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Top 6 Modular kitchen designs with breakfast bar

The ultimate multitasking addition to any kitchen is a kitchen island with breakfast bars. If you’re one of the lucky ones with a breakfast bar in your kitchen, I hope you realize how fortunate you are!

If there is one hot trend in modular kitchen design that is impacting today’s and tomorrow’s kitchens, without a doubt, it is the concept of a “social kitchen.” Beyond just a place to cook, the kitchen of this decade reintroduces the nostalgic charm of those old kitchens that were designed to easily accommodate friends and family. Breakfast bars are a fantastic addition to any kitchen. A breakfast bar countertop offers various useful benefits, not to mention some gorgeous aesthetics, from grabbing a quick bite to speaking with your master chef as she makes delectable meals or even adding an extra workstation.

LeFreddo-Modular kitchen in Salem share their best advice on how to design a lovely breakfast nook into your kitchen.

What is a breakfast bar?

A breakfast bar can be built within a kitchen island or attached to a peninsula. A popular option is to use a kitchen island as a breakfast bar, which creates the perfect communal space in the kitchen. However, peninsulas can also be used as breakfast bars, which is a popular choice in smaller kitchens. Alternatively, purchasing a freestanding unit is a cost-effective option.

Factors to consider before designing a breakfast bar

  • Size: ‘Make sure you choose the proper size for your area before investing in a breakfast bar: a little breakfast bar will seem out of place in a large room and will need to be combined with a wider island or a dining table. The dimension is truly determined by the room’s space and architect. When it comes to designing your kitchen, don’t just go for the biggest breakfast bar. While a larger one may appear to be superior, it will be impractical if it is too huge for your kitchen.
  • Dimensions: A typical worktop is roughly 600mm deep, or 620mm if there is an overhang. If you want to turn your island into a functional breakfast bar, you’ll need to increase the depth for bar stools by at least 300mm. The usual height of a breakfast bar is 42 inches (107 cm), but it’s always a good idea to consult a professional kitchen designer to figure out just how big your kitchen needs to be.
  • Materials: In addition to selecting a timeless design that you enjoy, it’s critical to select a durable, heavy-duty material that will last. Choosing something that has a lovely appearance will be a waste of money if it does not sustain up in the long run. In terms of materials, breakfast bars must be long-lasting, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Quartz is a lovely, durable surface that is smooth and easy to maintain, as well as scratch and stain resistant.
  • Position: A well-thought-out breakfast bar is also essential. Consider the shape of your room as it can be used as a divider in open plan spaces between the living and culinary areas. If you have a wonderful view in your kitchen, make the most of it by turning your seating around to face it. Consider the objective of your breakfast bar when designing it. Will it serve as a breakfast spot for kids, a gathering spot for friends over coffee and cake, or perhaps a place to work? Taking these factors into account will assist you in creating the greatest breakfast bar for your home.
  • Lighting: Make certain that the location is well-lit. ‘From the very beginning of the design process, modular kitchen lighting ideas should be considered.’ To maximize the amount of natural light accessible, cabinets and units should be constructed to work around windows. LED flexible strip lighting, which is typically utilized along the plinth or on the underside of worktops or breakfast bars, is a popular alternative for introducing mood lighting into a kitchen design. They’re a terrific way to give depth to a room and can simply shift the mood when necessary.’

Easy ways to add a breakfast bar

If you believe a breakfast bar might be useful in your kitchen, have a look at these unique ideas to jazz up your modular kitchen.

Space-saving breakfast bar

You might just fall in love with this one if you have a very small kitchen with no room for an island with a breakfast bar surface. This smart breakfast bar countertop idea was created just for a small kitchen.

In a tiny kitchen, mount the shelf board to the wall with hinges to create a bar for occasional usage. When you want to use the bar, add a prop to support it. When the shelf isn’t in use, put the prop in the pantry. Finish the underside of the bar with something nice, such as a mosaic, so it doesn’t look like a random piece of wood when folded up against the wall. Choose stools that are easy to relocate and complement your home’s decor so you may utilize them elsewhere when they’re not at the bar.

Breakfast bar on kitchen islands

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large kitchen, you may already have an island in the center to help divide up the room. If not, you might want to consider adding a kitchen island and a breakfast bar counter to your space. This is an excellent alternative for busy family kitchens since it provides extra counter space for food preparation, more seating areas, and more storage space. Using half of a kitchen island as a work surface and the other half as a breakfast bar is a popular option. You can create more of a separation between the two sections by elevating the bar slightly above the island surface, or by using contrasting worktop materials.

Two-tier breakfast bar

Who doesn’t enjoy the concept of a gorgeous kitchen addition that is also functional? If you want to add a practical element to your kitchen, this two-tier breakfast bar countertop is ideal. The upper layer serves as a breakfast counter, while the lower tier can be used as a workstation or a serving and stacking area. A vertical storage unit with rolling shutters is also included in this countertop design. The marble countertop is an extension of the cooking station, and two bar seats in a complementary color complete the look.

Breakfast bar next to windowsill

Add a sturdy top counter and stretch across the window for a compact breakfast bar concept that is ideal for tiny rooms. This clever hack will provide extra space to prepare meals and will add storage at either end for essentials. A shallow-depth base unit for a place to perch while cooking that will double as a breakfast bar, this smart hack will provide extra space to prepare meals and will double as a breakfast bar.

A Bar unit with breakfast bar

This breakfast bar countertop has been custom created with a bar unit to serve two purposes! This kitchen has a simple wooden breakfast bar countertop for a quick bite, as well as wall niches that form a vertical unit with open shelves to show off your pricey wine collection. The theme is finished off with a pair of white cushioned bar stools and cum chairs.

Storage in Breakfast bar

Installing drawers beneath a ledge-style breakfast bar can make it more functional. Drawers give the ledge a more solid appearance and can be used to store eating items for convenient access.

If you’re still perplexed and can’t decide which breakfast bar style to use in your kitchen, there’s some good news for you! We can create a breakfast bar countertop that suits your preferences and needs. If you’d like one of our kitchen design experts to create a fashionable breakfast bar for you, please contact us.