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Tips to design a beautiful reception area

First impressions are created in your reception area, therefore you need to make them count. Yes, the area should be lovely. But that’s insufficient. It must also convey the distinctive personality of your company.

It’s not exactly easy to design a reception area around a corporate brand, especially for those of us without interior design experience. But if you want to add a little uniqueness to the decor of your reception area, you don’t need a hefty brand guidebook or a big money.

Making certain decisions is necessary for creating a distinctive style. For instance, your greeting room cannot be both relaxing and exciting. It also cannot be both friendly and awe-inspiring, or both humorous and serious. You may set yourself out from the crowd by picking the emotions you want to arouse.

We’ve listed five potential reception room design concepts below, along with some tips on how to make each one come to life.

For a welcoming reception area

Your new reception area’s size will directly correlate with the nature and scope of your company. What happens in the business will have a big impact on the sophistication and associated costs of establishing a fashionable greeting room versus a simple one. All reception halls share a number of items and accents:

  • Front desk or station
  • A receptionist chair that is ergonomically sound and comfy
  • Guests’ use of chairs as they wait
  • A table to place books or periodicals on, or to give guests somewhere to put their purses, briefcases, or other personal items while they wait.
  • Don’t overdo branding; instead, use subtle brand colors and objects to hint at the company’s attitude and culture.
  • By adding a few plants, you can create a natural and cozy atmosphere that is quiet and relaxing. When possible, let in as much natural light; on gloomier days, employ ambient lighting.
  • Consider placing a few high back seats, acoustic stools, or even totems to help reduce noise levels in the reception area. Since the majority of people are usually signing in, reading emails, or passing by and chatting with coworkers, the area may be fairly loud and bustling.
  • Everyone enjoys relaxing in a comfy lounge chair while waiting, and we are all guilty of checking our smartphones when alone in a chair. Therefore, why not think about integrated electricity, which will also enable guests and coworkers to recharge while waiting at the reception

For a tranquil reception area

Clean lines, little clutter, and materials inspired by nature are utilized in Zen-style reception areas to help guests feel peaceful, centered, and focused.

This strategy is another effective one for establishments looking to calm or reassure guests (it’s a common option for spas). Additionally, it might be a fantastic fit for businesses with a concern for the environment. However, because relaxing environments are a fantastic method to encourage focus, this strategy can be used by any organization. If done properly, they can also be incredibly fashionable.

Try one of these features to create a quieter reception area:

  • Plants – These lush fixtures can be a lovely approach to create a more tranquil ambiance and even enhance the air quality. They require little upkeep.
  • Featured Waters Whether it comes from a little fountain or a wall-mounted water feature, the sound and sight of water have a significant relaxing impact. If you’re up for the upkeep, an office aquarium is another option.
  • Calming Lighting – Businesses that aim to promote calm frequently avoid using bright or fluorescent lighting in favor of fixtures that emit a more subtle glow, like these or these.

For a glamorous reception area

For luxury brands and companies attempting to win over big-spender clients and customers, this is a favorable appearance. These locations’ principal objective is to wow guests and gives them the impression that they will receive first-class service.

A surplus of gilded gold frames is not necessary to provide the look of richness. Through the use of high-end materials or a few exquisite embellishments, many designs can be transformed to appear more premium. Here are some suggestions for surprising guests who anticipate being treated like celebrities:

Bright Patterns and Dramatic Lighting – If you want to make a statement, think about using some bold patterns and dramatic lighting. Polished accent items made of classy materials like metal or stone can help give the space a luxurious feel.

Superior Materials – Investing in a few of the best options available for your visitors sends the message that the details of their experience with your business are all being taken into consideration, whether it’s a shiny marble floor, an impressive mahogany reception desk, or a leather couch for visitors to use while they wait.

For a vibrant reception area

Your welcome area should showcase these characteristics if you want to ensure that your business comes off as current, diligent, and forward-thinking. Through a combination of contemporary trends and styles, clean lines, and vibrant colors, you can exude vitality and enthusiasm.

This ambiance is ideal for startups, creative businesses, and any other company looking to convey a sense of passion. If this applies to your company, try some of the following: Bright flashes of color, whether they’re in a statement piece, an accent wall, or a piece of art, can really liven up a space.

  • Encouraging Phrases The following sign and tagline, when boldly displayed, make a strong statement about your company’s culture.
  • Bright Lighting – The places that desire to appear energized should also be bright, whether the light is coming from many windows, new light fixtures, or specially lit signs.
  • “Fun” Features – Playfulness frequently goes hand in hand with the energy. Some businesses have successfully incorporated a few of the things we spoke about in our comprehensive post on features to add a lively, dynamic office into their welcome spaces.

For an eclectic reception area

Many businesses and organizations may profit from having a more edgy, hip atmosphere. Visitors will undoubtedly feel like one the cool kids when they enter a place like this. Companies who want to stand out and inspire creative thinking should use this approach. Here are some examples of how to decorate a reception room with this theme:

Some businesses have one directly behind the front desk which is pretty great. The character of a firm can be established through murals and other forms of art.

Unique furniture and seating – Nowadays, there are several sitting options that differ greatly from the usual wooden-armed furniture that adorns the walls of medical offices. You can differentiate your organization by selecting a unique kind of sett.

statement-making items You can select a focal point that exhibits an eclectic style, whether it’s a huge, vibrant chandelier, a sculpture, or a luminous brand logo. See this collection of stylish reception areas for more ideas.

One of these reception area designs may have already caught your eye. However, if none of them truly captures the essence of your business that is also acceptable. Since each business is distinct, there are as many different styles as there are companies. Similar to how you can blend these styles in different ways to create something of your own.

LeFreddo- Interior designer in Salem may create a seamlessly beautiful design, regardless of how you decide to decorate your office reception area.