It is quintessential to create a biggest visual impact to the area that host all your friends and family. Dining room is the heart of your holiday season and festivities. We spend most of our holiday season in the dining room therefore, hanging a stunning lampshade right over the dining table as a statement centerpiece and layering dozens of candles is a nice tip.

During Christmas, cutlery is more than just functional; choosing festively decorated plates and other items may transform the look of the entire dining room. Invest in a lovely set of dining furniture and make it the focal point of the room. Choose linens in neutral tones and decorate the table with aromatic scents and a modest vase of greenery.

If you own a small dining table place springs of evergreen foliage and fresh flowers in miniature bottles and arrange them in the center of the table. To finish the look, add delicate glassware and simple white candles. Choose a variety of mismatched prints and mix them up on table linens, cushions, or pillows, choose bold artwork for your Christmas wall decor, and set the table with a centerpiece of brilliantly colored blossoms and candles.

Bedroom decoration ideas for Christmas

The bedroom should be the next place to be decorated after the front door, living room, and dining room. Twinkling fairy lights, seasonal ornaments, and opulent linens can assist to create a delightful winter wonderland scene in your Christmas bedroom decor.

As the Christmas season approaches, every Christmas bedroom deserves some festive bedding, but if you don’t want to go with the traditional novelty patterns like Santa Claus and candy canes, go for a sleek, understated design instead. Christmas bedroom decor with twinkling fairy lights is a must-have. Not only will it bring a little sparkle and a festive air to your home, but you can also leave them up all year for a beautiful glow!

Who says Christmas decorations are only for the tree? Hang your favorite ornaments, garlands, wreaths, window stickers, and stars to brighten up your bedroom. To add the finishing touch to your bedroom add a small Christmas tree that can fit on your table top or side table.

Kitchen decoration ideas for your Christmas

Christmas is the time we invite family and friends for a feast. This is the time when your guests may wander into the heart of your home. So, why don’t we surprise them by decorating your kitchen into a beautiful Christmas heaven? It is easy to spruce-up your kitchen for Christmas even in the last minute with these innovative ideas.

Fresh evergreen sprigs or garlands can readily be added to kitchen cabinets, and they also give off a lovely perfume. Make a focal point by decorating one of the kitchen walls with hearth, big ribbon bow, or baubles and fairy lights.  Place a small Christmas tree in the window sill and decorate it with colors and lights.

Add a wreath or garland to your range hood and to the back of your kitchen bar chairs. Display beautiful cutleries in Christmas theme in an open shelf. For a finishing touch add garlands and lights to your kitchen window.

Staircase decoration ideas for Christmas

When all the areas of your house are decorated to bring festive cheer why leave the stairs naked? If you are lucky enough to have a staircase inside your home take some time to decorate the stairs.

Christmas lights and garland twined together will liven up your environment dramatically. This is a fantastic choice for stair decorations that will dazzle and astound. Giant red bows are a festive Christmas home decoration that look lovely on the steps. It’s all about making the most of your color and light when it comes to Christmas decorating. If your staircase has a mirror, make sure to adorn it as well for a splash of color and brightness.

This holiday season, be ready to welcome love, joy, and serenity into your home, as well as Santa Claus!   Consider treating yourself to a home renovation after the festive holidays? For pre- or post-holiday house update, schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation with LeFreddo-Interior designer in Salem!