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Modular Kitchen in Salem

LeFreddo the manufacturer of best Modular kitchen in Salem, with a team of best professional experts enriched with creativity and passion, in addition transform your ordinary kitchen into a mess-free stylish kitchen. Our experts design your kitchen with a lot of storage space, and  sleekest cabinets thereby, making it appear luxurious, regardless of what the size is. Also we furnish small modular kitchen designs that fit flawlessly into your small space Galley

We are pioneer in the Modular kitchen in salem providing the best designs and layout at an affordable price range. 

If you are searching for the best modular kitchen in Salem then your search ends here as, we give top notch, high plan modular kitchen furniture. We employ smart techniques to utilize space above all, the time taken to install our modular kitchen furniture is comparatively less. 

we focus on customer satisfaction, irresistibly beautiful design, and exceptional quality. We help furnish your kitchen just like your imagined!

Why Choose Our Modular Kitchen in Salem?

Our modular Kitchen ideas focus on customer satisfaction. 

No more noisy tough drawers moreover, making use of corner units helps your modular kitchen look complete.

The modular kitchen furniture consists of premade components such as wooden cabinets, counter-tops, internal accessories, electronic gadgets and a refrigerator, dishwasher or other gadgets as well. Implementing these storage units and in-built solutions in your kitchen help create memories with every meal.

The cabinets are factory-made and follow the most renowned worldwide quality check making it water resistant, durable, strong and beautiful. 

Steps to design your Modular kitchen in Salem

  • Choose the layout
  • Focus on Cabinet
  • Choose the material
  • Choose the right appliances


Choosing a perfect layout is the most important task in modeling a modular kitchen. The secret of a good kitchen is to transform your floor space into a workspace. Arrangement of counter-top, major kitchen appliances, and space-saving storage furniture helps in the best way to utilize the space available for the kitchen. LeFreddo, designer of the best modular kitchen in Salem offers a design solution for the heart of your home.

Let’s look into the types of modular kitchen layouts:  


The L-shaped layout is the most popular kitchen layout. As the best designer of modular kitchens in Salem, we recommend this kitchen layout for small spaces as it has a lot of storage to offer. Few are the types of L-shaped kitchen layouts.

  1. Basic L-shaped layout.
  2. Small L-shaped layout.
  3. Double L-shaped layout.
  4. Broken L-shaped layout.
  5. L-shaped kitchen layout with an island.

To implement a proper L-shaped layout, the design must be built where two walls form a perpendicular angle, and the length of one wall is double the other. Even in a bigger kitchen L-shaped layout can be designed with an island creating dining space for your family.  


A U-shaped layout is a very fit choice for both small and big homes as it uses 3 walls to be built and thereby providing a great space.

Few are the types of U-shaped Layouts.

  1. Thin-U shaped layout
  2. Mid-size U-shaped layout
  3. Large U-shaped kitchen

U-shaped layout offers a clear divide between the workspace and serving areas thereby, providing a clutter-free work area and user-friendly arrangement. The main factors to consider when opting for a U-shaped kitchen layout is,

To know how wide the ‘U’ is  

  1. What appliance do you want to keep in the kitchen?

For better space utilization LeFreddo- modular kitchen in Salem advises designing a U-shaped layout with an island by eliminating the wall and upper cabinets for better space utilization. 


The G-shaped layout is an amazing fit for both small kitchens and large spacious kitchens. It uses every possible space available in your kitchen, providing enormous storage space.

This layout uses all 3 walls with an open space also a peninsula can be built depending on customer interest G-shaped layout kitchens have an open plan thereby, reducing the kitchen traffic.

A large and bold kitchen worktop, versatile storage space are additional benefits of G-shaped layouts on a Modular kitchen.

Get ready to design your dream kitchen by choosing the right kitchen layout that feels functional and look exquisite as well. Book a design consultation with LeFreddo- Modular kitchen in Salem.



Cabinets are truly the backbone of a Modular kitchen. Kitchens can be chaotic without a proper quality storage solution. At LeFreddo- Modular kitchen in Salem we believe that the looks of a kitchen can be improved by the addition of beautifully designed, customized cabinets.

Our factory made cabinets and accessories are built together to form a stylish and precise modular kitchen furniture, making your space look awesome. Owen, espresso maker, Mixer are built-in, which makes for a less bulky appearance. Few commonly used storage options are listed below.

