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The Ultimate Guide to interior design style

Interior design can change a space, a mood- even a lifetime. If you are looking to hire an interior designer in Salem, read this ultimate guide to interior design and everything you need to know about the design styles before you do so. This will ensure your projects end up in interiors heaven.

The Key interior design styles are

You want to switch up your style, but can’t decide what to choose. Here you can know everything about top design styles and simple tips to achieve the look. Experiment to establish your own style in a space.

  1. Contemporary style
  2. Modern style
  3. Traditional style
  4. Eclectic style
  5. Cottage style
  6. Mediterranean style
  7. Minimalist style
  8. Industrial style
  9. Urban Modern style
  10. Bohemian style
  11. Scandinavian style
  12. Transitional style
  13. Feng Shui


Edges are more noticeable in contemporary design as there is plenty of open space. Storage and sustainability is a key element for contemporary home. Mirror tables, drawers for a living space, hallway and bedrooms make an excellent storage option. Glass and metal are the most sustainable choices for a contemporary living. Textured walls and textured wallpapers make an appearance in contemporary interior design alongside natural fabrics and reclaimed furniture.

Ultra stylish furniture that is unusual in design, and structure or the structured modular sofas, fits the contemporary design perfectly. Just a large mirror and a big piece of art is usually the main piece of home décor giving a wow factor to your living space. Another important aspect is that they are constantly evolving, unlike other styles.

To know how to create a perfect Contemporary interior design


It is complex in defining a Modern interior design style a sit consist of many different incarnations. Modern design refers to a specific era in design history. Modern interior design style features wood and earth-friendly materials, including stone, leather- faux or genuine. The decorative pieces used in modern design style always boast a purpose.

Modern design focuses on minimalism, balance, and clean lines and are filled with plenty of neutral and warm neutrals. It uses the concept of geometric elements hence, design concepts are similar in many ways.

To create a perfect modern interior design


Tradition style interiors is rich, warm, and inviting. Furniture in traditional room exhibit classic lines. However it is functional and edges are smooth so blends into the whole space perfectly. Fabrics used are neither shiny nor too textured also mid-range of tones are used often.

This design style is appealing to all ages and personalities that is elegant and comforting at the same time. This look will never make you feel tired or go out of style as the overall ambience is homey, understated, and non-jarring. Be experimental when it comes to colors. Always opt for powerful hues as a foundation from room to room also, too much white or black and too many substantial colors will over power the electric mix you have created to bring your traditional living room to life.

To create a perfect traditional interior design


This design is an ideal option if you want a rich, layered interior design highlighting series of era. This is one of the design style that takes verve and a great-eye. Choose one neutral color and an accent color to get started with. Light colors will make your space appear larger also, brighter is better to highlight eclectic bohemian décor. Use the two core tones, throughout your eclectic décor scheme.

A gallery wall is a great option to create a perfect style eclectic bohemian space. Mixing the old, new, the modern and the classic is the essence of what eclectic style décor is all about.

To know how to create a perfect Eclectic interior design


Cottage style is what you see in fairy tale books. They are charming, rustic and yet humble making a home feel cozy and inviting. This style uses abundance of wood from floor to ceiling and sometimes to make the room look airy and brighter the woods are painted white. It uses purely botanical color palette such as shades of green and earth. To complete the look cottage style uses many textural elements like wicker baskets, natural-fiber rugs, floral fabrics etc.

To know how to create a perfect cottage interior design


Do you love the simple and romantic aesthetics of European countries? Then the Mediterranean is the style for you. No matter if your house is not close to the beach you can create a romantic Mediterranean interior by just following the interior design principles. Mediterranean style generally uses colors that imitate the sea and the sky.  The furniture used is always short with ornate legs and feet with predominantly textured walls

To know how to create a perfect Mediterranean interior design


As the name suggests the interior design style uses only bare essentials to create a simple aesthetic and clutter-free interiors. This is very similar to modern interior design style but with less elements. Minimalist interior design style incorporates a lot of clean lines, and a monochromatic palette. Open-floor plan is ideal with a lot of lighting and functional furniture’s. Because less is more here don’t think that minimalism is boring. It also focuses on color, shape, and texture but with less and functional elements.

To know how to create a perfect Minimalist interior design


The exposed structural elements, a mixture of texture, sleek and urban style details make it modern and edgy. The industrial design style is inspired by the look and feel of factories and warehouses. This style can be juxtaposed with many other styles and is commonly used in restaurants, malls, offices in India today.

To know how to create a perfect industrial interior design

Urban-modern style

If you love industrial, contemporary, and minimalism and want to incorporate all the three in your interior design then, the Urban-modern style is just for you. This is perfect for city dwellers who ultimately aim for cosmopolitan living. The design style gives your interior an industrial aesthetic but with a much softer and less edgy side.

To create a perfect Urban-modern interior design


If you are a socially unconventional person who leads an unconventional life then bohemian style well fits into your space. This is similar to eclectic design creating and a relaxed and unique aesthetics. If you want to give your home a personal touch that appeal to you the bohemian is the one you need to go for.

To know how to create a perfect Bohemian interior design


Scandinavian interior design style focuses on simplicity yet functionality and yet minimalism. Scandinavian design is influenced from Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Norway etc. They experience longer winters hence Scandinavian homes are so cozy, organized, comfortable, and very simple.

To create a perfect Scandinavian interior design


Transitional style combines both traditional and contemporary in a best way to create balance and sophistication according to your needs and lifestyle. If you want to use a diverse, and mixed eras of elements in your home then our interior designer will suggest to go for transitional style design. Transitional style generally incorporates clear color palettes, relaxing rooms with a blend of masculine and feminine style of statement window treatments, fixtures, etc.

To know how to create a perfect Transitional interior design

Feng Shui

Do you want to fill your interior with positivity? Then our interior designers will suggest to go for Feng Shui style design will be improve the aesthetics of your home and your well-being as well. The main goal of using Feng Shui is to keep the positive energy flow throughout the home in a relatively simple way.

To create a perfect Feng Shui interior design

Not sure how to incorporate these styles in your home? Schedule a free interior design consultation with our interior designers in Salem to help and guide you through the interior design journey.