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A Guide to mixing Interior design style together

Sticking to one interior design style makes your interior look boring, uninspiring and will go out-dates quickly. There are a lot of interior design styles that may come and go but the only style that stands the test of time is mixing design styles together to create a cohesive and elegant interior. Most of the comfortable and beautiful spaces we often come across mix different styles together. But mixing colors, patterns, texture and style is not that easy as it seems, it is tricky and tedious at the same time.

The most important rule to mix and match décor style is there are no rules. It is the best way to get creative and exhibit your style through mixing and matching the décor style for your interior. But if not planned properly the interior might end up looking cluttered and erratic rather than feeling elegant. Mixing décor style takes some practice hence we recommend hiring an interior designer who can make your interiors look coordinated and balanced with different interior design styles.

Here are 6 simple tips from LeFreddo-Interior designer in Salem who will help you mix different interior design styles like a pro. If you need more help with designing your interiors then get in touch with our design experts.

Why is it necessary to mix and match interior design styles?

Do you have a lot of stuff that doesn’t match your design style? Or do you and your spouse have completely different tastes when it comes to designing your home?

  • Matching does not make you’re interior look cohesive and balanced in fact, it’s boring. So stop stressing to make things match the décor style you have rather mix things together to create a beautifully layered interior that tells your story.
  • Mixing and matching interior design styles creates a ton of visual interest and depicts your story in your way.
  • If one person loves neutral and the other loves bold then to make everybody comfortable and feel at home it is important to blend the two different styles in a way it makes sense and looks balanced.

Tips to mix interior decorating styles

  • Function comes first

When it comes to interior design the most important principle forms should follow function. It is natural for humans to pick things that they like at the store without even considering it is necessary or if it has a place. For a functional interior, everything must have a place. So when we dump all the store-bought favorites your home décor will look cluttered and generally will never serve a purpose at all.

So to design a room in a way it is functional do the following plan with a purpose: Design a space by keeping the primary function of the space in mind.

  1. Design changes but the function doesn’t: Interior Design style changes over time to time but, the function of a room remains constant. So when designing a room have a solid layout base with large furniture and only switch up the accent pieces, patterns, texture, etc.
  2. Making a room functional by keeping these two points in mind will give a clear picture of the purpose of the room.
  • The 80/20 rule

Mixing two interior design styles arises when two people living in the same house like two different design styles. Using the 80/20 rule will help you blend two interior design styles together. But you need to make sure if both design styles blend together. This rule finds virtue in contrast by embracing each and every design difference into a surprisingly cohesive look.

Before you start tossing everything into a room a good rule of thumb is to apply the 80/20 rule. According to this rule, 80% of the room should be in one style whereas the other 20% should be a mix of another style. For this, you need to pin down the main interior design style first before adding the accent pieces.

  • Go with limited color palettes

Using too many colors can make your interior lose its balance and make each and every items in a room stand alone. Repeating the same color throughout the space can blend both the décor styles together. Therefore to blend two styles interior designers in Salem recommend using limited colors throughout the house will make the interior look unified no matter what style you blend together.

  • Balance is the key

Balance is one of the transformative power of interior design. There are two different ways to achieve the balance they are symmetry and asymmetry.

  1. Symmetry is the idea of creating a mirror image in every room that looks visually pleasing to every eye.
  2. Asymmetry is the idea of creating balance with different elements such as pattern, texture, color, etc.

For example, if you want to mix modern interior design style and traditional interior design style together but if you have only traditional décor elements placed on one side of the room it’s not going to blend well with the modern elements. Instead, place traditional elements throughout the room so space will feel balanced and blend well with the modern décor elements.

  • Let the oddball be the focal point

If you have a statement piece that does not have anything in common with the interior design space then make it a focal point instead of competing with the other decor elements. This can be anything from light fixtures to wall arts, painting or favorite collections just make them your interior showstopper.

  • Group all the items together

Being too matchy-matchy and predictable is outdated. Everything in your décor doesn’t need to match it is more than enough if they all blend well together. When incorporating two different interior design styles obviously you will have two different types of décor elements. A great way to blend different décor elements together is by tying unlike items together and grouping them on the basis of what they all have in common. Grouping of décor elements can be done on the basis of color, size, texture and pattern.

Steps to mix different décor styles in a room

If you feel like mixing and matching different décor styles in your home then here is a 3 step process on how to put things together and make your interior feel cohesive, functional and beautiful.

  1. Go for Neutrals

Make large pieces of your canvas paint then neutral. For instance, a large piece of décor elements, walls can be neutral this will allow other elements of your room to be a showcase.

2. Place the furniture first

Place your large furniture fist. For instance, in a bedroom place the bed first and then select the nightstand and side tables this can be matching or different elements of the same size.

3. Add the accessories and details

One of the hardest things when mixing styles is adding accessories and details to the interior. Accessories can be placed on the basis of grouping things together accordingly.

If you want to bring your visions and ideas into a stunning reality, you can schedule a consultation with our interior designer