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Small Space Goals from Interior Designers to create a Flawless space

Looking for ways to enhance your already cramped, uninviting, and unwelcoming small space home? Many people have a misconception that small spaces are meant to be cluttered as there won’t be enough place for all your essentials. Just imagine what if your small space home is designed to big? Think again because it is really possible for the best interior designer to maximize every square foot available in each and every room of your home. We the Interior designers in Salem have compiled few goals for the homeowners to follow to make the smartest design decision possible.

The Bigger, the Better!

Yes surprisingly, you can always decorate a small room with large pieces of furniture says the top most interior designers in the world. Whether you have a large piece of furniture that you can’t part with or if you are buying new, it can be challenging and daunting for a home owner to choose the appropriate furniture that fit into your space.

It’s important to measure your furniture coz you might not know if a coffee table will fit into your living room. There are so many online tools and apps to help you virtually place a piece of furniture in the room. This way it will be easier for you to choose a new piece and also to place your already piece of furniture flawlessly into a room. For example; a sectional sofa scaled-down that is L-shaped can be useful for a large family.

Use Functional elements

The purposeful and functional piece of furniture will always find a place in your home.  So make sure you choose larger piece of furniture that have a purpose. Built-ins are your best friends here, so try investing on functional furniture. Multi-functional furniture not only adds convenience, to their lifestyle but also makes your home look spacious.

When it comes to Indian home furnishings furniture with more utilities is preferred. Because in Indian homes a simple chair is used as a shelf. So choosing comfortable chairs with storage options gives a contemporary design touch to your homes.

Go Bold when choosing wallpaper

Many home owners think that choosing bold wallpaper for your small home can make it look over hyped. But that’s not the real case, every top interior designers say that a bod wall paper can make your small room look spacious. Use bold wallpapers in fewer walls to make a huge statement in your small décor. Also, this is less on your budget s you need to cover only fewer space.

If you want to use a wallpaper then try painting a dark accent wall instead. A dark accent wall can make your room feel distinctive and create depth in the room.

Window treatments are must

Window treatments are always thought as a piece of cohesive design or forgotten entirely thinking that they are superfluous. Trust your interior designer you hire because he/she might consider using a window treatment early in a renovation or a new look.

In general, a window treatment truly pulls a room together as its fabric and style dictate the overall tone of a space. Make sure to choose curtains or window treatments that complement the entire look of your small home.

Arrange your furniture the right way

Does your already bought sofa bigger than the wall. This is a common problem with many small home owners. If that’s the case, place the furniture against the wall to make your small room more cozy and spacious no matter how small your room is.

Keep what you love

As a small homeowner, you need to be a minimalist enthusiast. Incorporating minimalist design in your small home décor doesn’t have to look boring. There are ways to spice up your décor in more functional and clutter-free way. Minimalism is saying goodbye to your clutter by storing essentials on the shelves and clutter in the cabinets.

The ultimate goals of interior designers when designing a small home is to de-clutter as much as possible. So the ideal way is to simply store all the accessories and elements which cannot be parted and swap out favorites occasionally.

Consult our Interior designer in Salem for more creative and comfortable interior design solutions personalized just for your small space home.