Modular kitchen in Salem

What to expect from a modular kitchen manufacturer?

Customers do not purchase products, they buy experience. This is a fact for all products, including modular kitchens.

High level experienced kitchen producers put all the tension and confusion of the customers to rest just by suggesting the correct materials and searches for their spaces. They have the capacity of taking care of room the executives suitably. They are away from the correct methods for utilizing accessible space in the kitchen while having enough space for walking, moving, and cooking. Since they are experienced in the field of planning measured kitchens, they can stretch and change racks, seat tops, and cupboards according to the space accessible in the kitchen.

It is important to accept the services of modular kitchen manufacture because they have more knowledge and experience in creating a stylish kitchen. They have also learned a lot about designing fashionable benches, shelves, and storage units.

  • They are constantly called for specific purposes and they satisfy the hopes of their customers.
  • Designing their kitchen, keeping their expectation in mind
  • Providing an attractive package and discounts
  • Providing exclusive products for modular kitchens.
  •  Building a modular kitchen is a combination of craft, innovation, and utility.
  • Some basic expectation of customer initially is:
  •  Understanding kitchen layout and other requirements from client/supervisor 
  • Preparatory activities for cabinet making
  • Making of furniture and assembling of parts
  • Quality check post making of modular furniture
  • Basic carpentry skills 
  • Basics of design and drawings
  • Basic knowledge of other associated trades (electrical and plumbing)

 Steps and procedure for understanding kitchen layout and other requirements from customer:

  •  Step 1: Take measurements for making layout and designs (e.g. Distance between floor to ceiling, between walls and corners to doors/windows, etc)  
  •  Step 2: Take records of architectural features present in the room or planned to be installed in the room shortly (pipes, ventilation window, special angles, chimney, exhaust, etc.)
  •  Step 3: Understand the requirements of the client from supervisor /client e.g. layout, number of workstations, style, aesthetics, color, kind of raw material, etc
  •  Step 4: Assist in deciding the design shape of kitchen and size of kitchen cabinets with the consultation of the client (U-shape, L-shape, straight-line kitchen, or kitchen with an island, etc.)
  •  Step 5: Discuss with the client regarding the placement of cabinet systems, division of work zones (cooking, washing, storage, etc), shifting of existing electrical outlets, switches, and water and gas Connections if necessary 
  • Step 6: Support in planning storage and other utilities inside the drawer, cabinets ( like cutlery trays, waste bins, plate holders, plus all manner/size of boxes/cabinets, baskets, and racks, etc.) and outside storage (like wall-mounted dish drainers, cutlery stands, magnetic strips for knives, as well as baskets, hooks, and holders, etc.)
  •  Step 7: Provide complete information of measurement, other details and assist in preparing technical drawing & designs (2D/3D)
  •  Step 8: Provided with 3D view changes can be made accordingly if required.
  •  Step 9: After receiving the acceptance from the client by viewing your dream kitchen in 3D, the Installation of the kitchen will begin.
  •  Step 10: Delivery of the client’s kitchen is nearer than they imagine.

Some expectations of customers after installation and delivery:

  1. Easy to assemble
  2. Convenient
  3. Superior and Finest Quality
  4. Unique style
  5. Incomparable craftsmanship
  6. Kitchen Warranty
  7. Compatible with hardware
  8. Durable
  9. Eco-friendly

Features of a Kitchen Modernization Loan

  • Loan processed based on the submitted estimate
  • Loan can be availed for expansion and up-gradation of existing kitchens
  • Loan amount should be spent on acquiring appliances and equipment for the applicant’s kitchen
  • Can be used for the purchase of electronic appliances, kitchen furniture, utensils, etc.
  • Easy repayment schedules allow you to repay using ECS, Cheque or net banking facilities
  • High repayment term of up to 7 years

 In the case of middle-class families, loans and financing are provided with some limitations. Based on their documents to be submitted for financing.

Loans can be availed by existing property owners for the following reasons

  • Renovation/extension of existing kitchen
  • Purchase of appliances and kitchen equipment
  • Installation of modular kitchen
  • Also for small scale restaurants looking to upgrade their kitchen

The most important advantage of this loan is the availability for both SME owners and regular homeowners. This can be availed for the simple up-gradation of your home kitchen.

This loan is beneficial for small-time restaurant owners, looking to add some equipment for their kitchens. It can also be availed by home-makers looking to revamp their cooking space.

Hence the customer wants to be satisfied with the services provided by the modular kitchen manufacturer. Expectations are not just viewing the modular kitchen in 3D But to own a kitchen as per our dream is exactly known as expectation.

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