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Modular kitchen layout for small apartments

Small kitchens are a reality of modern city. Due to an increasing population of home buyers and a limiting supply of available real estate, city flats are now smaller than ever, forcing many homeowners to live in cramped kitchens. When it comes to housing, small can be charming or claustrophobic and confining. It can imply having very little room in the kitchen between the counter and the cooktop. Even with limited resources, a little shift in perspective can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

The key to a small kitchen layout is careful design to ensure that the space fulfils all of your requirements, including adequate storage for food, cookware, tableware, and small and large equipment, as well as an efficient floor plan that makes food preparation, cooking, and serving a breeze. A good arrangement may solve a lot of difficulties and make a big impact in a small kitchen. Here are several kitchen layouts for small spaces that work well.

Some of the kitchen layouts that are perfect for small apartment kitchens are:

  1. one-wall kitchen
  2. L-shaped layouts
  3. Galley layout
  4. U-shaped layout

One-wall kitchen

Kitchens with only one wall are similar to standard galley kitchens. One-wall kitchens are becoming a lifestyle option rather than a space-saving limitation of a smaller home. With all of the interesting storage options now available and an array of kitchen designs, having your kitchen appliances and main cooking area along one wall can be the most functional and space-saving option for most kitchen spaces, and one-walled kitchens can become an interesting feature in a room. This layout is ideal for small houses, such as studio apartments and lofts, because it keeps everything within easy reach. However, the work triangle is not used in this kitchen design. Instead, components are organized by working area to create a more deliberate flow in the room.

The importance of vertical space in this design cannot be overstated. Shelves and above cabinets let you make the most of your storage and organization space. The one-wall kitchen plan can be enlarged with the help of other objects when space allowed. For example, a movable kitchen island or a kitchen cart might provide additional work and serving area.

Pros :

  • Because countertops tend to drive up kitchen expenses, having less counter space implies reduced prices. There are also fewer wall and base cabinets.
  • A single countertop with one sink cutout is usually used, and the one-wall design is the most straightforward for the do-it-yourself homeowner.
  • If you need more space in your kitchen for a table or other purposes, the one-wall layout is the ideal option.
  • Because the kitchen footprint is reduced, more space is available for living areas.
  • All of the key culinary functions are grouped together within a few feet. With a one-wall layout, you never have to move very far.


  • Many homebuyers may have a hard time adopting the one-wall kitchen design unless it is required by the house.
  • Because of space or budget constraints, kitchens are frequently designed in this manner.
  • Resale Value Is Lower
  • There are fewer kitchen counters

L-shaped layout

For good reason, the L-shaped kitchen layout is one of the most popular and traditional designs. It’s a highly adaptable design that works in a variety of kitchen sizes and designs. In terms of practical and effective workflow, it is also one of the most ergonomically correct kitchen designs. This form provides plenty of flexibility and storage without feeling claustrophobic. The style provides for space-saving storage solutions and the utilization of every part of the kitchen, and it is precisely created with practicality and flexibility in mind.

L-shaped kitchen layout designs are the most frequent in tiny places like apartments and condos. The kitchen elements are normally constrained along one wall in these compact narrow kitchens, which usually have doors on both ends. However, an L-shaped kitchen may easily be squeezed into these tight spaces.


  • The L-shaped kitchen may be customized to fit any floor plan.
  • allows you to separate your cooking, preparation, and cleaning areas
  • Any clever corner storage units, such as Magic corner units, Carousel units, and Le Mans pull out units, can be included.
  • You can use the work triangle since it gives you adequate room to walk and work around.
  • The L-shaped design reduces kitchen traffic, making it easier for the cook to accommodate and converse with guests.
  • This design was created with the intention of making the space appear larger. In medium to small kitchens, an L-shaped plan is practical because it only necessitates the use of two neighboring walls.


  • The more space you have, the less efficient you are.
  • It is only applicable to single cooks.
  • Corner Cabinets Could Be An Issue

Galley layout

A galley kitchen is made up of two parallel runs of units that form a center corridor. The galley layout is suitable for various kitchen designs, and it is also the favorite design of many professional chefs, who like it because it improves cooking safety and efficiency.

The classic layout for a galley kitchen—these kitchen designs generally have a tiny passage positioned between two parallel walls—is one of the most common components of galley kitchen design. Cooking components, such as the stove and any additional smaller ovens, as well as storage elements, are usually located on one wall. The sink and any other cleaning facilities, as well as additional storage, are normally located on the other wall. Smaller galley kitchens often eliminate the island between the two walls, which can be a hindrance to movement in a cramped space.


  • Cost- effective
  • Efficient
  • A great fit for small space kitchens


  • Due to space limitations, a galley kitchen can only accommodate one or two cooks at a time.
  • There might not be a lot of natural light in the room.
  • It tends to be very narrow and provides very limited storage space

U-shaped layout

U-shaped kitchens are one of the most efficient kitchen layouts, utilizing all of the space around a room’s perimeter while providing easy access to all cupboards. It’s worth thinking about a U-shaped design. Depending on the size of your area, adding a table and chairs to the opposite end of the U form may be simple. Continue the wall unit run on the third wall for a well-defined, well-designed area that makes the most of all available space without feeling claustrophobic. To maximize the sensation of space, regardless of square footage, stick to a light and cheerful color scheme.


  • When you have a larger family to accommodate, it can also provide plenty of space to work in a separate room.
  • Three-sided work surfaces make it simple to divide a kitchen into various work areas.
  • Work zone disruption is kept to a minimum.
  • There’s plenty of room at the counter or on the platform.
  • Kitchen Layout Options


  • Without a Kitchen Island, it is insufficient for larger kitchens.
  • Kitchens with fewer dimensions are inefficient.
  • Accessing Corner Base Cabinets Can Be Difficult
  • It becomes cramped if one does not have a lot of floor space, and it gets even worse if a Kitchen island is provided!

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