Interior designers inspired pooja room design for an Indian home

While planning interiors for your home, spotting the perfect spot for a pooja room could be a challenging one. We know that while space can be a constraint in small homes that should not get in the way of meeting your needs. If you are looking for the perfect pooja room design, be it modern, traditional, or transitional, LeFreddo- interior designers in Salem would bring out with more ideas no matter what your design aesthetic may be, and we have a pooja room design that suits your expectations perfectly!

In some homes, there will be a separate room for pooja, whereas in others a small corner or niche in a room is used to install a small pooja cabinet. For pooja rooms it’s essential that all the elements are arranged perfectly such as the idols, the accessories and the furniture. Additionally, the color of the walls and the materials used must blend perfectly to feel the best ambiance that is ideal for meditation. 

Some tips to provide inspiration for designing beautiful pooja rooms in Indian houses

Don’t clutter pooja room

A pooja room should always have a tranquil ambiance. Therefore, one should avoid from fixing it with too many images or idols as this will create a visual distraction and interfere with the calmness in the space. Additionally, pooja room should be used only for storing pooja related items.

Decorate pooja room with metal

Since a pooja room has metal accessories such as bells, plates and brass lamps, decorating the room with metallic colors can enhance the ambience. However, one should take care not to go with the metal for all the elements as it will overpower the room with its shine. Use decorative metal motifs on the door or metallic paint on just a small section of the wall to balance the energy in the area.

Marble always looks good in pooja room

From the types of natural stones, marble is the most elegant and luxurious among those. Besides the richness that it gives more to the décor, white marble also adds a pleasant touch to any area, making it ideal for a pooja room. In fact, marble is also an ideal material for those who are looking for small pooja room designs as it can be crafted into a beautiful floor-standing area.

Pooja room designs in wood

Wood is a versatile material for home interior and furnishing, and it adds warmth and beauty to any area. In a pooja room, carved wooden structures remind us of the exquisite hand-carved motifs and sculptures which we can find in old temples. In a tiny home, we can look at small pooja cabinet designs. In larger houses, the drawback will be using wood is that it is an expensive material. However, instead of creating a new wooden design for the home, one can save money by looking for old wooden furniture in second hand stores or flea markets and refinishing them.

Modern pooja room with glass

Since the pooja room is often included in the corner of a living room, it’s essential that the style matches the modern theme in that area. Nowadays, it’s common in pooja rooms to be designed using glass. It can be used on the door of the pooja room and also in the shelves on which the idols can be arranged. When using glass for the background panel in the room, one can even choose colored glass to enhance the style of the space.

Pooja room wall decoration with backlit panels

Our Interior designers use backlit panels as an alternative to feature walls to decorate living rooms and bedrooms. The idea will also work with the pooja room as the panel can be customized with designs such as symbols, verses or statues of god to bring a unique element to pooja room designs for homes.

Decorative screens or jallis for pooja room

Every pooja room needs to be pleasant, especially one that connects to another social or living room. In small homes, installing a solid partition will spoil the light in the area which makes it look overlapped. A solution is decorative screens or jallis as our interior designers in LeFreddo suggests to divide the area without eliminating the natural light. Nowadays, these screens can be laser-cut into almost any shape or pattern in accordance with customer ideas. The light passing through them will cast mysterious shadows to enhance the sophistication of the pooja room.

In the end, just like in other rooms, the pooja room also needs a stunning element that makes it unique. Exploring the various possibilities, we could find a colorful mural, a tile inlay or pooja room door designs with bells. Choose the theme based on the element that is best suited to the size and the style of the home. 

Since a pooja room is a sacred place, it should be designed by keeping in mind to maintain the place clean and bright. Apart from being in the city even in rural areas people would like to fix their pooja room in such a way that the room should have better ambience, interior designers are now available at Salem. The layout and the materials used can make a difference in the extent of maintenance required to keep the area spotless. While it’s easy to arrange a small wooden or marble in a home, for homeowners who value the time spent daily on the pooja ritual, Lefreddo, the interior designers can advice on the best materials and design elements to be incorporated into pooja rooms.  

Consult our interior designers in Lefreddo for advice on modern pooja room designs.