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10 Ways to Incorporate Plants in Your Modular Kitchen

The various ideas to have plants inside your home, especially in your modular kitchen are discussed in this blog. Only ideas that work are discussed.

Growing plants inside your home are becoming popular among millennials. People nowadays are devoted to raising plants in their homes, even inside the living room. The ways, however, are not known to many people how to grow a plant inside your home. The ideas that work will be explained by our experts in design. Here, we not only educate about ornamental plants, but we also tend to feed you hacks to grow some useful herbs and vegetables. If you follow these proposed ideas you can get your organic produce in your home.

1. Pick the Perfect Spot:

Selecting the spot for your plants should be the priority.This can be managed at the initial process i.e. preparing the layout. While preparing your layout explain your ideas for growing plants so that your designer can allocate a spot for this. The spot should not decline the beauty of your kitchen. Lefreddo- Modular kitchen in Salem are proficient in designing a layout that is suitable for growing plants.

2. How to Select the Spot:

Many factors should be considered before allocating space for your plants. The plants should get direct sunlight at least for hours a day so pick a spot that has contact with direct sunlight. Secondly, there should not be any disturbance to your work. Consider electrical appliances because plants should not intercept their work. The plant should survive only in its designated spots.

3. Select the Material of your Containers:

The plant containers are the basic need to have herbs or vegetables inside your kitchen. Be conscious while selecting the material of the containers. Mud pots should be ruled out from consideration as they may leave strains on the floors. Keep in mind, plastic containers are also harmful to the environment and your kitchen as well. Go with mud pots that do not contain porous capacity.

4. Choose the right soil:

Soil is the main nutrient for the plants and it plays a predominant role in the plant’s life. Get the right soil from any nursery or utilize the soil if you have any in your outdoor garden. Soil should be given utmost importance because we are going to have the plants inside your kitchen. Ensure that you use the right amount of soil so that you can neglect strains.

5. Maintenance:

Everything in the world should be maintained properly. The maintenance of the interior plants is easy but it is a frequent process. Firstly, it should be watered daily with the right amount of water. The next thing in the checklist is you should clean the floors below the containers.  Fertilize the plants properly and adequately as a result you can see a magnificent output.

6. Pick the useful Plants:

In this organic world, we can tend to see many hybrid plants and genetically modified plants. These should be avoided inside your home. Choose the right herb and vegetable plants that are needed for this hour. You do not need to step out of your home to get basic fruits and vegetables. Select the simple plants that do not require high maintenance. Firstly, have some plants that are useful and simple and at last move to more complex plants.

7. Vertical Gardening:

This is a very useful hack if you have a small kitchen area. You can use one of the walls of your kitchen to have your garden over there. Before setting this style, ensure that you have properly set up to drain the water out so that it will not harm your kitchen walls. Additional advice, select the wall that has direct contact with the sunlight or just opposite the window of your kitchen. Best modular kitchen designers in Salem are very familiar with this style.

8. Adopt innovations:

Having plants inside your home itself an innovative idea but what makes you more special is that having exotic innovations. If your kitchen area is too small you can opt for hanging plants as they do not consume any space just kitchen corners work well with this. This idea might need some additional attention and frequent maintenance.

9. Incorporate with Cacti:

Cacti is one of the finest plants that is very easy to have inside your home. Though it is not useful to lives other than adding beauty to your kitchen. This is very much easier to care for. The cacti do not need any water or sunlight. Having cacti inside your kitchen gives you a warm feeling with a welcoming appeal to everyone.

10.  Work With Budget:

If you are concerned about budget, there are multiple options to incorporate plants inside your kitchen. Do not go for exotic and rich pots, use the containers that are ready for disposal. Utilize that as containers and for seeds, you can choose from your daily vegetables such as tomatoes, pumpkin, chilli and bell peppers. These may help to meet your daily need for vegetables.