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10 Tips to Design Island in Small Modular Kitchen

Every homeowners dream is to have an island in kitchen, but it is considered a big no in small kitchens. Due to constraint in space most of the owners drop the idea of having an island in their kitchen. But did you know that island can provide extra space for storage, and work? An island can be a place where your family can gather for a talk, children can do their homework’s, and also you can use it as a cozy spot for a morning coffee. Before getting a fully furnished modular kitchen, ideas of designing an island in your small modular kitchen are available in this blog.

LeFreddo designers of innovative modular kitchen is Salem is ready to educate the ideas, hacks to have an island in your small modular kitchen area. The top 10 ideas for designing an island in a modular kitchen will help you to acquire the desired style of your kitchen. As of now, the design of the island has two concepts: Permanent island and movable island.

1. Permanent island options:

            Inside the permanent island option, there are many different techniques to have stylish magnificent kitchen islands. The permanent island mostly suits a modular kitchen with an ample amount of space. The permanent island can also be used as a dining area more than that of a food preparing area. On the permanent island, we can have more drawers to save more spaces which eventually reduces the clutter of your kitchen.

2. Stone island options:

            The island option has now come up with multiple stones such as granite, marble, limestone. These are a bit costlier than any other kitchen. We recommend having a stone-made island for your tiny modular kitchen as it has the potential to offer an exquisite look that gives a warm feeling with a welcoming appeal. This material is cheaper than the other two stones.

3. Wooden kitchen island:

            As we are concentrating on small kitchen types, this idea has been popped up in our mind to help you. The wooden material will give you a classic traditional look that makes your kitchen more premium and exotic. If you wish we can have some wood carvings to make it more appealing and elevate the beauty of your kitchen.

4. Movable kitchen island:

            This is one of the best ideas for a small modular kitchen area as it is easy to move if do not need it at any time. This type of island has now come up with a variety of material options with fancy-looking styles. The movable kitchen is one of the highly recommended ideas by interior designers. The movable island option is the best if you are concerned about the budget.

5. Island cum Dining area:

            Your island doesn’t need to be only for your cooking area. If you wish we can have this type of island that can be utilized as a dining area as well. If not this can be purposefully used as a coffee spot with your family members or friends. Arrange this island with plants that have been discussed in our previous article so that it makes it more exciting to spend time with.

6. Mono-Multi purpose island:

            Based on our experience, LeFreddo suggest you have this in your small modular kitchen. This serves you multi-purpose facility which affords you more storage. This can be not only used for washing and food preparing area but have the option of dining and storage of your kitchen amenities.

7. Unusual Style of Island:

            To get a luxurious feel in your cooking area, this is the one for your dream modular kitchen. Having a different strange island design is the new trend among the architects as it an attention-grabber focal point of your kitchen. This will perfectly fit in your small area so that you can have an ample amount of space to allocate for a walkway.

 8. L- Shaped Island:

            If you are a regular follower of our blogs, this style has been already explained in our previous articles which garnered awesome feedback from the followers. This can be changed into a dining table or your home bar if you place a couple of chairs in proximity to the island.    L-shaped islands can be mounted with various materials and multiple storage options.

9. Island cum Workplace:

            Decades ago kitchen is meant only for cooking but in today’s developed world we have multiple options that even settle for a kitchen island as well. The kitchen island can be made adjustable to utilize it as a workplace. The top of the island can be made adjustable to various islands so that it can be used for dining and a table for work from home dudes.

10. Storage Island:

            In this blog, we have seen many islands with storage options but this one is very much designed to focus on storage. Every kitchen is filled with clutter and traffic this is the best option to save you from that. This kitchen island has different styles of storage such as sliding doors, drawers, hangers for storing your kitchen amenities.


  1. The finest modular kitchen designer in Salem can easily implement these styles of islands in your kitchen with our hassle-free service.