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Creating love with the place
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Creating love with the place

What We Do ?

We are interior design team based on Lefreddo . We like to make you feel ‘more’ on your home

Residential Design

Home Interior in Salem

Interior designing is connected to one’s heart and not mind. It is the act of heart which longs for a palace like house or like a castle of a princess. Its more an emotional feeling rather than intellects. As at the end of the day a person just cannot wait to go home. Home Sweet Home.

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Hotel Design

Home Interior in Salem

Almost every second person in the world is travelling every day staying hotels be it for holiday,or business trip or for a visit.Every body prefers to be in a hotel which is hygienic and gives a pleasant stay.Hotel should look more appealing to the guests, more comfortable, more equipped with the latest technology.

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Office Design

Office interior design in Salem

Offices are second homes to many of us. We spend stretch of hours together in offices amidst pressure and mounting tension. Freddozy works earnestly to relieve you from the stress. Read out in our services banner to know how we do that. Freddozy meticulously plan every bit of office interior requirements.

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home Automation

we are excited to introduce

Fibaro the most powerful and versatile home automation system in legal,Indian z-wave frequency for the Indian market

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Our Process

  • Let’s Talk
  • Making You Happy
  • Begin your journey
  • Meet your personal designer
  • Dream home virtually
  • Building the dream come true
  • Track your dream
  • Your dream is out for delivery
  • Just a step away your dream home
  • Welcome to your designer home

Let’s Talk

It’s easy to talk to us. You don’t need to download an app and swipe right or left, chat with us you can see the chat window open on your right side and share with us your dreams, aspirations, family, and budget.

Making You Happy

Driven by your requirements, by the next time you visit us we will keep a customised proposal ready including design references and costs of your designer home. Needless to say, we will leave no space for disappointment.

Begin your journey

You are now on your way to a designer home after some mandatory formalities.Sure you will feel the ecstasy.

Meet your personal design alchemist

Join hands with our designer in creating a perfect design of your dream home and see how artistically your dream comes alive.

Experience your dream home virtually

Bring alive your designer home in 3D or in Virtual Reality. You can then collaborate, ideate and help us design your home till you’re 100% satisfied.

Let’s start building the dream come true

Move your order to production , and see it come alive at our state of the art factory.

Track your dream in just a few clicks

We will manage everything including quality, material control, site management, and importantly furniture manufacturing as per our stringent quality standards which you can track online. Just wow! Isn’t it?

Your dream is out for delivery

Your material is ready for dispatch , and our team will soon begin installation

You’re just a step away from your dream home

Our team of professionals now starts assembling your dream home, taking care at every step to ensure that each piece is perfect. All while you relax 🙂

Welcome to your designer home

Live happily ever after in your designer home, you worry about the next party you might throw to show it off and leave any maintenance to us with our warranty and after sales service options 🙂

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