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How to create transitional interior design style

Does your taste falls between not too traditional designs to not too modern design ? Then every Interior designer in Salem will suggest you to go for a transitional interior design style. Transitional home interior design is a combination of various design styles blended together to create a simple, yet sophisticated home

So here’s everything to need to know about transitional design and how to pull it off in your interiors like a pro.

Highlights of Transitional interior design style

  1. Traditional design leans towards clean lines, and sleek design creating a modern aesthetics without wiping of the traditional details.
  2. Traditional design is pretty and mellow incorporating open floor plans, cabinet doors, and taller ceiling heights.
  3. Transitional interiors make you feel soft and subtle as it uses neutral bases and adds accent with darker colors.
  4. Comfort is the key in creating a cozy transitional space. Hence couches and chairs of plush types are generally preferred by interior designers.

Transitional color palette

Just like contemporary interior design style transitional also uses neutral color palette The neutral base colors such as gray, tans, beige, and ivory all create a soothing and comforting feel to the interior. To add depth to your neutral base darker tones such as brown, blue, and shades of green as be used. These dark tones can also be used as to accentuate the room while at the same time the neutral base acts as a perfect backdrop for your home furnishings

Transitional style furniture

As said earlier, transitional design uses a mix of two different design style when it comes to furniture choice. Top interior designers blend curved and straight lines together to balance both masculine and feminine attributes in the interior. Make sure to use large furniture pieces that are traditional and comfortable. Because comfort is the key here so it incorporates a lot of plush type seating. Interior designers in Salem say that when placing your furniture negativity is the key. So grouping your furniture in one place acts as a focal point in your transitional design home.

Transitional style patterns and fabrics

Sky is the limit here! You can play with patterns, accent colors, and fabrics in your wall treatment, upholstery, and wall treatments, and accessories. As you cannot use pop of colors on your wall, fabrics is where you can add the punch. Commonly used transitional fabrics styles are leather, cotton, corduroy, denim, twill, silk, suede, and tweed.

Patterns are usually subtler in transitional interior design because they are small-scale graphics with tone-on-tone designs.

Transitional style Accessories

Create accessories that create interest visually to your guests yet not too overwhelming as it can result in too much distraction. Add brightness and attraction with colorful pieces of décor elements. You can also reupholster your furniture’s with attractive colors.

Other decorating must-have

  1. Plenty of cushions can be used to spruce-up your transitional homes.
  2. A prefect lighting can add a dramatic look to your home. Try installing a chandelier or a focal light as an accent piece.
  3. Incorporate metal finishes such as gold, bronze, or copper through lighting or accessorizing materials.
  4. Rugs or carpets add interest to your transitional interior design. But make sure to choose neutral color rugs and add texture with patterned carpet.
  5. Install traditional statement pieces such as dresser, mirror, table etc. from different period.
  6. To create a striking focal point in your rooms invest on a contemporary art-work.

Extra tip to create Transitional design room-by room

Living room: Incorporate traditional features such as trims and molding in your living room design and then invest on clean-lined chairs and sofas

Dining room: When buying dining table or chairs invest on dining table designs and chairs that are upholstered with traditional fabrics.

Kitchen: Invest on traditional cabinets with stronger hands and accessories. If you have an Island then install a chandelier or pendant lights

Bedroom: Invest on a bed that has curved head board with steel gray fabric, also invest on urban-modern design side tables and steel lamps

It might be exciting for you to try this new interior design style for your interiors. So getting some assistance from our virtual interior designers can be a great idea or schedule your free interior design consultation with our interior designers in Salem to guide you through the interior design journey.

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