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Best ways to use wallpaper in a Modular kitchen

Who said wallpapers are only for living room and bedrooms? They can be used in your kitchen also, to fill the want and need for style, inspiration and for a touch of whimsy. Wallpapers can make a boring space bold and colorful. But when using in Modular kitchens you don’t have to use it on all the four walls. In most kitchen the wall-cabinets, shelves, electric chimney take up the space. Therefore using a little is more than enough when trying to personalize your modular kitchen.

Remodeling a modular kitchen with a fresh coat of paint, stunning countertop, and a bold wallpaper above the countertop can make your old boring kitchen bright and stunning. Here are a few wallpaper ideas that will make a statement in your space from LeFreddo designers of the best modular kitchen in Salem.

  1. Make a  statement

There are so many ways to use a wallpaper in a kitchen. Most of all incorporating them to create a statement wall will make your kitchen more extravagant, colorful or quirky. For this use the wallpaper behind cooktop or sink which you like to highlight. But make sure the wall is uncluttered and chose the wall that you notice regularly.

  • Co-ordinate with the cabinets

Kitchen is the heart of the home, but what makes the heart of a kitchen? Yes, the cabinets. Cabinets are the heart of a kitchen and the most integral part of a kitchen. For kitchens with extra storage options don’t use wallpaper throughout, keep it minimal. Incorporate wallpaper around and inside the cabinets to give a visual punch. Avoid using dark colored wallpapers that make your kitchen look gloomy and smaller. In open cabinets incorporate wallpapers behind the wall to make the kitchen appear bold and colorful. Installing wallpaper in these unexpected places can add a unique touch your kitchen.

  • Wallpaper a Backsplash

In a kitchen, backsplash is the most abused wall. They are prone to water droplets and oil splatters from cooking and washing. But it is the most visible area in a kitchen. When the backsplash gets dirty the kitchen will not look as appealing as it was when new. To add life to this most abused wall of the house incorporate bright colored wallpaper to make a wonderful kitchen. Traditional wallpaper lose its shine and luster in few days therefore opt for vinyl wallpaper that perfectly suit your kitchen backsplash.

  • Dress your kitchen island

Kitchen Island is an essential part of a modern kitchen. Also, it is every homeowners dream to have a kitchen with island. But an undressed kitchen island make your kitchen look boring and colorless. Therefore instead of using tiles that is expensive use wallpapers that are affordable. Wallpapers are an easy update you can give your kitchen also, can be replaced often to give a new look unlike tiles.

  • Wallpaper the kitchen drawers

Sometimes it is impossible to wipe the stains caused in the interiors of the kitchen cabinet drawer. These stains can leave an unpleasant feeling when we open it in front of our guests. So to hide this you can use nice floral or patterned wallpaper that perfectly blends with the design scheme of your kitchen. Not just because of the stain if you love to make the unexpected spaces beautiful then also you can do the same. This is same as wallpapering the open-shelf wall cabinet. Make not to use darker shades, opt for bright or bold colors.

  • Wallpaper your kitchen ceiling

This is new to many, but yes wallpaper on the ceiling can add texture and style to your kitchen. If you are doing a DIY update then opt for peel and stick wallpaper. Ceilings with extra style make a kitchen look refreshing and bright. Opt for a wallpaper that goes well with the overall interior design scheme.

  • Wallpaper the kitchen pantry

Pantry is a small room that is built to keep condiments, spices and occasionally used utensils. This is a hideaway space that make our life a lot easier by offering extra storage space. Use a bold colored wallpaper that connects with all the rooms of your house.

Extra tips:

Wallpaper is an easy update you can give your kitchen and an easy way to give you kitchen a fun and quirky look.

  1. Only use as much wallpaper is needed especially with bold colors. Use it either on an entire wall as accent or in empty spaces near the cabinets, inside the cabinets and backsplash.
  2. There are abundant variety of choices available in the market when it comes to wallpaper. Pattern or floral, bold or neutral, textured or abstract there everything in every shade. So choose the one that blends with the overall scheme of the interior design.
  3. When it comes to durability tiles and paint and paint might seem like the right option. But there are wallpapers that can be cleaned with just a damp cloth. Make sure to buy the one that can withstand the wear and tear.
  4. Always avoid textured fabric based wallpaper because they might look very bright but these get dirty very easily.
  5. When choosing wallpaper for your kitchen backsplash opt for wallpapers that are heat resistant and water resistant.

Looking to revamp your kitchen? Don’t worry our experts can help make your kitchen beautiful and functional with the most innovative ideas. Get in touch with LeFreddo- Modular kitchen in Salem today.