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Child-Friendly Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a communal space where we spent most of our time together with family and friends. A place to cook, eat, enjoy each other’s company day in and day out. Children are the happiness of a family and it is truly a different experience to have kids. But it can be overwhelming when they start exploring all over the house. 

Undoubtedly kitchen has the most attractive elements that kids tend to play with. It is the most hazardous space for children with all sharp elements, hot surfaces, electrical appliances, and heavy moving parts. There are many different ways a kitchen can be designed to restrict access to these dangerous areas by keeping child safety in mind. Yet, can be designed child-friendly if your kid is interested in baking and cooking with you. Indulging children to help you in the kitchen while cooking is proved to prevent them from being picky eaters and to make healthier choices in eating. 

Here are a few tips from the best designers of Modular kitchen in Salem- LeFreddo to create a modern kitchen that is child-friendly and yet does not compromise on the style and functionality. 

The Cabinets and Drawers:

With curious little explorers, shelves of the kitchen area to be arranged cautiously. The higher shelves are always not a concern but the lower ones that your kids can access should not have any sharp objects or spices. Also, install cabinets and drawers that are handless and have magnetic locks. Revolving type cabinets and drawers can be harmful to kids. Their little fingers can get stuck when trying to open or close. So look for cabinets and drawers with smooth hinges that slide smoothly because they are less harmful. 

Kitchen furniture:

It is important to have only child-proof furniture in a home for kids. For this first toss all the furniture that is unsteady and does not hold the weight of the child as they climb on it. Choose furniture that is sturdy and strong enough to hold the weight of your child as they climb, pull, or push. Make sure they are no sharp edges on the furniture as your child can bump into it and get hurt. Invest in small-sized furniture that is easy for your kids to access themselves. A 2-tired chair can be more comfortable for your little one to have food or do homework without your assistance.

The Kitchen Floor:

Everybody knows kids are prone to slip and falls. Slippery floors are harmful to small kids they tend to slip and fall often. To avoid this you can invest in skid-proof floors, non-skid mats, and rugs to prevent injuries. Make sure to keep the floor clean because it is extremely important in a home with infants. 

Electric appliances and sockets:

It is advisable to keep electric appliances and power sockets out of reach from children. For things that cannot be kept out of reach from children have safeguards to protect them from being tampered with. Stovetop ad ovens also come with safeguards that protect kids from getting burnt from these appliances. Children might get burnt if they stick their fingers to a stovetop or oven. These protective guards are available for all appliances of a house that can be used if necessary.

Kitchen essentials

Kitchen essentials such as knives, sharp objects, and small kitchen essentials should be placed away from children. Trash bins, waste disposal bags, things that break or spill when fall can be kept on higher shelves away from children.

Extra tips to make your kitchen kid-friendly:

  1. Style your countertop with round edgy detail. Sharp edges will hurt more when kids bump their heads into it.
  2. Kids always spill, splatter, and make the house dirty making a whole lot of wiping and cleaning your kitchen. So invest in countertops and floors that are easy to clean and maintain.
  3. It is advisable to lower a portion of the countertop well within the reach of your children. This will be less accident-prone as kids can have easy access to food without having to stretch or use a piece of furniture to reach the countertop. 
  4. Touch-free faucets are a great substitute for normally used faucets to avoid kids from accidentally being on the water that is too hot to burn their skin. With touch-free faucets, you can pre-set a water temperature that is safe for kids to use.
  5. Dedicate a drawer within the reach of your children to organize and arrange things such as bowls, spoons, water bottles, etc. that they will need often. 
  6. I suppose you have a galley kitchen use a baby gate to keep your child away from the kitchen. 

These simple tips and designs can create a big difference when it comes to your child’s safety.

If you are expecting a baby sooner and planning to renovate or design your kitchen into a Child-friendly Modular kitchen reach out to one of our Modular kitchen experts today. We are pleased to help you with the process.

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