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Modular Kitchen trends that will transform your home

Our kitchens have typically served a number of activities. The kitchen is, without a doubt, the heart of the home, and it must be treated with tenderness and care. There’s been a rise in personalization, mirrored in furniture, office, and living space design, with fascinating new kitchen brands cropping up and lots of inventive design concepts.

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, there are two unique design techniques you might follow. Consider installing new light fixtures, changing cabinet hardware, or incorporating a wonderful piece of wall art to show off your flair to change your cooking space with practical, affordable updates that won’t break the bank. On the other side, you might be ready to embark on a comprehensive kitchen renovation, which includes everything from new countertops and flooring to deciding on a statement tile backsplash. It’s advisable to spend some time determining which option is best for your present lifestyle and budget.

Let’s look into a few Modular kitchen trends that will help you with the next kitchen remodeling project.

Breakfast Pantry

The all-in-one breakfast pantry features all of your family’s favorites: canned goods, cereals, and biscuits. A specific barista level for a Miele coffee machine, storage for your tea and coffee beans, and lots of prep room are all included in some morning pantry designs. Choose a slimmed-down design that is excellent for your kitchen if you don’t have enough space for a large cupboard. Otherwise, include a simplified double breakfast pantry.

Space can be created behind doors if you need more storage for your products in tins, jars, and bottles. Simply consider the weight and height of the products you want to store; for example, if you want a custom place for your pasta jars, a spice rack design won’t suffice. Cereal and bread should be stored in lighter racks or baskets, whereas jars and tins should be stored on sturdy wood shelving.

Modular kitchen with patterned tiled floor

Hexagons and fans are bold, geometric shapes that satisfy homeowners looking to breathe new life into their tired floor designs. Without painting or rebuilding cabinetry, the latest kitchen ideas incorporate colorful or encaustic tiles or add color to a frequently basic, monochrome palette. Floors don’t have to be drab. Current patterns bear a resemblance to and perhaps even take inspiration from 1950s linoleum floors. Tiles, on the other hand, are a more long-lasting solution. Monochrome tiles can also give a variety of shades for people looking for a relaxing middle ground.

Only one open shelf

With so much going on in kitchens, there’s always the potential of visual overload. Those seeking a more restrained style can concentrate on colors, which should be kept simple, and consider leaving blank wall space. 

Kitchen zoning

All critical zones would be included/covered in a well-planned modular kitchen: Consumables section, Non-consumables’ zone, a cleaning zone, Zone for preparing food, Cooking section. According to our Indian styles, you could add or eliminate the least important zone depending on the available area. A dishwashing machine, for example, is something with which we may not be familiar. As a result, that part of the “cleaning zone” might be removed.

The main benefit of having zones in your kitchen is that they increase the cooking process flow and make it more fun. A modular kitchen can provide you good aesthetic looks if every step is carefully planned and implemented. a kitchen that is less smoky and oily, Increased the longevity of walls and appliances by preserving them. Space optimization, adequate storage space for cooking goods and tools, Cooking motivation and ease of repair/replacement.

Use Natural elements

There are numerous ways to incorporate nature into your kitchen design. You can use a lot of green plants, natural stone or brick, or even strategically situate your windows to gaze out over your green backyard. In the kitchen, natural furniture items like sleek hardwood tables and chairs make great sense. You must choose the proper type of natural decorations that are functional and multifunctional in addition to choosing the right materials and textures. These options will help you to express yourself and add to your sense of ease.

Incorporating nature into your cooking for many homeowners, interior design is a game-changer. Natural and organic materials in your kitchen provide a warm, peaceful atmosphere that helps you feel wonderful.

Hide the appliances

You can hide a variety of kitchen gadgets, from your food processor to your refrigerator, with some careful planning and cunning tactics. Don’t let your preconceived notions about what you need in a kitchen renovation limit you. Instead, consider what you require, what you would like to see, and what you would like to have readily available yet concealed.

You can either maintain the large refrigerator in the back hall or pantry; alternatively, you can use a reconditioned or reproduction stove or simply conceal or disguise modern appliances. A refrigerator can be hidden behind an icebox or in a “armoire.” A false drawer front or old lumber can be used to cover the dishwasher. A wall-mounted “hutch” can have electrical outlets for the little appliances it conceals. Hidden appliances in a modular kitchen provide a clean, streamlined appearance as well as clutter-free counters.

Bold Kitchens

Colored cabinetry in a range of hues may not be your first pick for kitchen cabinetry, but designers are using them to give a splash of beauty and elegance. Many individuals believe that having unique, bold kitchen cabinetry is essential. Using standard sizes and styles, as well as a variety of materials and finishes, is one approach to obtain the bold kitchen you desire. Backsplash tile is another excellent option to make a dramatic statement in the kitchen. That is why, if you have the opportunity to choose a back-splash for your kitchen, take advantage of it and experiment with different patterns and styles.


One of the most crucial aspects of your kitchen renovation is lighting. You’ve spent hours debating the type of lighting you want and where it should go, as well as the fixtures themselves. Above all, you want lights that are both functional and attractive. You don’t have to trade function for style, and you don’t have to shun eye-catching lighting. So, if you want something huge, patterned, or out of the ordinary, go for it!

Alternatively, if you like something simpler and more stunning in its simplicity, go for it! There are no longer any incorrect responses. The best aspect is that if you find that it isn’t working for you, switching isn’t difficult.

We’ve assembled everything you need to know about the new Modular kitchen trends for renovating your kitchen to make it the best it can be. Whether you’re planning a major kitchen remodel, looking for new luxury appliances, or just need some ideas for your dream space, Get in touch with our Modular kitchen design experts in Salem