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Living room layout to help design your living room like a pro

Our living rooms have a lot of roles to play. We entertain, spend time with family, reading, and entertain our guests there, sometimes it is a playroom for kids or even as a dining room. So it is really hectic for house owners to design or arrange their living room in a way that it looks a lot more spacious than it actually is. So if you are confused about where to start and where to put everything. Then this article will better help you to identify the focal points and where to put your TV if you want one in your room. 

Every top interior designers spent their lives on learning to decorate homes with attention to little details as well. Interior designers in Salem believe that a perfectly designed living room can change the overall ambiance of a home. So before starting it is good to identify what your space needs and what you need to have in your living room. 

Our interior designers have well explained the three major interior design layout for a living room 

The Open-plan Layout

Layout: In an open-plan layout the living room connects to the dining room and as well as the kitchen. To separate this space an L-shaped large sectional division is used, with a living area enclave.

Seating Arrangement: When picking the couch, be particularly aware of the side of the L-shape. In a little space, you need it sitting close by the windows, not impeding the pathway. In case you’re anticipating coasting the couch, focus on the rear of the couch, as you’ll be considering it to be much in the front.

Extra tips: You can also add a coffee table or side table next to the sofa. Use can also invest in a lounge chair to create a seating or reading nook. 

The Conversationalist Layout

Layout: This layout is very ideal for entertainers. This layout can be planned only if the fireplace sits across from the entrance. This way the layout will not break the flow or its symmetry.

Seating Arrangement: When picking a Sofa for your Conversationalist layout choose one that is narrower to leave. Also, invest in an extra-narrow coffee table. In this way, you can have enough space to walk around.

Extra tips: Sit in each spot on the couch, and ensure there are sufficient side tables for everybody to put their beverage down. Flanking the fireplace with cabinets additionally leaves a lot of space for a TV and other stockpiling.

The Walk-through Layout

Layout: This layout plan is very classic and you can find this plan in any home. The TV is generally placed in front of the sofa, ideal for long nights of binge-watching and chilling. Depending upon whether your space is small or square, place a lot of seats either one next to the other on one side of the room or over the sofa.

Seating Arrangement: When picking a sofa for your walk-through plan pick the one that is extra-deep with a moderately high back. This will make you feel comfortable and cozy while binge-watching.

Extra tips: To complete the look invest in show-stopping media stand a few side tables and a lot of lighting.

How to execute the process

There are six major steps that will help create your living room 

  1. Activities
  2. Furniture objects
  3. Floor plan
  4. Focal points
  5. Activity areas
  6. Furniture layouts


Think about all the activities you do in the living room then make a list of what you are going to use in your living room. Here are a few lists of activities and things that come along with it.

  1. If you love reading then you will need a table to sit down and books that you like to read.
  2. If you are an avid TV watcher then you will need a nice TV with all the other boxes, speakers, also a projector and screen.
  3. If you like playing games then, you will need Xbox, play station kinds of stuff and etc.
  4. Relaxing
  5. Sleeping on the couch

Furniture Objects:

When you buy furniture for your living room always know its dimensions. It is ideal to place a coffee table between the sofa with 18’inch distance so you can easily reach for a remote or a drink. Also, make sure to leave the 30’inches gap between furniture pieces and their places so people can pass through easily. If you own a small living room the nesting tables are the best choice as you can use it when you want and fold them up when they are not needed. Whereas Storage cabinets are placed against the wall, TV stands go under the TV. 

Consider other objects like art-work or statement pieces that you would like to keep in your living room. For example, displaying photographs or books look the best on an empty wall.

Floor Plan:

Next, execute a floor plan of the apparent fixtures of perpetual installations in the living room. You’ll require the dimensions of the living room including the ceiling height. Make certain to incorporate the fireplace and any architectural subtleties, for example, a picture gallery. The furniture will likewise be fit in the floor plan. In case you’re drawing the plan on a paper use furniture as per the dimensions also, in case you’re working with the software you can bring all the furniture onto the floor design and enter the measurements. Try not to begin working without furniture. 

Focal points

Look for permanent fixtures such as a fireplace or a window as your living room focal point. If you don’t have any permanent fixtures that can be used as a focal point using a TV, chandelier, art-work, or gallery wall as a focal point. Once the focal point is decided then automatically everything will fall into its place. 

Activity Areas:

If your living room is big enough then you can perhaps add a one or two activity area depending on your interest. Maybe you can add a primary conversation area which can also be used as an entertainment area also, you can add table games, piano, desk area, or even a home office as per your interest. Take a gander at the floor design plan and decide the zones in which every activity can be included.

Furniture layouts:    

Home furnishing is really the fun part of designing or decorating your living room. You need to experiment with the furniture to find where they fit in keeping in mind activity areas included as well. Make sure there is enough space for movement or else your living room will feel cluttered.

Following these simple steps for the living room design will ensure a nice flow throughout the home as well. For expert advice on designing a flawlessly beautiful living room schedule a consultation with our interior designers in Salem today.

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