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How to hire your virtual interior designer?

There is nothing like weeks of isolation will help you to realize what you like and want to change in your home. You might wish to replace the sofa earlier this year. Or now feeling the urge to renovate your whole house, but worried you are unequipped or underfunded. Every professional interior designers are still ready to help, without in-person meetings required.

This makes the exactly virtual design more affordable. The traditional interior design process  leads to cost a lot more because of all the more steps, along with client meetings, site visits, product purchasing, delays, returns and reorders, installation, styling, photography, and more. LeFreddo offers both online and in-person interior design services  Skipping most of that designers can turn around projects quickly, and give clients the freedom to buy things over time. The virtual design allows you to be the co-creator of your own house in a more hands-on way

Reasons to hire a virtual designer

You already know what you like.

For some homeowners, maintaining control is a major drawback. Armed with some guidance and a designer-approved and suggested layout, you will be fine to choose among those. E-design is best for clients who like to be hands-on, says Leffreddo. “Designers give them a plan, and make it happen.”

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You’re on a budget.

Most virtual design plans won’t include highly transparent service, which means you will be placing your orders and should manage your installation, where you can reduce spending a lot of money. Because you are responsible for doing the shopping, you can also make purchases in each phase, based on your bank balance.

You want a quick fix.

It’s a completely virtual service, e-design is a perfect fit for homeowners who choose a certain look but couldn’t find time to sit down and discuss all details. There are no appointments to set, no pressure to clear the house before a designer arrives home and most specifically, no timeline to be considered, says our interior designer.

You don’t know any local designers.

If you have limited resources from your local area or can’t find a designer with a specific sensibility in your place, considering those who will take on your project remotely turns the design world into your oyster.

You want to hire someone based far away.

Falling in love with some other designs on Instagram is something common now. Social media has so much influence in our design style, people also reach out from all over the world,” says Lefreddo. It has become easier to help people with their area through social media.

How does this virtual designer works

  1. Fill out a questionnaire.

Our designer will send an electronic survey to know about your preferred style, taste, objectives, and what you would be like to work with throughout the process.

  1. Schedule a virtual meeting.

The designer will follow-up with more questions, and land on a budget. Make use of this time to see whether it’s a personality fit.

  1. Pay your bill.

Some designers charge more even per room; others bill according to their time they work or by square footage. Often, they’ll offer types of service, from a quick room refresh to a full kitchen renovation.
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  1. Take some measurements.

Your designer needs to know the in and out of your home without even visiting your place. They might ask for a video tour, but you’ll have to bust out a tape measure.

  1. Review your concept board.

It could be a board with plans, or renderings sent over e-mail, or a video call with a shared-screen presentation.

  1. Receive final deliverables.

Once you have settled for the final design, your designer will send you what you want to execute in the project at home, including a shopping list linked with it so that you can start placing the orders.

7.Visualize the result:

While some pros depend on concept boards to convey their designs, others use renderings: 2D, where the images are collaged to show-off how a room will look, or 3D-hyperreal drawings that show photographs. If you have trouble in visualizing how the area will come together, you might work with a firm that includes renderings in its offerings.

Hire a Designer Remotely

More offering this option by getting creative with idea-sharing platforms.


Can use this for inspiration from top interior designers E-designers often ask their customer to populate among them. Pinterest boards  with the area they love. A shortcut to understanding your style and preferences. Commenting back-and-forth with your clients on each photo can help find out what resonates in the image.

Video call

Can use it for collaboration. Sometimes it is better than connecting face to face. And this application has screen-sharing features also mean that designers can walk to customers through a project presentation. Some designers will even go the extra mile by mailing their client’s fabric and tile samples so they can touch and feel what they’re seeing on-screen.

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