Tall cabinets: This cabinet extends up-to the roof.

Drawers: Commonly utilized storage options, effectively available for a mess-free look.

Roll down shutters: A screen moves up and down with adjustable racks.

Build In plate rack: Pull type racks to store everyday dishes.

Door Shelves: Shelves with ways to store cooking essentials with simple functionality.

What makes our kitchen cabinets functional?

Our kitchen cabinets are stained in different and stylish hues and illuminated with fantastic lighting to make your kitchen look stylish, functional and authentic. As a kitchen expert LeTreddo- Modular kitchen in Salem would like to tell you a few that make our cabinets functional and sturdy.

  1. Our drawer cabinets run on both, single ordouble mounted slides easily and smoothly. To store heavy objects we recommend to opt for double mounted slides as they are studier than the single slide.
  2. The hinges used in our kitchen cabinets are solid and durable. Using turnable hinge will provide an added benefit of able to adjust any time regardless of when and where it is installed.
  3. Our kitchen cabinets strike a perfect balance between style and structural support. They stand the test of time, they are classic, sophisticated and use high-quality hardwoods and veneers.
  4. LeFreddo kitchen cabinets can be exposed to high temperatures, steam, and humidity. They do not warp and stain under temperature fluctuation or chemical stains.
  5. The cabinets can be customized to match your particular needs and fit in your floor plan.

Why our kitchen cabinets are best?

  1. You can find many designs and models in our gallery. Our past work images can give you an idea on cabinet designs. You can even have a look at cabinet images on the internet and show us when you meet our kitchen experts. This way we can bring your dream kitchen to reality.
  2. Never miss an appointment with our kitchen experts this will help us establish your true vision.
  3. Our employees are qualified, trained and of course, skilled in making kitchen cabinets and modular kitchen furniture. We manufacture kitchen cabinets with accuracy and precision.
  4. We offer a lifetime warranty on all the kitchen cabinets we install.

If you are looking for high-quality, stylish, and functional kitchen cabinets then you have come to the right place. LeFreddo- Modular kitchen in Salem has a team of skilled and experienced kitchen experts and installers as well as a wide range of Modular kitchen designs to offer you.


A high-quality modular kitchen material provide structural support to different modules. The final finish to the material make it smooth, appealing and protect it from any sort of damage. Look and feel of a material and quality matters a lot. Materials used by LeFreddo- Modular kitchen  is waterproof, withstand high-temperature, can be cleaned and maintained easily. Our modular kitchen materials are designed to evoke warmth, coziness and elegance.

your kitchen cabinets have to last for years, so focusing on quality is more important. LeFreddo modular kitchen furniture materials are made with precise measurement, water resistant and heat resistant making it sturdy and user-friendly.

Modular kitchen has different sorts of finishing based on the look. We provide Acrylic finish, PU Finish, Matt lamination finish, Solid wood finish which gives a reflexive look to the interiors of the kitchen.


Once you have chosen the layout, cabinets, the material it’s time to choose the appliances essential for your modular kitchen. A wide range of modular kitchen appliances are available that comes with two-way benefits like aesthetics and utility.

  1. Modular chimney: A must-have appliance in every modular kitchen for removing smoke from the kitchen and to provide proper ventilation.
  2. Utensils: This is a must-have in Indian cuisine as we use large cooking utensils in the Indian kitchen. So when planning for proper storage it is essential to make space for your utensils
  3. Built-In Oven: It is not by any means an essential appliance but makes your life easy by helping you cook as well heat the food. Implementing an Oven makes cooking efficient and easy.
  4. Refrigerator: Inbuilt refrigerator for along with a modular kitchen for systematic storage for cooling. 
  5. Electronic Blender: From blending spices to grinding chutney blender is the most used appliance by homemakers. 
  6. Induction Burner: Choose a cooktop that reflects your style. It is available in both stainless steel and glass. A sleek and smooth design will complement your kitchen looks and also choose one that is user-friendly and safe to use.

Now that you know how to choose a modular kitchen that blends with your lifestyle and personality, we being one of the best manufacturers of modular kitchen in Salem will assist you with our best design and high-quality furniture for a customized modular kitchen that reflects happiness in every corner of the house.

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