Modular kitchen in Salem

Top 10 Modular kitchen trends in Cabinetry design

When all white kitchens never go out of trend as they provide a bright and airy space with classic look. But when renovating, everybody wants to add colors to their cook space and the first thing that comes to mind is colorful kitchen cabinetry. As we say kitchen is the heart of the home so is the cabinets to the kitchen.

Cabinets are the major remodeling element in a Modular kitchen design. But it might be overwhelming to pick one from so many covetable color choices, styles, and designs available. If you already have cabinets then you can coat them with fresh paint to give a fresh look to your kitchen. Whether you are planning of designing or remodeling your kitchen then, here are a few kitchen cabinetry trends from LeFreddo- Modular kitchen in Salem that are versatile, timeless and offer style to your kitchen.

Wooden kitchen cabinets

Though many homeowners want sleek and glossy finished cabinetry, wooden kitchen cabinets always have a special place in Modular kitchen interior design. Wooden kitchen cabinets never go out of style. With a lot of natural appeal they also add texture, style and improve the looks of your kitchen. Modern wooden cabinets have more than plain cupboards. They also come with decorative colors, finishes and hardware. If you want a kitchen that looks traditional and something modern yet the same time then wooden cabinetry is the best.

Wooden cupboards and cabinets are a great way to bring warmth and coziness into a space. But Think before installing a wooden cabinet because some wood is definitely hard to clean and maintain. Especially in Indian kitchens you wood will be more prone to pungent and fragrant condiments and spices, oil and water splatters. The most commonly used wood for kitchen cabinets are Oak, Cherry, Hickory, Pine, and maple. But make sure to use wood that blends with the over design theme of your house.

Things to keep in mind when designing a wooden kitchen cabinet:

  • In general, wood is an absorbent of moisture, scent and stains. Therefore avoid using wood in those areas that are prone to moisture and stain.
  • The paints and finishing on any wooden cabinets can get scratched and damaged very easily Therefore you need to be very cautious when using them
  • Wooden kitchen cabinets need to be polished and varnished often to improve it longevity and to make them look as new.
  • In case you don’t want wood for the whole kitchen then consider using them only on the outer panels.
  • A regular wipe-down is required to avoid build-up of grease and stains.

Open Shelving Concept

Nobody would like to expose their kitchen mess to the outside world. It is a terrifying idea to many. When all that mess is concealed behind the cabinet doors a kitchen will definitely look sleek and clean. Placing wrong items in the wrong place can makes a kitchen look messy and cluttered all the time. Compared to kitchen cabinets open- shelving concepts are very chic and stylish. By placing things properly you can create a harmonious cook space.

The major boon of open-shelving concept is they are always open so you will know where all the things are placed. It is not hard to reach for things that you want unlike, the cabinets. Most often things placed inside a cabinet gets forgotten but this is not the case in open-shelving. You will always have easy access to all your things.

Open shelving concept allows more natural light in to your kitchen thereby making your kitchen brighter and airy. It is a great way to showcase all your beautiful dishes that deserve a spotlight.

Things to keep in mind when designing an open-shelving concept:

  • Avoid placing heavy objects on the top-most shelf. Lifting and lowering those objects can be a tedious task. Also, the top most shelf is not that sturdy to hold heavy objects.
  • Always place the most used items in the lower shelves. This will provide better access to the objects.
  • Open shelving is a boon to small kitchens as they make it appear larger and brighter. But avoid stuffing them with many objects because your will appeared cramped and cluttered.
  • Open-shelves need to be cleaned often as they attract too much grime and dirt.

Glass Cabinets

Glass is an important component of interior design. A glass cabinet can make a kitchen look sleek and stylish. But remember, all the objects placed inside the glass cabinets are exposed just like open-shelving concept. So you need to choose wisely what goes into the glass cabinet. There are a plenty of glass cabinet varieties available in the stores installing them can add a touch of sparkle and a hint of gloss to your kitchen.

Things to keep in mind when designing a Glass cabinet:

  • Having too many colors can make the kitchen appear messy and cluttered. The best solution is to display items that fit in your color palette also store dishes and items that match the color palette.
  • Avoid placing large items on one side and small items on the other. It will disturb the balance of your kitchen.

Tall Cabinets

With too much space constraints and other factors many homeowners cannot afford for a lavish and larger kitchen space. Tall cabinets are the ideal for small kitchens as it provides enormous storage. These cabinets come in different heights and sizes you can choose one according to your storage needs.

Things to keep in mind when designing a Tall cabinet:

  • A tall cabinet act as a kitchen pantry where most of the utensils, food items, spices, and condiments can be stored with ease.
  • A tall cabinet can be customized as per requirements to store all your requirements.

Two-tone Cabinets

Bored of all white kitchens? Two-tone kitchen cabinets are the hottest trend in interior design now. These cabinet design make your cook space appear larger, and help you give a revamp within budget. Two-tone kitchen cabinets come in two colors but make sure the colors blend with the overall design of your home. You can either use a bold color on the island or wall cabinets or go neutral in rest of the space. Or choose two different neutrals and use appliances and accessories that are bold.

Things to keep in mind when designing a Two-tone cabinet:

  • Avoid picking two different colors instead, use darker hue in the lower cabinets and neutral on the upper cabinets.
  • Don’t forget the details. Use the same details on both the colors to give a balance look.

Did you know that a kitchen planning or remodeling requires more than kitchen cabinets and drawers? Stop by and consult our Kitchen experts to help design a kitchen that reveals your vision.