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9 secrets to beautiful home that interior designers never tell you

Are you on the process of designing your home, or renovating your existing home? Well, designing, or renovating both can be fun especially when you do it yourself. Most homeowners don’t have the budget to hire an expert design their home. Whereas some people have keen eye for design. So if you are going to make any major changes to your interior or designing one, we the interior designer in Salem has got you here. We have revealed 9 design secrets to a beautiful home to help you with all your design, and decorating needs. Because we believe in sharing knowledge so that anybody out there can create a beautiful home to live in

  1. Use Wallpaper

Add wallpapers to your boring walls. This small change can create a big impact in beautifying your home. It is one of the commonly used amazing decorative material by interior designers to update, or design a space. Adding wallpaper is a simple way to change the way your interior looks without too much commitment. Wallpapers are now available in different patterns, colors, and texture in the market. Using one will sure add depth, movement, and warmth to a space all at an affordable cost. It is a cost-effective way to give an update to your interiors often rather than reinventing your space entirely.


  • If your budget does not allow you to use wallpaper on every wall then use it on one wall to create a focal point, or accent wall.
  • It is essential to measure the quantity of wallpaper required before designing. The best way to do so is by calculating the linear meters in your space and combining it with the height of your ceiling.

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2. Use Mirrors

A mirror is not just an object used to check your face, according to interior designers it a secret weapon to revamp up the visual interest. A mirror can create optical illusion, add drama, act as a focal point, and amplify light. Therefore interior designers use unusually shaped, beautiful mirrors to transform an interior.


  • Consider using a large size mirror as it can act as a focal point
  • Position mirrors opposite to windows for amplifying the natural light into the room. If you don’t have  a mirror then place it opposite to a light fixture
  • Always hang a mirror 48-50 inches from the floor. Higher than that will make your room feel disconnected.

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Paint on faux molding

Adding color on faux molding can add height, and architecture of a plain room. When a room lacks details molding is a great way to create some illusion to a dull space. Whereas painting the faux molding will show off the color on your walls. Painting a faux molding might not add much oomph to your room that you are craving for painting over it will smarten up your interiors by brightening your wall color.


  • Always paint the molding after painting your walls and ceiling.
  • Choose the paint for your molding depending on the finish you want

Pick a consistent color palette

Choosing a color palette is very important when it comes to decorating your home. The color you choose can make your interior feel cozy, warm, stylish, and sometimes it can make your space look dull, and boring. According to interior designers you can mix any interior design style together as long as everything flows well with the chosen color palette. To make your space look organized keep the colors consistent.


  • Always choose colors next to each other on the color wheel.
  • Choose one neutral colors. This color will be used to connect areas of your home like open spaces, and hallways.

Create a Gallery wall

Gallery walls are a great way to fill blank spaces and express your style. Whether it is a framed photo, paintings, prints, 3 D items you can display it all in that area. Gallery walls never get outdated but pulling it together all by yourself is a daunting process. But it can be done right with some tips and tricks from pintrest, or instagram, or after a few trial, and error methods.


  • Measure the space were you want to create a gallery wall
  • Tape that area so that you will never go out of it
  • Now, layout all the pieces you want to display there. After some trial you can figure out what will work the best.

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Use art pieces that give life to space

Throughout ages art has been a beautiful part of home interior design. Ones the interiors are painted and the furniture is arranged wall art are an afterthought. When a wall art is chosen rightly it will provide warmth, and depth to a space. A wall art can help you choose the right color palette. Choose the wall art you want to exhibit in a space and work with two or three shades form the wall art, and incorporate it in your décor.


  • If you are using a wall art as a focal point then don’t use very small wall art can get dwarfed whereas too big can seem overflowing. Therefore make sure to take measurements before buying one

Use an accent color

Accent colors are uses to emphasis the existing color scheme in a décor. These colors can be both bold, and vivid but are use very sparingly. If you have a dull color scheme incorporating an accent color can bring cheer to your interior. Dark or neutral anything can be your accent color only rule is they must be contrast to the dominant color.


  • A very old rule in interior design is that dominant color of a room should be 60%, and secondary color can be 30%. But the accent color should be only 10%.

Make your interior functional

An interior design is more than how it looks. It should cater your needs, and serve its purpose it the fullest by ensuring it is as functional as it could be. In interior design functionality means where you can comfortably perform most of your significant actions. The golden rule for a functional interior is to follow the open floor plan that does not get cluttered easily.


  • Keep your décor simple and minimal.
  • Always place furniture 45cm apart to ensure enough room for movement.

 Choose the right lighting

Just as every other element in an interior lighting also plays a crucial part. A perfect lighting can change and transform a space from how it looks actually. But picking the right lighting and placing them in an appropriate space is a tricky task. But when fulfilled it has the ability to change the mood of a room. There are three types of lighting that enhance the space and make it functional namely accent lighting, ambient lighting, and task lighting.


  • Have all the three layers of lighting in your interior to make your room seem larger.