10 Simple steps to designing a Modular kitchen

Nobody can deny the fact that the kitchen is the main hub of every home. You and your family dine there, socialize there, and sometimes even your kids do their homework in the kitchen. It is a place where we all come together and make memories. So it is your responsibility to make your kitchen a place that you love.

When a kitchen is poorly designed it will affect your mood even if you don’t notice the design flaws. If you are looking for ways to spruce up your old kitchen or you want a better laid-back design for creating a stunning kitchen then we have the right solution for you. LeFreddo one of the best designers of modular kitchen in Salem has been designing, and redesigning kitchens throughout Salem and all over South India. This guide will explain how a professional interior designer will design the kitchen of your dreams.

  1. Comprehend your current situation

Know what your current circumstance is? So yourself the following questions.

  1. What do you like and what you should totally have in your kitchen?
  2. Is your kitchen in the correct area in your home?
  3. Would it be nice to move your kitchen to a different place inside the house? Possibly close to open-air regions or living spaces?

These inquiries will begin you contemplating what works best in your space and what doesn’t.

Things to do:

  1. Take a piece of paper and make a list of what you should have in your new kitchen and what you want.
  • Include subtleties like – I need an island area, I need the microwave my cutlery cabinet should be close to the dishwasher and the plates, and so forth or I need a washroom.
  • The more you consider what works for you and your family, the better your plan will be.

2. Select a kitchen design style

When you look for modular kitchen styles in magazines or in the internet what are the pictures of kitchens that appeal to you? Would you be able to distinguish the style of kitchen you’re after or is it a blend of a few styles? What is the design style you feel would best suit you and your home?

Things to do

  1. Make a Pinterest board for your favorite modular kitchen pictures.
  2. Gather the most that you can in more than a few days.
  3. When you have around 100 pictures, select your #1 10. Duplicate these to another board, stand by three days and afterward eliminate 5.
  4. With your last five, you will begin to see a style coming through. On the off chance that you can’t settle on a choice, don’t stress the further you travel through your Modular kitchen selection process the simpler it will be to perceive what style that you want.

3. Understand the kitchen layouts

There are five most favorite kitchen designs, and they are

  1. Basic L-shaped layout.
  2. Small L-shaped layout.
  3. Double L-shaped layout.
  4. Broken L-shaped layout.
  5. L-shaped kitchen layout with an island.

The layout you choose will depend on the shape of your existing room, except if you are ready to transform it. To design a bigger kitchen you will have to open or move walls whereas for lighting you will have to add more windows. Now compare with the list of things you have taken down to see if everything fits into space. For instance, if you want to add an island check whether you can move things around to accomplish it.

Things to do

  1. Have the blueprint of your kitchen ready
  2. Make sure to include the windows and doorways and locations of existing power points, gas, and water outlets.
  3. Try each and every layout for your existing room, select one that turns out best for you.

4. Plan your Budget

Knowing how much you can spend on creating your new kitchen is a good thing. It doesn’t matter want you to want to have in your kitchen unless you know what budget you can set aside in designing your kitchen. A budget Kitchen where the client might presumably do some of the installations, and assembly of the cabinets to keep the cost down. At LeFreddo we have affordable kitchen designs that will fit perfectly n your cook space.

For a medium-priced kitchen, you might have visited a kitchen showroom and had a free kitchen design completed by their designer. Whereas In a luxury kitchen everything from beginning to the end will be taken care of by our interior designers in Salem.

5. Plan your Cabinetry

Your cabinetry is perhaps the most basic component of your kitchen plan. It sets your style, and with legitimate arranging, it will give storage space to everything. In a thoroughly examined kitchen, all that you own will have an assigned area. You will have to think and choose what kind of cabinets will suit you the best. For instance, the one with the sliding door will be the best option for small space kitchens for large kitchens you can even choose finely designed drawers or doors.

A significant task of your kitchen configuration is planning your cabinetry and arranging a place for everything. Handles, knobs and pulls come in a wide range of collections so select ones that work with your style, spending plan, and convenience. Everything ought to have an area and a thought of whether it needs electricity or water, how it identifies with other kitchen things, and its degree of utilization.

6. Select your Bench top

With many countless options in benchtops choosing the ideal one is tedious. Your budget plays a critical part here. On the off chance that you are attempting to minimize expenses, consider laminates there come in such countless breathtaking tones and designs that are easily accessible. In the event that you can push your budget engineered stone is a fabulous hard-wearing surface that will enhance your home.

There are additionally durable natural materials such as granite, quartz, marble, and many more which are gentler and will show their wear and tear over the long run, adding character to the kitchen.

7. Choose require appliances and fittings

Your appliances and fittings also bear a tremendous cost when designing a modular kitchen. With such countless apparatuses to consider like your stove, cooktop, microwave, range hood, steamer, espresso machine, etc. it is essential to know your budget. When you have selected your apparatuses, deliberately set up all measurements and power necessities for each. You will require these when you visit a kitchen designer, and they will require specific details. On the off chance that you don’t have them, they can’t plan your kitchen efficiently.

This includes sinks and taps. What number of sinks will you have? Will it be flush-mounted, under-mounted, or inset? Will there be one bowl or two? Will you have a half bowl? Plan wisely!

8. Electrical Needs

The electrical needs of your kitchen depend on the number of appliances you use, lighting requirements, heating requirements, and ventilation. You need to speak to your electrician if you need an upgrade in the electrical needs of your kitchen.

9. Choose the windows, doors, and flooring

Your flooring should be a surface that you can keep simpler, clean, and is durable as the kitchen is a high traffic region. When you think about the windows in your kitchen, do you have enough? Is it in the correct area?  Do your current windows let insufficient light? How might you change them in the event that you expected to?

When it comes to doors Many older kitchens have a single door into a kitchen, with open plan living. Choose wisely what kind of doorway will suit your kitchen and the overall design of your home.

10. Island and Dining Table

Island and dining tables are the extra features of a modular kitchen that makes your kitchen fill in as a family space. There are various choices for Island, and you need to settle on the style and if it’s revealing or not. Generally, the style of the kitchen will help you select your Island, yet you can blend and match styles if that works for you. The dining table is a fundamental piece of the kitchen, and if it’s arranged close to the kitchen, both styles need to cooperate. Pick a table that fits the number of people you need.

It is obvious, there is a great deal that goes into planning a kitchen the right way. From finding your style to drafting your floor plan, seeing how to design your kitchen is very difficult. Yet, it is necessary!

Your kitchen is one of the rooms you will invest more energy in than elsewhere. It’s the core of your home. The inefficiency of every inch of wasted space tallies ten times due to how frequently you’ll be depending on your kitchen to function well.

LeFreddo the designer of the best Modular kitchen in Salem has been planning and introducing kitchens all over South India including Salem, and Coimbatore, for three decades. We always work towards transforming your dream into an ideal kitchen that you always wanted. We figure out how to address your issues at your budget, in light of the fact that each homeowner merits a kitchen they love.

Get in touch with us today to study how our kitchen architects can help you.