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A complete guide on standard Modular kitchen dimension

Conventional or standard Modular kitchens need to be economical and ergonomic, thus you will be able to get the foremost work wiped out with the most comfort, and with the least waste of your time and energy. There are some typically applied science kitchen dimensions that guarantee smart coming up with an economical kitchen layout, that we’ve got enumerated here. So, if you propose to require up the challenge of planning your own kitchen, don’t get nervous; instead, get assured. This text can tell you all you would like to understand regarding the quality of kitchen measurements.

Over the years, kitchens have remodeled from being and with fire within the ground outdoors to self-enclosed areas among homes. Walls have returned up, counters are put in and storage has been superimposed to form the kitchen as humanly optimum as potential. Standing in an exceedingly well-ventilated kitchen with cupboards and a sink to make a fast meal is the result of tried and tested, nevertheless, advanced analysis. Engineers have spent years perfecting commonplace kitchen dimensions for humans to own pleasing cookery expertise. With that, ergonomics, our Modular kitchens in Salem were introduced so as to avoid unnatural postures that could be harmful to our health.

Having designed numerous kitchens to date, our Modular Kitchen Designers in Salem have some key measurements they follow to form pleasing expertise for our purchasers.

Tabletop & Sink

The sink and tabletop were the primary parts of a standard kitchen to be standardized. However, the kitchen counter height could vary as per the height of the person utilizing the kitchen. Between your elbow height and tabletop, there ought to be an approximate gap of 15cm. Later on, the sink is sort of perpetually identical in height as to the kitchen counter height for obvious reasons. However, the best depth of a sink is 56 cm.

Standard Measurements

Height: 72cm

Width: 60-90-100-120 cm

Depth: 56cm

Overhead cupboards

We at Modular Kitchen in Salem perpetually style wall cupboards as per the user’s height so as to avoid excessive stretching or bending. We wouldn’t need our clients to be reaching out for utensils that land in an exceeding height on them or get a catch within their back. In fact, we have a tendency to maintain the depth of the wall modules at 32cm in order that you don’t come across cupboard shutters while cooking!

Moreover, loft houses are supposed to hide things that are rarely used. Whereas, the wall cupboards are a unit used often for used ingredients and utensils. Lastly, the very cheap runk of the wall cupboards is where we usually try to keep cooking spoons and spatulas.

Standard Measurements

Height: 30-36-60-72-90cm

Width: 40-45-50-60-80-90cm Depths: 32cm

Base cupboards

In most kitchens, base cupboards are kept to store pots and pans. You must get to know that there are common sizes for base cupboards too if you’re obtaining a standard kitchen for your home. Contrary to its evident operation, that is storage, base cupboards conjointly play a serious role in simple accessibility in an exceeding kitchen. Keeping in mind children and aged individuals, our Modular kitchens in Salem have been designed with base units that vary from 36cm to 85cm as well as the tabletop.

Standard Measurements

Height: 36-85 cm

Width: 15 -20 – 25 – 30 – 40 – 45 – 50 – 60 – 90 – 100 – 120cm

Depth: 41-56cm

Tall Units

Nobody likes stepping out for groceries when they cook. That’s where tall units get to play. Used for storing non-refrigerated grocery things, these units are ergonomically designed for anybody with minor height changes.

Standard Measurements

Height: 1960 – 2080 cm

Width: 450 – 600 cm

Depth: 560 cm

kitchen island

In case you were wondering why island counters are typically in the course of high chairs or bar stools, we’ve some attention-grabbing trivia! Kitchen islands are purported to be identical in height because of the tabletop. Therefore, the peak of a kitchen island ought to be ideal for standing and dealing.

Standard Measurements

Height: 72cm

Width: 60–90–100–120cm

Depth: 56cm

kitchen Window

A kitchen window was historically put in for a fast way to eliminate wet waste. However, modern kitchen windows facilitate ventilation and let in lots of natural light. Therefore, the optimum height for a kitchen window stands at 90cm from the ground.

Breakfast Counter

The breakfast counter is 15-30cm above the counter for a variety of reasons. Later on, it acts as a canopy up for an untidy tabletop and in some cases, it will double up as an area partition. Ergonomically, the breakfast counter is higher to accommodate your knees while being seated for a fast meal.


Backsplashes add over aesthetics to a kitchen. It’s fabricated from materials that are simple to wash since the house between the wall cupboards and base cupboards is at risk of water and oil splashes. Besides, the best height of a backsplash is 60cm.

Just like garments,LeFreddo designers of the best modular kitchen in Salem are tailored to match the person using them. Gone are the times where kitchens came in commonplace dimensions that would not accommodate very short or remarkably tall individuals.