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How to make a big statement in a small bedroom

Many people who have a small bedroom fail to plan it. Even interior designers postpone it till the very last minute. What many people don’t realize is that a small bedroom is a great place to be creative by making a huge statement with small bedroom décor. Only a minimalist, you would believe, can make a small bedroom look sleek and attractive. No, that is not correct; all you need to know is how to coordinate the flow into a space. LeFreddo, an interior designer in Salem, suggests utilizing only one large statement piece in a tiny bedroom since too many might create visual weight, making the area feel smaller and cluttered.

Whether you’re looking for small master bedroom decorating ideas or decorating guidance for a small guest room, these big statement design ideas can help you optimize whatever space you have available and make it feel much larger than it is.

Start with the walls 

Goal of decorating the walls of your bedroom should never be to make the room appear smaller. An accent wall can be a great way to make even small bedrooms feel more spacious, but it must be done with care. Many homeowners have plain, white walls that they want to brighten up with a splash of color. Hues of red, orange, and bright yellow. These colors look great in a room because they “pull” the wall toward the eye, creating the illusion of a smaller space.

Colors that work best at increasing the size of a room are cool and/or darker in tone. Greens, blues, and purples draw the eye away from the wall, causing it to visually recede and making the room appear larger.

Paint a mural 

When it comes to home decor, artistic painting and murals are exclusive trends. These one-of-a-kind pieces provide one-of-a-kind opportunities to add drama and make a statement that everyone will talk about. Modern wall painting designs and murals are effective tools for home design and decoration.

If you’ve always wanted to create a mural in your home, now is your chance. Do it in your small bedroom to make a big statement. They enable us to make a powerful statement in any room in one step with their striking use of pattern, print, and color. 

Murals transform a room into a fantastic fantasy world. Whether you want to create a space for your child filled with fairy tale creatures or a space with a seascape, murals can take you there and push the boundaries of interior design. Custom murals will allow your room to transform into an outward expression of your imagination, eliminating the need to limit your decor to a single color. 

Bring in one large mirror

Mirrors in bedrooms are more than just decorative accents. There are so many different ways to deck up your home with mirrors. A well-placed mirror will make your bedroom appear larger, reflect more light, and create a functional space for dressing, hair, and make-up. Most bedrooms require at least two mirrors, one small and one full-length.

Using a standalone mirror, you can create a feature or focal point in your bedroom where none previously existed to the ground and characterize the space. Mirrors reflect light and make your room glow even when there is no electricity. It performs a similar function to that of Windows. Similarly, the full-length mirror can be used in a variety of ways. A strategically placed mirror brightens and opens up the space. Mirrors are extremely useful for providing adequate lighting even in the room opposite the mirror. It absorbs light from its surroundings while also emitting more light from the absorbed light, making the room brighter.

Invest in beautiful lighting

With the right lighting fixtures and techniques, bedrooms can be transformed into well-decorated and cozy spaces. The importance of light in interior design is well-known by every interior designer. Bedrooms, which use ambient, task, and accent lighting to add softness and set the right mood for a beautiful, restful bedroom.

On either side of the bed, pendant lights of various shapes can be hung at varying heights from the ceiling. Decorative lantern-style pendant lights are hung so that they can also be used as reading lights. In today’s homes, wide overhead lamps are a popular lighting option. These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. A large light fixture hung in the center of the bedroom can serve as an eye-catching accent feature.

Add textured patterns to the bed

Bold and colorful duvet covers are just what you need to turn your bedroom into a modern, statement-making boudoir. Whatever pattern you choose — chevron, floral, geometric, or stripes you’ll have a relaxing space. And, if you want to take it up a notch, make sure to include some other eye-catching pieces, such as a bedroom chandelier and bold furniture.

Patterned over-sized headboard

The headboard is the most important design decision in your bedroom. After all, it is the focal point and can instantly change the vibe of a room. It is a great way to elevate your space, make it cozier, or add some serious color. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the shape and size of a headboard; it is entirely up to you and your room’s design. If budget allows, one important consideration is whether to have a headboard handmade bespoke or purchase one from the store

The advantage of having a bespoke headboard is that it will be unique to your space, and you’ll be able to be much more playful and selective with the fabric, adding piping and trim details to complement your material scheme.

Area rug

An area rug is much more than just a soft place to rest your feet. It defines the space and can make a big statement on its own. If you don’t want any of your furniture to be colorful but want to add a splash of color somewhere, try a colorful area rug. Consider it as a work of art for your floor.

Design a beautiful ceiling

Gone are the days when your home had boring white ceilings. The fifth wall, which is often overlooked, can paint the perfect picture of your home and transform an ordinary bedroom into a designer one. False Ceilings designs, which are available in a variety of designs varying in length and pattern, give your bedroom a beautiful sense of space and illumination while requiring very little maintenance. Add strength and character to your bedroom spaces to create a sense of comfort and luxury.

When you walk into your bedroom, you want to leave the rest of the world behind and enter your haven. However, decorating a bedroom that makes you feel calm, organized, and also helps you relax and sleep without sacrificing your style and aesthetics can be difficult. To design a perfectly stylish bedroom décor schedule a consultation with our experts today.