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Choosing a perfect layout is the most important task in modeling a modular kitchen. The secret of a good kitchen is to transform your floor space into a workspace. Arrangement of counter-top, major kitchen appliances, and space-saving storage furniture helps in the best way to utilize the space available for the kitchen. LeFreddo, designer of the best modular kitchen in Salem offers a design solution for the heart of your home.

Let’s look into the types of modular kitchen layouts:  


The L-shaped layout is the most popular kitchen layout. As the best designer of modular kitchens in Salem, we recommend this kitchen layout for small spaces as it has a lot of storage to offer. Few are the types of L-shaped kitchen layouts.

  1. Basic L-shaped layout.
  2. Small L-shaped layout.
  3. Double L-shaped layout.
  4. Broken L-shaped layout.
  5. L-shaped kitchen layout with an island.

To implement a proper L-shaped layout, the design must be built where two walls form a perpendicular angle, and the length of one wall is double the other. Even in a bigger kitchen L-shaped layout can be designed with an island creating dining space for your family.  


A U-shaped layout is a very fit choice for both small and big homes as it uses 3 walls to be built and thereby providing a great space.

Few are the types of U-shaped Layouts.

  1. Thin-U shaped layout
  2. Mid-size U-shaped layout
  3. Large U-shaped kitchen

U-shaped layout offers a clear divide between the workspace and serving areas thereby, providing a clutter-free work area and user-friendly arrangement. The main factors to consider when opting for a U-shaped kitchen layout is,

To know how wide the ‘U’ is  

  1. What appliance do you want to keep in the kitchen?

For better space utilization LeFreddo- modular kitchen in Salem advises designing a U-shaped layout with an island by eliminating the wall and upper cabinets for better space utilization. 


The G-shaped layout is an amazing fit for both small kitchens and large spacious kitchens. It uses every possible space available in your kitchen, providing enormous storage space.

This layout uses all 3 walls with an open space also a peninsula can be built depending on customer interest G-shaped layout kitchens have an open plan thereby, reducing the kitchen traffic.

A large and bold kitchen worktop, versatile storage space are additional benefits of G-shaped layouts on a Modular kitchen.

Get ready to design your dream kitchen by choosing the right kitchen layout that feels functional and look exquisite as well. Book a design consultation with LeFreddo- Modular kitchen in Salem.


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