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Modular kitchen lighting ideas for every homeowners

There are many vital elements in a kitchen like flooring, cabinets, worktops, hardware, fixtures, and more. But the only element that is left unsung is the kitchen lighting. Most of the homeowners often don’t give thoughts to lighting when designing or planning a modular kitchen. Did you know that choosing the right light can make your cook space brighter, and more functional?

Lighting are as important as the ingredients to a meal.  Kitchen is a multi-functional space in a home. To make it more functional, and comfortable there are three things to you need to consider when it comes to light scheme.

  1. General lighting- This will light up the entire kitchen no matter big or small.
  2. Task lighting- Placed mostly over countertops or cabinets to give you a good view of your workspace.
  3. Decorative or pendant lightings- These lighting are for your island or breakfast counter to make them brighter.
  4. Cabinet lightings- This will light up the dark storage space in your kitchen for an easy access.

Here’s a guide from LeFreddo- the designers of the best modular kitchen in Salem to help you with kitchen lighting trends. Come let’s dig in!

General lighting

General or ambient lighting is the base layer that will make your kitchen functional. These lightings are generally fixed to the ceiling. Recessed lighting is now being widely used in the place of general lighting as they light up the space well and are mounted within the ceiling so it does not take much space. The key to recessed lighting is to give a consistent light layer, and recessed lighting achieves this proficiently. When using recessed lighting in a kitchen, you’ll need focus on those spaces that aren’t covered by different installations like pendants or under-cabinet lighting.

When using recessed lighting there are a few things to keep in mind. If not installed correctly, recessed lighting can have a cold feel. Fixing the lights towards the Walls and cupboards, as opposed to straight down, makes a warm, enlightening impact. You can likewise pick warm hues to decrease the vibe of excessively bright, cold lights.

If you don’t have a false ceiling in your kitchen, you may go for wall-mounted light installations which work similarly to the recessed lights. They also distribute light uniformly in a room. Contingent upon the size of your kitchen, you can introduce a light installation in the focal point of the kitchen or two light fixtures at the opposite sides of the kitchen wall.

Task Lighting

Task lighting as the name goes lights up the space were you perform most of your tasks. One of the cons of recessed lighting is that they cast shadow so to eliminate them task lightings can be used. This lights are mostly used over the countertops and under the cabinets. You can also install task lighting over a sink where you need extra brightness. This is not just a fancy add-on to your kitchen design rather, it improves the functionality, and environment of the kitchen says LeFreddo designers of best modular kitchen in Salem.

Therefore task lighting are as essential as ambient lighting they provide nice ambience, and work as a kitchen night light as well. There are a wide array of models when it comes to task lighting which can be added to existing cabinets to create task illumination and act as a dramatic statement design.

You can possibly pick task lightings while choosing your lighting, or you can blend statement lighting for visual allure alongside task lights that permit you to do important tasks securely. Task lighting, for example, under cupboard lighting, hob hood lights and LED strips that can be set underneath cabinets over the floor are on the whole gives functional, and beautiful approaches to install task lighting.

Decorative or pendant Lightings

This is the fun part when it comes to lightings. For many homeowners, it is a dream to have a huge island with accent lights on the top that act as a statement look to your kitchen design. The magnificence of decorative lighting is that there are such countless styles and choices accessible, implying that they will work with pretty much any style of kitchen.

Decorative lighting can be picked to blend in consistently with your kitchen design, or you can choose statement pieces that truly attract the eye. Pendants are a striking addition to your kitchen design, yet they are additionally functional – setting them over an island gives additional light while getting ready food.

Cabinet lightings

Cabinet lights are used inside the cabinets mainly to access the darkest nook and cranny of your storage spaces. You can even choose lights that can turn on automatically as soon as you open and turn off when you close just like the refrigerator. This is perfect for high-end kitchen design scheme with deep cabinets that don’t get enough lighting even after installing the above mentioned types of lights. However it is up to the homeowner to decide if the lights can be installed all over the cabinets or only on those spots where you need extra lights. Make sure to identify where you need them the most during the kitchen construction or renovation stage itself. Because these lights need internal wiring within the cabinets. Are you planning an update or designing a new kitchen? The right layers of lights will improve the over-all ambience of your kitchen, and its functionality. If you need expert advice on choosing the perfect lights for your modular kitchen get in touch with us today.