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10 ways to make a Modular kitchen look expensive

Kitchen renovations can be expensive sometimes it cannot fit into our budget. Your budget should not be a constraint in renovating your kitchen or giving it a little update to make it look expensive. Kitchens are the most abused room in a house so it really deserves to look beautiful and functional. For most of us our day begins in the kitchen from making morning coffee, to cooking three course meal and while also assisting our children with their homework. So why not give our kitchen a makeover that will make us happy and keep us stress-free all of the time?

Here are 10 easy ways to make a Modular kitchen look expensive. Even though you haven’t spend a lot of money on upgrading your kitchen these suggestions will impress your guests and give your kitchen a high-end appeal.

Display a wall-art

Who said wall arts are limited to living room and bedroom alone? If you have got a plain wall then you can incorporate a wall art in your kitchen too. This will maintain the flow of your space and tie the theme together. A gallery wall in the kitchen makes quite a statement. With a variety of prints, paintings, and photographs, even a tiny or simple kitchen may be converted into a lovely area.

If not wall art use a chalkboard wall to give your neutral kitchen a bold look. Chalkboards are inexpensive yet bold, and they make writing grocery lists in the kitchen a lot more fun. In case if the area above the kitchen cabinets are empty than it would be a great place to display your art. Here your art will stay away from water and grime. If you have an open shelf then display one or two painting alongside your cutlery to create a visual interest and add some personal touch to your kitchen.

Update your kitchen lightings

Updating the lighting is a great approach to give the room a new lease on life in terms of style and substance. A simple lighting change, such as adding architectural track lighting or hanging a dramatic chandelier, could be all that’s needed to transform the entire kitchen. Lighting is similar to painting in that it may be a low-cost, high-impact technique to transform a room in a single day.

LED Light Bars for Under Cabinets: These long, narrow lights are mounted directly to the underside of your cabinetry and are perfect for illuminating countertops and prep areas.

Chandeliers and pendants are the ideal way to not only brighten but also modify the ambience of your kitchen.

Flush-mount fixture: Replace the typical ceiling fixture with something a little more unique. A beautiful flush-mount fixture is a stunning accent that simply takes a few screwdriver twists to install.

Add some Greenery

These days, houseplants are all the rage. We’re not upset about it. Because they are not only a terrific, low-cost way to brighten up any kitchen, but they can also be rather functional. The correct plant may help filter the air you breathe, boost morale and productivity, and even provide first aid.

  • Tall house plants should be placed against plain walls. With small green house plants leaves, small designs on wallpaper or curtain fabric look amazing. Tall green plants appear better in open kitchens, especially if they’re separated from the rest of the furniture.
  • Tall plants can be used to beautify kitchen corners or to divide the cooking and eating zones in the kitchen. A bunch of little indoor house plants adds interest to kitchen decoration ideas. A little plant is less effective in generating attractive modern kitchen décor when it stands alone.

Invest in great dining chairs

If you have an open-plan kitchen layout then a great way to make your modular kitchen look expensive is to invest in great dining chair. Countertop stools are convenient for short meals, but if you have the space, a table and chairs are a nice addition. For tiny rooms, a round table with chairs that tuck neatly below is a good alternative. The middle base also takes up less visual space than a table with legs that extend all the way to the edge.

Consider replacing the hardware

Hardware is at the top of the list when it comes to a quick and easy update that drastically changes the look of your kitchen. It can be changed out in a matter of hours and completely affects the look and feel of a room. When it comes to a quick kitchen refresh, new hardware can take a place from drab to stunning!

Likewise utilize separate hardware for large drawers and cabinets if your kitchen includes both. This will offer more details to your décor. Use both pulls and knobs, but keep the finishes consistent to avoid a clashing look. Upgrade to high-quality hardware to give your cabinets a facelift without having to spend money on brand-new installations.

Add beautiful window treatments

Among the practical appliances and hard surfaces, window curtains provide one of the few accents of softness and decoration. Curtains and shades may provide a splash of color, pattern, or texture to a room while also increasing privacy and regulating natural light. Choose fabrics with eye-catching colors and designs for the most decorative effect, and play around with trims, tassels, fringe, or bold banding to give your kitchen window treatments a polished touch.

Look for screening materials that let you see out while allowing some light to travel through while limiting views in for consistent privacy demands. Hang sheer fabric curtain panels or use cellular shades and roller blinds made of translucent or woven materials. Before you choose kitchen window treatments, be sure to verify the following: Turn on the lights in the kitchen at night, then go outside and look through the windows with the blinds or curtains drawn to see what’s visible.

Wallpaper your kitchen

All-white kitchens will never go out of style, but a stunning wallpaper may truly make your kitchen walls stand out. Because the majority of kitchen walls are taken up by cabinetry, appliances, and windows, you won’t need a lot of wallpaper to make a huge statement. You’re also not obligated to wallpaper the entire kitchen. Start small by adding some visual variation to your pantry by making a wallpapered accent wall, transforming a dreary corner into a comfortable dining nook, decorating the back of your cabinets or shelves with wallpaper, or creating a wallpapered accent wall.

Before you begin, keep in mind that if you don’t choose a wipe-able design specifically designed for kitchens/bathrooms you’ll need to either protect the wallpaper with a glass splash back or hang it only in areas where it won’t be exposed to constant splashing or heat.

Lay a rug

You may believe that a kitchen rug will be subjected to a great deal of wear and tear as well as everyday damage, and that it will not give your home the feel of a magnificent kitchen design. However, this is far from the case, as there are a plethora of kitchen rug choices to pair with your kitchen floor to change this beloved section of your house into the welcoming and appealing space you’ve always imagined.

Bring in a vivid kitchen rug in a variety of colors and designs to let you easily reimagine your kitchen. Even better, color and pattern are fantastic for hiding everyday spills and stains, and since a kitchen rug may be tiny and inexpensive, it’s a win-win situation.

Give a fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint can completely change your kitchen. Creams and beige colors may make a kitchen appear sophisticated and expensive. Dark colors, such as blacks and greys, can be used in a modern kitchen to make it appear opulent and extravagant. White reflects light and makes a space appear larger, so add some wood and metallic accents to balance it out. If you don’t want to paint your entire kitchen, painting kitchen cabinets might make a great difference. You may either paint a feature wall yourself or buy textured wallpaper to add value to your kitchen.

Replace Your kitchen Faucet

Kitchen faucets are the kitchen’s workhorse, and they’re undoubtedly the item that gets the most use on a daily basis. A good kitchen faucet, on the other hand, should be more than just practical; it should be simple and intuitive to use, complement your cooking and cleaning style, and improve the appearance of your kitchen. The good news is that replacing your faucet is a relatively inexpensive DIY job that doesn’t have to be part of a larger redesign if you don’t already have one planned.

They are currently available in a range of shapes, finishes, and configurations from a number of significant manufacturers. To give your space a high-end look, replace your ordinary kitchen faucet with one that has a beautiful finish that matches your cabinet hardware.

Renovations to the kitchen might be intimidating. If you’re on a tight budget, however, even the tiniest things may make a big difference in your kitchen. To get started with you kitchen renovation project, get more design ideas from LeFreddo-Modular kitchen in Salem.