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Everything about Open-Plan kitchen design

Who said kitchens should be confined within four walls? Today’s modern needs demand for open-kitchen plan mainly for people who treat their guests and family alike. Open kitchens are great for entertainment and also offers extra storage, functionality, and efficiency. If you are on the process of designing the home of your dreams then design an open-plan kitchen. If you are renovating then knock down one wall to install an open-plan kitchen.

Here LeFreddo –Modular kitchen in Salem has given a detailed information on open-plan kitchen. Also, if you wish to create an open-plan kitchen for entertainment then this guide will be very handy.

Why open-plan kitchen is good?

  1. Open-plan kitchen is a right choice for small homes. As it is open to living or dining space it allows space to flow making the home appear big.
  2. Open-plan kitchen creates a friendly ambience. Hence, you can bond with your family and friends whilst doing your kitchen chores.
  3. It is spacious so more than one cook can work in the same space.
  4. In Open-plan kitchen you can add a kitchen island in the center since there is only one kitchen wall it offer more space to move around.

Cons of open-plan kitchen

  1. Since it does not have four walls it is visible to your family and guests. Therefore it always needs to be tidy.
  2. Kitchen appliances such as mixer grinder or dishwasher produce noise which might disturb the overall peace of the home.
  3. Smoke produced as a result of cooking can fill the house and make difficulty in breathing.
  4. Open-plan kitchen designs usually have limited cabinet storage.

How to design an open-plan kitchen

Consider the layout first

A kitchen layout should be designed to have a perfect work triangle, enough storage space, and space to move around. In open-plan kitchen we have only one wall and island that consist of a cooktop on the top refrigerator at the end of the countertop. Sink and cooktop can be either placed on the countertop or the kitchen island.

Since there is only one wall- cabinets can be designed from floor to wall or wall cabinets and a few cabinets and drawers below the kitchen island. This way you will have enough storage and functionality just like other kitchen islands.

Pick an aesthetic worktop

Open-plan kitchen as the name suggests it is open either to the living room or dining room. Which means the kitchen will be visible to your guests. Worktop is the messiest place in a kitchen and it gets even messier when cooking. So plan for storage spaces accordingly also pick countertop that is easy to clean and maintain. There are so many choices for countertops in the market that is must affordable than the expensive one and are durable and long-lasting. Install decorative lightings that are functional and act as a focal point.

Plan the kitchen around an island

Open-plans kitchens are ideal for small spaces because they offer more space, functionality and create an airy environment. Hence the kitchen will not look cluttered or cramped in small houses. In case, you want to renovate your kitchen into an open-plan kitchen then break one or more walls to design it. Also make sure you plan for an island which can double up as a breakfast nook, and yet offer additional workspace and storage.

Details matter here

The type of island hood you choose affects the overall appearance and aesthetics of your kitchen. Having an extractor above the island is not preferable as it will obstruct the beautiful view of the kitchen.  Instead opt for a ceiling extractor and install a pendant lighting above the island for a statement look.

As said earlier countertop space near the hob is the messier space. So design your island little higher than the countertop this will conceal the countertop space below it. This way your guests will not look at your messy surface.

How to remodel your kitchen into an open-plan kitchen

Open-plan kitchens are most desired kitchen plans for new homes because of the benefits it offers. They are not only functional but entertaining as well. For small homes with space constraints separating two rooms make them appear smaller. But designing an open-kitchen will make the space flow together and create an illusion of spaciousness. When renovating a kitchen there are several things to consider and here are a few tips from the designers of the best modular kitchen in Salem that can be used for kitchen remodeling.

Remove a wall

When thinking of remodeling your old kitchen into an open-plan kitchen design first thing comes to mind is to knock down a wall. It is not that easy as you think there are so many things to consider before knocking down a wall. Wall removing is not that possible and if the wall is a load-bearing wall then it’s a big no. Load bearing walls support your house and keep your house standing therefore, it cannot be removed. Another thing to consider is the electrical and plumbing connections that run through the wall. You need to check if there is any other possibility to move or rework before it is removed. Wall removal is one the best way to remodeling a kitchen into open-plan kitchen but it is not always possible. Talk to your modular kitchen designer who can help with the process.

Remove upper cabinet or peninsula

Many kitchens in olden day homes include a peninsula with upper and base cabinet. These wall separate the kitchen from the living room or dining room. An easy way to remodel this kitchen into an open-floor plan is to remove the upper cabinet. It extends your view on the space making it look spacious and airy. Another way is to remove the peninsula itself. This process is similar to removing a wall hence the probability of knocking down is less.

Remove soffit

Kitchen soffit take up a large space and make your kitchen seem smaller. Removal of soffit from upper cabinets give the kitchen an open look allowing more light and air into the space. Kitchens without soffit have higher ceiling and extra space for cabinets. Hence it offers more storage. In some cases soffits cannot be removed because of the plumbing and electric vent passing through it. So make sue to move them to another place before removing.

Add natural light

Expand the window view in the kitchen or install a glass to give an open-plan kitchen look. This allows natural light to pass into the kitchen hence looks brighter and gives an illusion of spaciousness. Make sure there is a nice view outside before expanding the window or installing a glass wall.

Use light color palette

When remodeling your kitchen consider using a lighter color palette that makes the kitchen look airy and brighter. Darker color palettes make a kitchen look smaller than it really is. Especially for small kitchens they are not the right choice. When a small kitchen with painted with lighter color hue the will feel open not as crowded as using a darker shade.

Consider storage

Removing a few cabinets is a great way to make a kitchen feel open. If you need more storage space consider installing glass cabinets and shelves that allow natural light to pass through. Glass cabinets and shelves make a kitchen look spacious and airy. Otherwise you can use base cabinets underneath the island where you can store most of your kitchen essentials.