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Top 10 Modular kitchen design trends you will see in 2022

Looking for kitchen remodeling ideas for 2022? Kitchens are the beating heart of a home, and they work harder than any other room. Everything in the kitchen is built to last, from the countertops to the backsplash, the flooring to the ceiling, the lighting to the appliances. As a result, if you want to modernize your kitchen, you should choose a style that will not go out of style in a matter of weeks. Most kitchen layouts and designs are timeless, and no one wants to rebuild their kitchen in an outdated style.

Here’s what LeFreddo designer of the best modular kitchen in Salem predicts about the top 10 Modular kitchen trends you will see in 2022. Hope this list of Modular kitchen trends help you design a cozy, warm and fresh kitchen in the future.

  1. Minimal kitchen design

In the kitchen, where cleanliness, organization, and usefulness are the holy trinity, minimalism is the ideal design trend. What more could you want for than pristine, clutter-free surfaces and elegant, modern materials? Minimalism doesn’t have to be unfinished or uninteresting. Minimalist kitchens can still be full of personality and charm if approached correctly.

A de-cluttered look is the main goal of a minimal kitchen design. A kitchen, on the other hand, is undoubtedly the messiest room of a house. One effective method to do it is to make the most of every available space while keeping it orderly and user-friendly. If you intended the kitchen to be as functional as possible in order to make it work harder for you then minimalism is your ideal trend.

2. Handel-less cabinetry

Handleless kitchens, once considered a niche design feature, have become popular in last few decades and not gone out of trend.  Fueled by a growing demand for contemporary styles, minimalist appearances, and the necessity to maximize space handle-less cabinetries have become the new kitchen favorites for 2022.

One of the most appealing features of handle-less kitchen cabinets is that they blend in seamlessly with most modern or traditional kitchens, producing a seamless aesthetic. It’s also a great option for open-concept kitchens and living rooms. Additionally, a handle-less kitchen gives you more space, as there is no “overhang” from obtrusive hardware. This makes it easier to move around your kitchen while cooking and preparing food, making it an excellent solution for individuals with limited floor space.

3. Statement island

According to design shows and magazines, having a kitchen island is nearly a requirement. Unfortunately, island is not possible in most kitchens due to space constrains. A kitchen island overcomes many issues while making it look lovely. From movable islands to seating area kitchen islands, the convenience of having one or two in your kitchen is an added plus.

Statement Island can improve the ergonomics of the kitchen by making it simpler to reach everything you need when preparing a meal, in addition to looking attractive and providing abundant storage and workspace.

4. Trendy backsplash

Don’t forget the backsplash, which is just as crucial as the overall kitchen design. Regardless of where you lie on the cooking spectrum, backsplash is the ideal way to show off your modern design flair.

In addition to protecting walls from splatters, tile backsplashes have become a popular method to add eye-catching beauty to your kitchen and bathroom. Backsplashes make a great canvas to explore a fashionable design. You can choose from a wide range of materials, patterns, and colours to customise your backsplash tile to your desire.

5. Using Bold colors

The best way to liven things up in the kitchen is to add color—no renovations or building required, just paint and a brush. Whether you prefer all whites or a splash of color, there’s something for everyone to choose to make the kitchen vibrant.

Choosing the ideal color scheme for the kitchen has a plethora of options and is frequently one of the most difficult decisions to make. If you’re frightened of utilizing bold colors because you’re afraid they’ll be too overwhelming, use them in tiny doses. Use it to highlight a vital area or to keep it out of your direct line of sight. Consider the size of the kitchen, as a large kitchen can withstand a much brighter pop of color. Whereas in small kitchen use bold colors sparsely.

6. Glass partitions

While the open kitchen provides greater space with fewer walls, a proper partition helps de-clutter and beautify the areas surrounding it. If you prefer open-plan living but want to keep your kitchen and living area separate, a glass partition wall can be a good option. In homes, glass partition walls help to isolate the smells and sounds from the kitchen. Glass partitions combine aesthetics and utility.

Installing a glass partition is the most worthwhile investment one can make. It splits the living area into two sections without distorting the room’s inherent attractiveness. Glass partitions can be used to divide the living room from the dining room, the bedroom from the entrance, the kitchen from the kitchen, and so on.

7. Open-kitchen

An open kitchen appears to be stunning! People all throughout the world are fascinated with open spaces and fewer walls for its functionality. Anyone who enjoys interacting with others while preparing delicious cuisine will love the open-plan kitchen. Beautiful materials, high-quality kitchen products, and design all work together to create a seamless connection between the dining room and the living room, truly elevating the interiors of your home.

8. Mixing materials

Mixing metals was traditionally disapproved by interior designers but it’s now a popular method to add depth and visual intrigue to a space. It might be challenging for individuals to mix metals when it comes to ensuring that appliances, accessories, lighting fixtures, and plumbing fixtures all match. Mixing metals, on the other hand, is a great way to add texture, create a historical or collected aesthetic, and make a room more intriguing.

When blending metal finishes, it’s critical to maintain color, tone, and finish consistency. You’ll also want to make sure that your decisions look deliberate. Create a diverse palette of metallic to add depth to your design while also saving you time and headaches. Don’t be afraid to use a variety of colors in your kitchen design scheme. When it comes to fittings and hardware, experiment with different finishes

9. Eco-friendly kitchens

Do you want to design an environmental-friendly kitchen?Many of the kitchen design ideas at LeFreddo the designers of the best Modular kitchen in Salem are automatically sustainable because they’re inherently durable and minimize exploitation of Mother Earth’s resources.

Modular kitchen manufacturers have kept up with the times and are now emphasizing environmentally friendly solutions in their designs. Energy-efficient appliances and units made from environmentally friendly materials and construction processes are examples of such solutions, implying that future kitchens will be more ecologically friendly while keeping user efficiency.

10. Statement kitchen hood

Just because they’re useful doesn’t mean they can’t also be attractive. The kitchen range hood is increasingly being used as a unique statement component in kitchen remodels. Statement hoods are both functional and attractive, and they may transform the look of a kitchen.

Best kitchen design can make a kitchen feel more like a living space than a cooking space. Do you want to redesign your kitchen? Get in touch with our kitchen design experts today.