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Here’s how you can bring bold color to your bedroom

Choosing the appropriate color can be challenging, especially in a bedroom. Sure, painting the walls above your bed a vibrant, punchy color may seem like a wonderful idea, but some people worry that it might be unsettling when it’s time to go to sleep.

There are ways to introduce color that might liven things up if you’re eager to break away from all-white décor and a subdued color scheme. Here are three suggestions for bringing some vibrant color into your bedroom, which is the ideal place to start if you’re considering experimenting.

Choose one piece as a feature element.

Just choose one eye-catching piece rather than feeling the need to paint every wall and piece of furniture. Picking one element as a beginning point is a terrific idea; it may be a colorful bedhead or a striking feature wall over your bed. Then, you can counteract it with quieter colors all around it.

Once more, if you choose a striking feature wall, try to keep the other furnishings in the space neutral to strike a balance. You’ll have colorful accents without needing to make the entire space look garish.

Add colorful accents.

Changing soft furnishings like blankets, linens, and pillows is a terrific place to start if you want to experiment with color on a more moderate budget.

Since these components are some of the simplest to replace, you may alter the appearance and ambiance of your room just as quickly as you can your bed linens. Rich earth tones are popular this winter, but a bold linen set in terracotta can help add color without spending a fortune on new items.

Since you can use them as your bright accents to liven things up, replacing a few cushions is also a wonderfully cost-effective solution. Then, place these in front of additional cushions that are similar but more subdued in color to add a lot of color without having such a strong, abrupt impression. Fresh flowers, ornamental items, and lovely coffee table books may all be used to add color to space to help create pops of it here and there.

Try your luck with trends

Rich, warm hues inspired by nature are in fashion for winter. Although both trends use colors, they are at opposite extremities of the color spectrum and complement a range of design aesthetics.

However, if you’re considering embracing the trend, there is a benefit to choosing hues like earthy reds. It is a gamble worth taking because it was taken from the natural world and won’t really go out of style like neon green or bright pink might.

If you do decide to adopt a color, especially one that is currently popular, consider how it will work with the rest of your decor and the things you already own. Make sure anything you choose will truly be livable and smoothly integrate into the environment.

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